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  1. What a sensible post, thank you! I once asked an airline Captain how much he admired the scenery he was flying over and he said "not with our female cabin crew!" I think he must've been "task-saturated",
  2. Great news! Is there any possibility you can get traffic moving? Just curious if that's being looked at "in the round". Hate seeing those static car decals baked onto the roads!
  3. Fizzelle

    Land's End True Earth England South

    'Tis 'ere Jack ole boy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land's_End
  4. Fizzelle

    The Old Coots Club

    A golf foursome were playing and they reached the 14th green next to the main road. Just then a funeral cortege rolled past and one of the golfers raised his cap in salute. "That's very respectful of you George", said one. "Well", said George, "We'd been married 45 years!"
  5. Fizzelle

    Supermarine Type 300.

    Sharks, tigers, floosies. Hmmm which do I prefer....
  6. Fizzelle

    Supermarine Type 300.

    Until quite recently I had no idea a shark's mouth was used as nose art on the Spitfire. Is this a particularly American mod used by USAF in WWII? My first ever flying model aeroplane ("never ever call it a plane Bader; it's an aeroplane"), was a petrol engined control line "Flying Tiger" my Dad bought me for a Christmas present when I was six. We never successfully got the engine running consistently enough to fly the dang thing!
  7. My wish is for true depiction of the Cliffs of Moher which look awful in Otho4XP!
  8. One of my pet hates is the abundance of "road furniture" - the excessive use of signs and fences etc etc. I'm curious, in your pic above, what purpose do those green fences serve? They look completely extraneous to me so what do they do, and are they really necessary?
  9. Fizzelle

    Isle of Skye - TE North

    Hi Jack, the colour matched and richer one below is ORBX, much NICER!
  10. I thought I'd do a quick comparison of TE North versus OrthoPhoto on Skye. I know which one I prefer - yes the ORBX is slightly less rugged but I didn't have to pay £1000s for mine and I'm very grateful for ORBX's scenery at just over £30!
  11. Yes, not quite, I agree. It feels a little rushed but I may be wrong. It's better than my ortho though. EG the Skye Bridge is disappointing in XPlane, but is not too bad in P3D EU Scotland. I expect they'll sort it soonish.
  12. Fizzelle

    The Old Coots Club

    Whilst we're on the subject of sporting jokes, my favourite tells the story of two golfers meeting up at the first tee, not having met before. Golfer 1: "Oh hell, I gotta hide, quick". Golfer 2: "Why, what's the matter?" Golfer 1: "I've just spotted my wife and my mistress about to follow us onto the course? Golfer 2 looks hard at the two women, and his brow furrows: "that's a coincidence!"
  13. Fizzelle


    What a lovely post, Peter. It fair "chippered me up" this morning!
  14. A spirited and well-written comprehensive reply for which I thank you. Best for 2019.
  15. I've spent ages trying to dis-assemble myself from social media, and I still get emails and other stuff from them long after I closed my accounts. This quiz is a no-no for me too.