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  1. Based on the xplane tile requirements rather than individual states, countries, political boundaries etc
  2. xEnviro 1.10 promises this (for xplane) but I think Orbx has already stated that because of the disk storage requirements it won't happen.
  3. I really only use FPS to determine if my VR experience will be worth it. I've got pretty much all the UK mapped out now so I know where to avoid. So it can be useful as a tool. I use MSI Afterburner to check FPS, RAM and VRAM and it's very interesting to see the difference addons and cityscapes make.
  4. F.A.B. The only potential problem will be the roads with the traffic baked in when the photo was taken originally. Will you be "algorithmicalling" them out, or providing new surfaces a la Xplane?
  5. It's in the news again! https://www.thesun.ie/news/3939072/sighting-loch-ness-monster-irishman/amp/
  6. And as for the TBM900 might I suggest a custom registration number (you can put it in, in the Airframe Manager) as, say. K-JACK Also I note you were confused about the post above mentioning neaps: https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/lamb-recipes/haggis-neeps-tatties/
  7. Jack there's a beautiful seaplane by Aerobask (free) here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/35322-lisa-akoya-by-aerobask/ and that does it too! So it's sea handling too - just a puff of wind and it's spinning top time!
  8. It's a common ground handling problem in Xplane and they're working on it. Just keep leaning on those rudder pedals and use gentle differential braking!
  9. Fabbo shots Mate! However I do have one concern - in shot 6, I notice you didn't have your Inertial Separator on. Coming in hot and fast in a turboprop is likely to disturb the wild haggis and they can suddenly rise up and dig themselves into the air intakes at anything up to 3000 feet.. Be careful out there! PS Looks like XP is behaving with the aeroplane for you!
  10. Normally run X Plane once close it down, and it should appear in the FTX menu.
  11. Mum's from Cahir, Co. Tipp. and the rest of my relatives are in Claregalway. I did Connemara airport (EICA) for the XPlane Gateway so if you have it, it's my work of love! Unfortunately due to Laminar's restriction in the Library files (must use their own), it's not photogenically accurate! Ireland is stunning!
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