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  1. Santa's Sleigh available

    Thanks for the heads up Roger. Greg
  2. How to deice window?

    Thanks for sharing the memory Spud. I got my ME in an Aztec "C" in 1971; that's only 46 years ago. I must be a youngster. Greg
  3. Alaska

    Spectacular shots! Greg
  4. By popular request

    Thanks Jack. I needed that chuckle! Greg
  5. Southampton tour, Jack style

    Great tour Jack. In shot #18 were you doing an extreme rocking chair deceleration or trying to loop the helicopter Greg
  6. Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas Jack! Greg
  7. Congratulations Paul! It is a great shot. Greg
  8. England tour continues

    Jack Just remember, Bob used to shut the engines down then do rolls in his Shrike. Have you tried that yet? Greg
  9. England tour continues

    Jack, An inverted yellow 310 Songbird, what would Sky King have said? Greg
  10. How to deice window?

    Roger If you are using P3DV4.1, there is a setting under weather that you might try. Enable turbulence and weather effects on aircraft. If you disable this it might prevent the windshield from icing up. However, similar to raising the temp this might not give the experience you are looking for. Only idea I can up with. There is another setting in weather called windshield effect but I think that is for the new visible raindrops in some aircraft. Greg
  11. North Island Volcanic Tours

    Very nice John. Greg
  12. #9 Very nice! Greg
  13. German Castles

    Great shots and castles! Greg