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  1. Tremendous shot Rick!
  3. Awesome shots Scott, I LOVE that first one!
  4. Holy toledo, those are gorgeous!
  5. Great shots Jack! I went elk hunting with one of my very good friends, six years ago. My Father-in-law lived in La Pine, and we drove up to Sunriver to hunt the forests in that area. He took a gigantic 5x5 bull, and Sunriver will always hold that memory. What an stunningly beautiful part of the country.
  6. Tremendous set Adam! I have a loooooooong list of aircraft to buy, and this gem is absolutely on it.
  7. Really awesome shots Adam!
  8. Great shots mate, and that second one is SPECTACULAR!!!
  9. Thank you much Jack! Here’s a yellow one just for you!
  10. I’ve been to a couple of airshows this summers and took a ton of photos. Thought I’d share a handful of them with my ORBX friends.
  11. Tremendous set of shots Adam! Gisborne is my favorite ORBX NZ airport.
  12. Spectacular set Adam, as always. That's a ruggedly beautiful part of the state as well. I love travelling there whenever I get the opportunity.
  13. You're awfully close to my house there Jack! Nice egg beater shots my friend.
  14. Outstanding shots Jack, #1 is a real corker!
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