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  1. Happy Birthday Older than Dirt! Does this birthday make Older than the Earth? Have a great one! Greg
  2. Happy Birthday Paddler! May your canoe transit the white water of life joyfully! Greg
  3. Great shots of red rock country Jack! Sorry you crashed and burned. At least in the sim you will fly again in the face of danger! Greg
  4. Great shots and a very nice approach in the PA28 Cherokee Jack! Greg
  5. Welcome back Sniper! I am glad that you are doing better and I pray that your recovery continues. Thank you for your sacrifice and service. Greg
  6. Happy Birthday Russell! I really enjoy your work! Greg
  7. Happy Birthday Elaine! Thanks for all that you do. It is appreciated. Greg
  8. I have all the land class regions, all the global products, all the North America airports, a good portion of Oceania and a lot of Europe. All for P3DV4. Greg
  9. Great shots again Jack! I especially like the billboard as did lifejogger. Greg
  10. Postcard perfect! Greg
  11. Enjoy your vacation and your visit with your friends and family. Greg
  12. Very Nice! Thanks Greg
  13. Very impressive detail! I am excited about the new technology. Greg
  14. Happy Birthday Marcus! Thanks for all that you do. Greg
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