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  1. KSAN and area - my favourite US city! Xaviation has this: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/icarus-simulations-san-diego-ksan-p-140 It's pretty good and has great detail. I don't yet have Orbx SoCal but I wonder if this is the solution to the posted problem?
  2. Derek - just copy and paste into a text file? There's also a link below: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/having-log-in-trouble-for-microsoft-flight-insider/db13d9b2-bb67-42bd-aa5e-67b23ce2726a?page=4 and step by step: This is what fixes it for me (although the issue does reappear at some later point). Using Google Chrome browser as an example. 1.) Close ALL instances of Chrome browser. 2.) Open Chrome and visit live.com 3.) If you are logged in to the site it takes you to, log out. 4.) Revisit live.com and clear ALL cookies that are used on that site. To do this, click the padlock icon next to the URL bar, then select Cookies, then click Remove until there is NOTHING left. 5.) Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 for bing.com (this is a belts and braces step.. you should not need to do it). 6.) In Chrome, go to flightsimulator.com 7.) Clear ALL cookies that are in use for this site using the same procedure as in step 4. Note that you will be clearing ALL cookies that are shown, even if the domain for that cookie is not flightsimilator.com. 8.) Close ALL instances of Google Chrome. 9.) Open Google Chrome again and navigate to flightsimulator.com 10.) Click the Insider Login link (you should be able to click the user icon to the right of this, but I've only tested clicking the insider login link). 11.) If all is OK you SHOULD be taken to a generic Microsoft login page. Enter your email address and click the button. Enter your password. For me, this now logs me in successfully to the insider pages.
  3. Derek No need to clear cache (in my experience). Go into XBOX Live and log out if you're signed in. Then into your Microsoft account and log out of that too. Reboot pooter. Try to log in at the sim site now. Report back as there's more detail but try this first. EDIT Got this from Twitter and it's the thing that worked for me: I learned that if you use the "Auto Sign-In" feature for the website, that's what breaks the insider hub (at least for me). So DON'T use it. If when you click insider login and it just takes you back to the main page or another page without asking you to login, you can simply fix it by going to Xbox.com and login in the top right. Once it says you're logged in, click your profile picture and select sign-out. Now, go back to the FlightSim website and click login. Fill out your login information and sign in! Again... DO NOT CLICK AUTO SIGN-IN.
  4. Yes all very nice but I am still a little under-whelmed by the colours in particular. No-one has mentioned the flight model and whether it's better or much the same as P3D v4 et al.
  5. It'll be interesting to see if they upgrade the flight model, use all CPU cores, and implement VR properly. Looking at the trailer, the water still looks pretty awful. This has been a bugbear of mine for years. And the terrain colours are off. DX12 promises good visuals so let's see if it's playable for proper VFR.
  6. Following on from my post above I have just scared myself silly. Having failed to work properly in VR and not experiencing much difference in FPS, I had given up. Aircraft failed to work and AVI Tab and Reality GTN were just showing an empty window etc. Not to mention crashing to desktop intermittently. So I mothballed it and then last night in bed I had my "Damascus" moment. Although I had disabled SLI in the Nvidia Control Panel, xPlane was still noticing the card was there and grumbling. So I went into Device Manager on the pooter and disabled it under the hardware tab. I then re-fired xPlane and loaded up my local airport (EGNM). Previously using moderate settings I was getting 30 FPS depending on the plane (I only fly GA); under my new Vulkan I was getting 55-65 FPS very comfortably. And this was with a "high" setting. All with Orbx'x TE loaded at high, AA set to 4x and objects at high. Oh and VR works really, really well although hangs on exit more often than not, but I can live with that. Scared myself silly because I looked out the window and really thought I was flying - genuine vertigo as I looked around because the scenery suddenly came alive and took me unawares. It's as if I could feel the wind under me wings! I now: Fly like a bird in the sky, eye-eye-eye... Well I'm happy anyway, sorry if anyone else is still struggling.
  7. How on earth did you know that there is a braille version? I have been beta-testing it for the last 2 months. It's really good. However the main problem is the full stop, or period, button. If one were to hit it during flight, the aircraft just halts immediately and falls out of the sky with no way of a restart. At the moment it's not a viable alternative to the established aims but, as I say, it is in beta.
  8. That's interesting Nick, because I noticed much the same! I installed a fresh copy of the basic installation only and with the default scenery I was experiencing about 20% improvement in frame rates. However quite a few aircraft and plugins failed to operate correctly. I could crank up objects, shadows, reflection and AA on this basic installation so that was good. Then after adding back the TE products I had to reduce graphic settings again, the net result being a minimal fps increase. I think it really depends a lot on the hardware in the system to a large extent as it has always done with xPlane. It was good to experiment though and meanwhile I'll go back to OpenGL and my VR headset with very acceptable performance.
  9. I agree Rodger: it doesn't have quite the ring about it to say, "My virus is better than your virus", or similar!
  10. Actually Dave the mortality rate is above 4% per this link: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Not sure where you get your figures?
  11. Hi John My family is in Claregalway and Cahir and they're symptomless so far. Let's hope it stays that way! Meanwhile flying from Waterford to Clonmel, then following the Suir over Cahir and going West over the Galtees down to Kerry and up to Donegal is a pleasant way indeed to pass an afternoon. Wish Orbx would get Ireland done! Best wishes.
  12. Hi Roberto I and I suspect many others, have been using your posts instead of the mainstream media (in my case the BBC and Sky which are very biased in many ways). Please continue if you feel able! The great English poet, author and insecure person D H Lawrence wrote a poem about the colour blue which goes: the optimist builds himself safe inside a cell and paints the inside walls sky-blue and blocks up the door and says he’s in heaven That's me, to a tee. And probably most of us simmers! Best wishes.
  13. My thoughts to your thoughts Teecee. Please keep us updated. My very best wishes from a fellow "stook in t'owse" as they say in Yorkshire.
  14. Hey Maurizio I visited Florence 3 years ago and have to say what a beautiful city to self-isolate! Stay well. However I must disagree with your final statement. A flight is only "destressful" when one doesn't crash all the ruddy time! Flying more I now realise how awful a pilot I am. Still, I do admire all the beautiful scenery when I am right way up!
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