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  1. Approaching the Rock

    Beautiful shot. Farman, it installs perfectly into P3d v4. You just need to install as per the included instructions for P3d v3 and then search internet for Doug Dawson's 64 bit sound gauge here: http://www.douglassdawson.ca/files/dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64_gauge_only.zip Install into the DC3 panel folder. No need to change anything in the panel config. you can just rename the 64bit ddl into C47_dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau (change the file extension to gau) and overwrite the existing file or just remove it. Works perfectly - but male sure you download the Simouthouse version 3.14 of Manfred Jahn’s aircraft. Kev
  2. Happy birthday Jarrad!

    Happy Birthday, mate - many happy returns, Kev
  3. Just a Couple

    A couple of shots from today's flying. Kev
  4. 195 in NZ

    nice shots, mate. I still say that paint scheme came straight out of the Irn Bru factory! Kev
  5. left or right turns

    Interesting observation, Jim. I was a real world pilot (in my youth!) and I always found turning left easier than turning right if flying manually. In fact, when I was training I would screw up right hand circuits because I couldn't keep the actions smooth. My instructor at the time had a few theories about this, the most interesting being that it was to do whether you were left or right handed and also the fulcrum movement of your elbow joint! In my case, my right hand on the stick travelled easier towards the left because of the position of my elbow and the ease of drawing your arm to the left. When turning right the action was pushing your arm outwards. and away, which did not seem as natural as drawing it towards you. It was only his theory, but it still perplexes me why we still have a favourite way to turn! I still like to turn left rather than right! I guess you will get a fair few replies from RW (real world, not rotary wing) with their observations on this. Kev
  6. Walter Sutton's

    Thanks all, It does look as if it goes on a bit thick, doesn't it? Limitation of the sim, I guess. Kev
  7. Black Hawk Down!

    Lovely shots, Adam. Kev
  8. Few Phenom shots.

    Thanks, Iain - I think my poor old i7-4790 might struggle with those a bit - but my GTX 1080TI might compensate just a tad! Kev
  9. Few Phenom shots.

    Lovely shots, Iain.....I'm jealous of whatever setrtings you use! Kev
  10. Walter Sutton's

    Doing a bit of spraying for Walter!! Kev
  11. New forum software

    Like it very much. Clean and fast. Kev
  12. Late afternoon

    Lovely shots, Julio - and great news, too about the updates coming.. Kev
  13. Flying farmers

    Richard, those are fantastic shots - I especially like the high level clouds in #1. Kev
  14. Nieuport 24 in V4

    Great picture TTM!!! Jack, I didn't know you were that old!!! Kev
  15. Happy Birthday Sniper31.

    Have a great day, Landon! Kev