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  1. Great shots of a great aircraft! Interesting repaint. Are you willing to share? Greg
  2. Here are some screen shots of the issue. Here is what I got when I tried an exclude BGL Greg
  3. It looks like I spoke too soon. I was able to fix NSFA but NSFI has grass in the runway and NSAU and NSMA have severe elevation issues. Runway is down about 20 feet. I will let the pros fix them. Greg
  4. In the NSTU experience package, NSFA, NSFI, NSAU and NSMA has default scenery buildings bleeding through in P3DV5. I was able to an exclude file with ADE that fixes the issue for me but it really could use a developer update. Greg
  5. The main issue I found with the global freeware airports is the stock airports building showing through. It looks like this is a P3DV5 issue. You can delete the stock airport buildings using ADE if you are comgortablw with that. Greg
  6. I was referring to the installers I downloaded from Orbx Direct after the license transition. Greg
  7. Congratulations Ben! I am super impressed with the functionality and ease of use of Orbx Central. The ease of re-installing into P3DV5 when I had to start over because the entire contents of P3DV5 was deleted, was fantastic. Thank you! I do have two questions: 1. I have been backing up my manually downloaded installers for years. That practice does not appear to be necessary any longer. Is it safe to delete them? 2. In the latest install of P3DV5, I moved my Orbx install out of the P3DV5 folder to a seperate library on the same M2 SSD. Is there any advantage to have Orbx installed in the P3DV5 folder? Greg
  8. Looking great as usual! Greg
  9. Excellent Yellow chopper shots Jack! Greg
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