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  1. Terrific shots Phil.....especially the last couple. Very lifelike. Kev
  2. Zinj, It is X-plane 11.50. The sky is enhanced with Luminar 4 and the Scenery is Orbx TE California. Kev
  3. Tooling around KSFO Area Kev
  4. Thanks everybody! Much appreciated! Kev
  5. Great picture! I used to fly regularly from Wycombe and this software is uncannily accurate. Kev
  6. Yep......you can get airborne from Orbx Wycombe in the Vulcan! Kev
  7. I know.......the Experimental weather in P3D v5 is something else - I don't have any weather programs installed. K
  8. Majestic Q400 P3Dv5 Orbx TE England All right....cheated a bit with the Luminar 4 clouds in this one! Kev
  9. Some lifts from new P3Dv5 and Orbx TE England around Ditchling. P3Dv5 TE clouds and sky. Kev
  10. Great shots - whose A319 is that? Kev
  11. Delightful shots, Iain. Kev
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