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  1. Outstanding! I have always wanted a good EGLC. Greg
  2. Nice hand flown approach and shots Jack! Greg
  3. Great Shots! Greg
  4. Great shots of a well flown approach! Greg
  5. Thanks for posting these shpt Jack! I will get EGLC for P3dV4, when it is released. Greg
  6. Orbx Central installed easily and works great! Well done Orbx! Greg
  7. Great shots and lighting Jack! Greg
  8. Are these photos or screen shots? Very very sharp and vibrant! Greg
  9. Great shot! Channeling Jack? Greg
  10. Truly beautiful scenery and shots Jack! Well done Greg
  11. I notice you did not try this in your Delta livery Jack! Did you have tree cutters on the wings? Greg
  12. Happy belated birthday Jack! A great shot Marytn. Delta under the bridge. Very fitting for our friend Jack. Greg
  13. Ian, I do not think you need to worry. The most important factor in continuing business operations is cash flow. Developers will need to continue to produce new products for the existing platforms to generate cash flow to pay the bills. There has always been a slow transition to dropping development for existing platforms. Greg
  14. Great post! I am looking forward to your novels Roger. Greg
  15. #45 for me. Makes me want to brag my fly rod. Greg
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