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  1. Thank you Jarred for updating KTEX for P3DV5. I really appreciate it. Greg
  2. Ikbenik gets my vote. I love the LOWI helipad shot. Greg
  3. When you come home late after a night out with the guys and your wife meets you at the door. Greg
  4. Very interesting topic. All answers are correct. Mine Are: 3 P-38 Lightning. Howard Hughes designed it originally on a napkin. Highly effective aircraft flown USA leading Ace Dick Bong. 4 B-17 Flying Fortress. Proved daylight formation bombing was practical. 7 F-4 Phantom. Proved if you give a barn door enough thrust it will fly. Aslo first jet aircraft designed to be successfully used by both USAF and USN. 13 B200 King Air. Lead the GA turboprop revolution with variants still in production today. 15 DHC-6 Twin Otter. Designed in the 1960s at the request of the US Arm
  5. Stew Do you have Tongass Fjords installed? That sounds like the issue especially around PASI. If so the fix is on RTMM. Greg
  6. Yes Realair. Ryan did the paint. Glad you liked it. Greg
  7. Thanks Adam! Greg Thanks Iain Greg
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