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  1. Could be Mt Isa too. The lakes in the top right corner make it appear to be Mt Isa.
  2. Who's Mitchell is that JK?
  3. Australia V2 has been a long awaited upgrade. I've had my a**e kicked several times by JV over my insistence it should have been before several European and American releases but now I am a happy chappie. This will be a much appreciated download. A great big thank you to JV an the team for a great effort.
  4. My other hobby when not flying is model trains. I am just finding my way back into the hobby after a 25 year hiatus and still finding stuff I hadn't sold when my marriage went t**s up. Ex forced me to sell off my valuable models and most of the rolling stock but managed to hide some of them. Unfortunately she was as cunning as a s***house rat and while I was at work made an inventory of all models I owned and had a friend value them. The rest is history. As for reading when travelling? Best sleeping tablet I know of.
  5. I'm old (72) and fart a lot. Does that count?
  6. Same here Terry. I sit in my recliner just after lunch to watch the cricket or whatever else might be on the idiot box worth watching. That might be about 12:30 but the next thing I will remember is waking up around 1600 or 1700, just in time for the news.
  7. Born: 1946 Boggabri NSW Moved: 1948 Gunnedah MSW Moved: 1950 Orange NSW Moved: 1951 Dunedoo NSW Moved: 1955 Rylstone NSW Moved: 1963 Kandos NSW Moved: 1968 Sydney NSW Moved: 1982 Lithgow NSW Moved: 2014 Woy Woy NSW For me the 2 best places I lived were Kandos/Rylstone and Lithgow NSW. Would love to be able to move back to the Central West to either Bathurst, Orange or Mudgee.
  8. I still have several of Charles Gullick's books in my library. Also others for later versions of Flight Simulator.
  9. I have stopped buying upgrades and I am 72. But the only reason I have stopped that everything is priced in $US, British Pound or Euros. With the $AU at about 73 cents US It makes it more expensive for me and being on a fixed income things are rather tight.
  10. Congratulations Colin. You have passed the first test for membership to the Old Coots Club. The second test is to find your way to it and reveal your age t the Old Coots .
  11. 72 yesterday and finding myself spending less time on forums. Only look at headlines that really stand out.
  12. Another great well monitored forum site is the sim out-house. As friendly as this site and political get shut down very quickly. I am a mod over there and we tend to watch some threads develop and if they look like getting nasty a arning shot is fired across their bows and if that doesn't work thread gets shut down.
  13. You'll be right Iain. Once you reach 60 you can join the Old Farts Club.
  14. With the world the way it is today where everything has to be locked up, don't look sideways at someone at the risk of getting knifed, bashed or shot I would like to go back to the early 60s when I was in my mid teens knowing what I know today. Back then life was so much simpler where you could home from the movies on your own knowing you would be safe. I would get a trade (which I actually did), chase harder after a young lady I had my eye on and follow my dream of learning to fly.
  15. Fortunately I have all my OZx files backed up on an external hard drive which is only connected when I need to add something to it.
  16. My first aeroplane ride was in 1950 in a Klemm Swallow at Gunnedah (YGDH) airport. The aircraft VH-UUR is still flying today.
  17. I have many aircraft that have successfully ported over to P3D V4. In FSX I owned almost the complete line of A2A aircraft. So far I only have the Spitfire and Connie for P3D V4 as they were free upgrades. I refuse to repurchase any A2A aircraft just for the sake of having them in P3D V4. WBS Mustangs ported over very nicely as did the majority of Lion Heart Creations aircraft. The only one that did not port over was the L-24 Lear Jet. And that was upgraded with a free upgrade to previous purchasers. Just Flight and Carenado also offered free upgrades to previous purchasers. Milviz made a modest $5 charge for their upgrade of the Beaver. So I now have a nice hangar full of aircraft without A2A.
  18. The Just Flight Meteor 8 works fine in P3D V4.3.
  19. Send it over to Eastern Australia. We are in the worst drought in living history.
  20. Although I couldn't vote it was my pick right from the time I saw it. It is a great shot.
  21. Suggest you lock the thread when the competition closes and the next month's competition be pinned.
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