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  1. gregmorin

    A few around LOWI

    Looking fantastic John! Greg
  2. gregmorin


    Memories are golden! Nice shot! Greg
  3. gregmorin

    Looking for Color

    Great sky color in #2. Greg
  4. gregmorin

    My first look at Barcelona

    You are certainly making the "Queen" sing Jack. Great shots of Barcelona as well. Greg
  5. gregmorin

    Take me to my yacht

    Your shots certainly show off Barcelona! I like your boat too. Greg
  6. Congratulations Andreas! This looks amazing! Greg
  7. gregmorin

    (AFS2) A320 Over Colorado

    Great mountains! Greg
  8. gregmorin

    Summer Glider

    Majestic shots! Greg
  9. gregmorin

    Second star

    Fast work on the livery. It looks great! Greg
  10. gregmorin


    fantastic clouds ams shots, Adam! Greg
  11. gregmorin


    Truly great shots! Greg
  12. gregmorin

    The first real virtual flight after weeks...

    Thanks Gerold for the excellent set! Greg
  13. gregmorin

    A Trio !

    Postcard perfect! Greg
  14. gregmorin

    arriving in Bundy

    Great shots! Greg
  15. gregmorin

    Narrated flight from Walker to Veronia

    Nice shots and narrative Jack. Greg