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  1. Hi All, I just wanted to let you all know that I am an idiot. Whats the reason you ask, well, I have a secret, I have been using P3D with TEGBS since release and I kid you not its been taking 30 mins to load a flight. Now for those who know me, you know I have a very powerful laptop, so I was thinking, is there a fault. What have I done to it etc. Well the answer is simple. I use Acronis True Image - AHA some can see where I am going now. With Acronis you get ADP and this is meant to stop ransomware. So when I started a flight my throughput from my 2TB SSD was 0MB, therefore loading all my terrain was taking 32 mins.. So I first added the D: to the exclusions and my time went from 32 mins to 9 mins and throughput of 3 to 4 MB/S and then when disabling time dropped to 5mins throughput of 9 to 11+MB/S So as you can now see I am an idiot - So dont be like me I am running EU_ENG/WLS/IR/NIR/TEGB All Orbx UK airfields MAIW (Airfields and Traffic) UT Live UK2000 (Southend/LCY/Jersey/Guernsey)
  2. Thanks Nick Appreciated, I am a big believer in the law of unintended consuquences and will therefore leave it the hell alone lol
  3. Got what may well be a dumb question. At the bottom of the scenery library are the numbered base files. Do I need them enabled???
  4. Hi Jack, What settings are you running on XP and where did you get the Renault profile?
  5. looked at other photos it may be green, would that make sense
  6. I was at Duxford for the Tornado flypast, saw this and thought of you
  7. I was playing with AIFP and accidently got the SR working so I also set about adding John Youngs Varks and spark Varks into UH
  8. I decided to go back in time and recreate RAF Upper Heyford for Mr Sawyer and also bring back Det-4 to Mildenhall
  9. Happy Birthday Iain Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Could it truly be??? OK lets be having you Thanks Ian Oh Question saw the shot with the HMS QE, is this included freeware, payware????
  11. even in this awful weather I have only one word MMMMMMM Rossi's The ones in both Ilford and Barkingside are but a distant memory
  12. LOL I remember years ago, Rossi's ice cream and Paul's Fish and Chips MMMMM, more recently it pays host to Jamie Oliver
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