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  1. Yeah, that new kid on the block can go.... Nice shots mate!
  2. Well I object to the term "newbie" so far as I am concerned! Even in my youf I was always a wizened old flyer.
  3. Wolfko my dear chap, whilst your claims about seeking out new civilisations are very laudable I must take issue with "to boldly go". It should of course be "to go boldly" to prevent the splitting of the infinitive. A classic example is the following: "Do not go quietly into the night.." Do you see the difference there? How wrong it would sound if one were to say, "Do not quietly go into the night". Whew! I feel sooo much better now
  4. Because Ron there was a theory that there was a magical build out there that had all the Zendesk tickets fixed. Qu'elle horreur when all the testers realised there wasn't and the Alpha/Beta state was released. Hence a lot of bitterness!
  5. 300 foot tall trees at the end of an airport runway in Melbourne, so high you can barely clear them?
  6. Come on Old Prop Solutions, you can do it and you know you want to!
  7. Apparently there were massive problems during the whole Alpha and Beta process. Unfortunately the testers had absolutely no control over what was released, that was a marketing decision. To say any more would not be appropriate but I'm sure other sites around the interwebs will be able to confirm.
  8. I just flew through Tower Bridge with the Orbx London scenery pack installed. That is over the road not under it!
  9. I had multiple issues but resolved them by 1. Making sure my Xbox beta pc app was current 2. Making sure the xbox game bar app was current 3. Installing from the MS store then 4. Running from the store "play" button 5. After initial run and further updates (took a very long time), I can run it from the Start menu. Orbx products installed and ran flawlessly - I chose the option to install directly into the sim. It doesn't show in the FS marketplace however as someone else has already posted.
  10. At least it's properly LIT at night now! Still waiting for the X-Plane version to be LIT around Canary Wharf for X-Plane. How long have we been asking for this?
  11. Can Orbx confirm that Canary Wharf et al will now have proper building lights as we have been asking for months and months?
  12. Now let's get VR implemented, the tree size sorted out and aircraft systems properly working and we'll have a half-decent sim.
  13. Beat me to it! Link is here: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015204020
  14. This is exactly right and a good way of thinking. I know quite a few others are doing the same. It's a good way to see if you and the new sim are a good fit - not to mention your computer system!
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