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  1. Terrific shots Jack, and of course...the V-Tail.
  2. Fantastic shots Dario, and you've got a gem of an aircraft to see the area with.
  3. Grand shots mate! I was just over there two days ago for work, and ORBX nailed this scenery.
  4. Wonderful shots Dario. I, too, enjoy the perspectives and angles you choose in your screenshots.
  5. Great set of shots Adam! I finally got that Porter, and it's a hoot!
  6. That is a TREMENDOUS screenshot Filou!
  7. GREAT shots John! The light bouncing off the snow is awesome.
  8. What a great set Jack! The shadows and lighting are perfect.
  9. Happy birthday +1 Jack!!! Did real life stuff this weekend, so I’m just seeing this now. Hope you had a great day!
  10. These are really great Adam, as always. On my iPhone, the colors look a little muted, but spot besides that. Also, it’ll be interesting to see how TE looks with this area, because I highly doubt these can be topped by anything. Bang up area, reprobates by stunning screen caps!
  11. Thanks gents! I’m a huge fan of the San Juan Islands, so if I could only choose one, it’d be Friday Harbor. Harvey is a cool little airport though.
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