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  1. It would be great just to get a simple update on the way forward with OLC products. I initially went for ORBX products many years ago based on their "world vision" at that time. And that seemed to "die a sudden death". I mean OLC Africa was advertised once again on May 10th this year (in conjunction with Australia V2 announcement) to be in beta in "2 weeks". We are now entering July and not a word. If only the customers could be informed as to the progress then there would be no speculation or unfounded rumours going around the various forums. I believe Africa (and Asia for that matter) have huge potential for the developers. The other well known areas are becoming "saturated". It just takes one company to take the lead and they will have a major head start. I'm personally not interested in scenery "patches" of various areas around the world. I'm more into "Global" products (have just purchased HD Buildings) as I believe they offer more to every "flight simmer" around the world as opposed to groups of the population who may reside in particular areas of developer interest. Regards.
  2. Great news! Africa has been in need of an overhaul in the flight sim world. Great job ORBX..
  3. This was posted 10th May 2019...so I'm sure things are still in progress. I'm sure we'll be surprised very soon with an announcement!
  4. The latest post was made middle of May 2019 when it was mentioned OLC Africa will "be in beta in a couple of weeks with preview shots to follow". Maybe something will be out soon..
  5. I've posted a lot in the past about OLC Africa. Let's just wait now and see....I'm sure we'll hear something soon..regards.
  6. I fly real world around Africa. And the real world scenery is amazing. ORBX are into business, I understand. But they don't realise what they will gain financially if they develop for the African continent. It's "untapped"...
  7. The ORBX world is maybe flat. Consists of USA, Australasia and Europe. Guys, there is another world out there!
  8. They said end of 2018, then Q1 2019, then April preview shots....(I believe April is Q2?). Why don't they just tell us what is going on??
  9. OLC Africa was pushed from last year, to February, to Q1, now preview shots "should" be out April. It seems every time I search in the forums it keeps getting pushed out. Hopefully now that it is "being worked on" we should receive more positive news soon.
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