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  1. lol, I am loving finding new presents in Orbx central every few days as new airfields are released
  2. A silly one but i would like it sorted and have no doubt its my problem, in the sim drop down it still shows P3d v4. I have uninstalled this now yet it persists, have i missed something??? Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  3. That is absolutely great news, this is about the time where I swap winter in England for the rest of my life in Brisbane so it will give me a shed a tear moment to fly back home
  4. Looking forward to seeing everyone, Im driving up from Kent in the morning, hope to be there for opening
  5. What I have found with this error, when an update installs it works but after a reboot it returns, I have been in the position that reinstalling the OrbX central when I want to change stuff is the only solution, not ideal but it works and I dont change stuff often
  6. No rest assured, I am completely above board, I work in cyber security for big blue lol and have been doing this for 20 odd years lol and believe me they have been odd lol
  7. Hi All As some of you may know, this is actually what i do for a living to pay for my Sim habit. I know many may use flight 1 including me. So this is of interest. I will see if i can find out what is available.
  8. Hi Iain it looks lovely, can I ask for some locations for your next shots The Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Rainbow Tower is the first, does it show the lagoon and also on the North Shore, Turtle Bay. There is the 3 pointed cross shaped building and the golf club and cottages. I was there for my Fortieth and I LOVE flying round Oahu. Oh and any Pearly Harbour and the Museum at Ford Island Pics please I know I asked for loads, but I truly love this place.
  9. Guys, I just noticed and it may be just me but does Oflow and P flow not work in XP11?
  10. Operating system: Win10 Build 1903 Simulator: P3D and XP11 Screenshot: Included Issue: Communications issue When the system or I see products to download the Error: A communications error occurred pops up. Never had this before central.log
  11. Well, I travel a hell of a lot so it is what it is. Therefore I either dont fly or I have the option to fly. I currently have the 7700K and it performs wonderfully with the various sims. P3d and XP are very different animals so the processing hits in different places. Take it from me it performs very nicely for a lot longer than 30 mins. I have been using my Rift since it was released and I love it. This is just the latest iteration of the journey. If I was welded into one place not on the road 150 days plus a year well we shall see.
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