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  1. Fantastic aircraft. Was still flying when I first joined the RAF. The flight engineer could walk down the inside of the wing in flight. Also, this was one of, if not the first aircraft to have a true reverse thrust and it was piston engined! Had truly remarkable short field performance and was used extensively in the Middle East. Ahh......memories! Kev
  2. Lovely stuff, Dario - I'll have to get Caernarvon now! Kev
  3. Nice shots Gerold! Watney’s Red Barrel??! You’ll be saying “Beer at home means Davenports” next!! Kev
  4. Some unedited Orbx Straight screenshots (A Luminar Break!) Kev The scenery is definitely there - but about 15 miles below!!
  5. Brilliant shot! Kev
  6. Brilliant shots.........I was going to get the X-Plane Vulcan but now you have given me doubts and I might go for the JRollon Marchetti. Kev
  7. Great shot. Jack, Luminar does do ground shadows, but you have to go into it a bit deeper and use the masking tools. Kev
  8. Nice shot........I should use Orbx Dubrovnik more, it’s quite underrated. Kev
  9. Great shots.....very good colours too. Kev
  10. Great shots.............I remember when in Germany in the late ‘70’s those Smurfs and Father Abraham were bloody everywhere!! Kev
  11. Nice ones, Jack.....now about that bridge.....! Kev
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