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  1. Happy belated birthday Karl. I always enjoy the mule team! Greg
  2. Happy Birthday Holger! Thank you for all that you have done for Flight Simming over the decades! Your work is appreciated. Greg
  3. Late Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great family day. Greg
  4. Great shots and a trip down memory lane! Greg
  5. We used to get a five pack for free in "C" rations and a pack cost 25 cents. Greg
  6. Congratulations Bennie! I quit in 1995. Took six weeks to break the physical addiction. Two years to fully conquer the urge and now I can not stand to be around it. I smoked for 30 years. Do not give up! Greg
  7. And it works great in P3DV4.52. Greg
  8. Great shots Jack! How does the Cub fly? Greg
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