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  1. Great shots and long forgotten happy times! Who remembers putting the lead “bomb” in the nose and a lead pad on the passenger seat before flying solo in one of these!! Kev
  2. Looking through a few old unpublished screenies. Kev
  3. Nice stuff Renault! Are you advertising Irn Bru with that livery?! Kev
  4. Terrific shots, Iain........I wish I had your “eye” for an image. looking forward to more of the same! Kev
  5. If you can stick it for 20 minutes this is one on the best in-cockpit vids I’ve seen. Kev
  6. Lovely shots, Dario - photographic quality! Kev
  7. Very nice shots, Iain - who’s Fortress is that? Kev
  8. I use both X-Plane 11 and P3D v4. I have all the TEGB for X-plane - is it worth my while getting TEGB for P3D? I ask because the photos screenshots on the release look a bit better in P3D - but it could be my advancing years and eyesight! Kwv
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