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  1. Outstanding Misha! A day 1 purchase for me. Greg
  2. gregmorin

    Yellowcoptering again.

    Great rainy day shots Jack! Greg
  3. Happy Birthday Mikee! Greg
  4. In my recent build, I opted for a 4K 32" Samsung monitor. This was a step up from my trusty 27" monitor. I am able to read the smallest displays on the glass gauges like the PMDG 737NGX or the Flight 1 King Air perfectly. I do not think you will have an issue with a 32" monitor. Greg
  5. gregmorin

    Winter in Kiruna

    Very sharp! Greg
  6. Thank you Gentlemen! It is the big 70. My wife and I are going to dinner tonight to celebrate. Greg
  7. Thanks for starting the thread Jack! Greg
  8. Happy Birthday Doug! Greg
  9. Congratulations Zinj! Greg
  10. Happy Birthday Fred! Greg
  11. Enjoy your time with your son. He will only be 10 once. This may be the most important experience you have this year! Congratulations Greg
  12. Excellent shots of Orbx land! Greg
  13. gregmorin

    PNW in 3 parts

    Another Bonanza of great shots Jack! Greg
  14. gregmorin

    Next destination: King Salmon

    Great shots of the Herky Bird! Greg