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  1. You are right with XH558 - I was being a bit mischievous in a light-hearted manner. Only in fun! Kev
  2. Excellent images.......like Andy said, looks like photography. Kev
  3. Great stuff....especially the light reflecting in the first one. Kec
  4. Thank you everyone for voting for me and Breeze! I’m very grateful for your comments and I asked for the new East Midlands for X-plane - so will have some screenshots up soon! Thanks again, Kev
  5. Fine shots Bob - love #2 Kev
  6. Great info, Iain - I have just ordered a top end pc from Scan Computers - so when it arrives sometime this week I’ll try your settings. Can’t wait to see what an i9-9000K with a 2080Ti with 64Gb memory will do!!! Mind you, one thing it has done is practically bankrupt me! Kev
  7. Happy Birthday, Jack - hope you have a great day.....Keep the posts coming and keep the cartoons coming too - I always enjoy them. This forum wouldn’t be the same without you and your inputs. You are a thoroughly nice guy, and as you can see, very much liked and appreciated here in Orbx. Kev
  8. Just a few Spitfire shots near Darrington Muni........ Kev
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