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  1. Thanks for the great help and detective work! Glad we get the great TE Wa coverage north of Everett otherwise a couple of my favorite airports wouldn't be getting the visits they deserve.
  2. Hi, could you please confirm how far north TE Washington is supposed to cover? According to the announcement thread map, I was expecting it would cover to the WA border, but I'm trying to fly out of KPAE which was one of my favorite airports and seeing the line where the default textures start at Everett, and trying to determine if this is as expected or if I have something wrong in my install or scenery.ini, see my screenshots below of flying over downtown Everett, thanks in advance for any help or confirmation. Great job on TE WA by the way. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/171537-trueearth-us-washington-official-announcement/
  3. Great video Zach, thanks much for posting it, it is nice to recognize all the airports from the accurate virtual versions Orbx has given us, also the airplane sounds were very similar to what I hear with the Aerosoft Katana4X. Very enjoyable video, I will be flying a similar route virtually as a result.
  4. Wow terrific shots Timmo, love the moody skies, good thing you were not taking off for VFR.
  5. Just wanted to pass on another thanks to Neil for all the great airport modeling in the Orbx regions, to me your airports are what makes me buy the regions even when I am not especially interested in them, but having the enhanced modeled airports makes it easy to explore and discover the region without having to land at the unrealistic generic asphalt runway FSX airports, it also helps me rationalize the cost, not just a region but also lots of ne airports to visit. I would echo the feedback that variation in the static plane lib objects would really enhance the realism (same request for the static boats in the marinas like PAKT), but your work with the default airports is one of my favorite things about Orbx.
  6. Very nice! Loving the P-40 as well.
  7. Great shot of the C310 Iain, one of my faves.
  8. Great shots Alex, especially the next to the last one, very nice moody lighting... I will save the route to try myself, also I didn't know PAKT had the moving cruise ships, very cool will have to try some flights out of there at sunrise and sunset to catch them coming going.
  9. Yeah you are right Peter, it seems like different reviewers come to different conclusions, and it has been especially weird with the 7970 in the early reviews/previews since it seems to have released at some low clockspeeds that beat the 580 at only 20-30% but with a lot of easy overclocking potential to take it much higher I think probably so AMD have some performance in the pocket to match Kepler when that comes out in March/April, but yeah we are all in the same boat I think watching and waiting to see how the latest cards pan out for FSX. If only AMD and ATI would come out with their new product at the same time then we would have apples to apples, but I think they don't so they can both cash in on the enthusiasts that want to have the fastest card whenever a new one comes out, also if FSX were part of the benchmarking suite used by some of these review sites then we'd be set, but as always we have to wait to hear how one of us enthusiasts makes the leap and can report FSX results ) I have to admit it is tempting to pick up a 7970 at this time of year with tax refunds etc so I can find out for myself, but I am trying to be patient to see what Kepler will bring in March to avoid spending on the wrong thing for FSX, but it is encouraging to see the reviews so far.
  10. Hi Peter, I have been closely watching the reviews of the 7970 vs 580 and I have not seen it pan out as that early article you quoted, for example a comparison here of Witcher 2 which is a DX9 game: http://www.hardwarec...-review-10.html Also: http://www.guru3d.co...sfire-review/11 I am in a similar graphics card upgrade hold pattern now, for 3 monitor FSX I had been planning on picking up two 580s or one of the new Kepler video cards once I see what it performs like, but I must say the 7970 has surprised me with the punch it has had in most of the current reviews so far, additionally it seems to be able to add another 20-30% performance from builtin overclocking capability. Early days yet, and I had been biased to NV for FSX knowing how supersampling is needed with my 5870 but I am definitely watching to see if anyone benchmarks the 7970 with FSX versus the 580, from some of the DX9 results above it might actually do well, but we won't know for sure until someone tries it )
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