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  1. I bought my first ever car back in 1972 for 2400 French Francs. About £300 in English. Wow, we are being conned by hi-tek companies!
  2. This is all wrong! Y'see you're all being wowed by the pretty graphics and not one of you is considering summat much more important. THE FLIGHT MODEL In that first picture you can see quite clearly that the engines are not actually attached to the do'nut. So I am certain this is a fantasy model and not based at all in the real world. Admit it Pete, you fabricated the whole actual flying do'nut didn't you? If not, then where can I download it as it seems more dynamic than some of the default aeroplanes. Oops, hush my mouth.
  3. I suspect it's summat to do with Ortho4XP. That uses Python as the programming language in which case it can be removed as it should reside in the Ortho4XP directory.
  4. Very colourful, nice shots.
  5. I have a 3070, an old i7 processor (Xeon 5820) and I got the following results. Just for fun before I got the card I MAXED out every single thing at 4K and benchmarked taking off from GCRR (in MSFS2020). I got 7-9 fps. I installed my 3070 and did the same test and got 19-21 fps. Turning it back to very high settings in 2D, I'm getting 45-55 fps depending on where I am. I run it at 4K at mainly very high settings and I haven't yet suffered any fps degradation even over KLAX. VR is ok too and I am quite happy but obviously I have to run that at medium until it
  6. "There'll soon be sunny skies you'll think will never end." My very best wishes Iain.
  7. Well as long as you're happy, that's fine then. Personally I think it looks amateurish, bit like the game itself. But I'll buy it if it's better than the opposing product released today. It just wouldn't be my first choice, as it stands presently.
  8. Sorry Ed but just look at that bridge in the foreground there - absolutely no blending of the road and riverbank. With that like so, I just can't contemplate it. Just not really very good for such an iconic city. This looks like the London Landmarks saga all over again. Apologies.
  9. Lovely shots Pete. As you say it really shows off the Orbx quality in the scenery. I presume you're using your custom LUT here? Just shows those doubters that Xplane can be really nice to look at, along with its proper flight model. Well done.
  10. Beautiful, Lanzarote as it should be in all its stark glory. Many congratulations Pete, I hope to add my own shots in the coming days once I get my head round the LUT! Let's hope Tony Wroblewski sees these and passes them on to the development team for reference. Now your next job, should you choose to accept it, is to fix the excessive greenery in La Gomera! But take a well-earned rest first.
  11. Hi Jon, did you know you can copy the text as listed and paste directly into Notepad++, which then interprets and sets up a proper text file? So if someone doesn't attach their .ini file you can still work on it and send back completed. Here's his I did earlier, attached. Which has now crossed with this post! scenery_packs.ini
  12. You need this Nick. Works just fine and removes the glitches and "Devil's Towers" and spikes in the landscape. https://flightsim.to/file/5167/scenery-glitch-fixes-for-update-1-12-13-0
  13. We've just entered a national lockdown again! It has to be better, can't be worse. Stay safe out there and best wishes to you and yours.
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