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  1. Mark, These are fantastic. Is your signature spec still current at i5 2500k etc?........If so, this is terrific for us users with lower spec PCs. Kev
  2. Nice picture - even more impressive is your computer spec!! Kev
  3. So glad to see you are back home and with us again on this site. I really look forward to your screenshots, and of course, your advice and help. Welcome back, and I hope all is well with you. Kev
  4. Thanks, I’ll do that this afternoon - might be rewarded with a quick flight - fingers crossed!! Kev
  5. Thanks everyone! I need to sit down with the manual and read it..........again. I'm sure it will start properly if I have patience with it.... Kev
  6. The answer is NO. Its back into the hangar for a while. Kev
  7. The Good Old Days! Kev
  8. This is the Airfoillabs Kingair A350 stooging around Broome in its very nice RFDS livery and GTN 750 mod. Kev Ready to taxi.
  9. Just tooling around on a calm evening. Kev
  10. This is the new Airfoilabs Kingair at Southampton and flying in local area. Kev
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