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  1. Nice shots, Patrick especially #1. Kev
  2. Lovely shots Adam. I’m always jealous of your P3D screenshots. Kev
  3. Lovely shots of a classic. I once flew out to the Far East on one of these and sat next to an engineer who serviced them. He spent most of the time over the Indian Ocean telling me about the metal fatigue in the engine mounts!! Kev
  4. Very nice shots and lifelike too. Kev
  5. Saw this in the paper today about Capt Linklater. So I thought I'd try it in X-Plane with Orbx. Short trip or what?!! Total Distance: 1.7 miles. The shortest regular air service is famed for its brevity. Loganair’s link between Westray and Papa Westray in Orkney can be travelled in as little as 53 seconds, depending on the direction of the wind, and covers just 1.7 miles. The service costs from £25 one-way, however, making it perhaps the most expensive flight in the world in terms of cost per mile. Loganair, the Scottish airline, has been running the route since 1967. It offers a lifeline to those on the islands and Orkney Mainland. In 2013, Capt Stuart Linklater retired after flying the route more than 12,000 times in 24 years!! Kev
  6. Nice pic mate. That’s what happens when you fly without a transponder!! Kev
  7. Great shots! Don’t tell me you flew from the UK in this?! Kev
  8. Those last two images are very lifelike! Kev
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