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  1. Would anyone else like to see an ORBX Faroe Islands and EKVG - Vagar Airport? Heres a video of the approach on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PSvYHWdhBYs
  2. I would like to request KSRQ (Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport) if you guys are still taking requests! Thanks!
  3. I had my PC ready to install tonight, but better later this weekend than never
  4. @Jarrad Marshall looks great, bring it on! Two quick questions, will LOIS be implemented at a later time or was it completely scratched? Alsoo this is far fetched but would you ever consider adding in one or two emergency scenes on the highways somewhere so that we could use them for medevac missions?
  5. Hi Jarrad, I know it's very late to request this, but would it be possible down the road to add in 1 or 2 vehicle accident scenes on the highways or roads throughout the scenery so that we could do medevac "missions" and take advantage of all the helipads? Really looking forward to this regardless. Thanks.
  6. @Finni Hansen @Richard Lincoln Hi, its been nearly 2 months now and still no fix or solution. I don't want to be a pain, but if there is nothing that can be done then I would like a refund or an exchange. I'm aware that NCA is required for full functionality, but I never have, and still don't, have any intentions of buying it to get one airport to work. Especially when the manual for the airport itself said the airport would be functional enough to use without it. Thank you for your time. Jarad
  7. @Finni Hansen I asked a friend who owns the airport and SoCal region if he thought id be able to get just the airport running without the region. He told me what was said in the manual about the compatibility and sent me the manual so I could confirm.
  8. It looks good, a little too clean like others have mentioned, but like anything that comes from orbx, the surrounding area and airport are modeled great. 2 questions that will be a deal breaker for me, will it be completely FTX Global compatible and will there be moveable jetways?
  9. @Finni Hansen yeah that's fine and dandy, but maybe the manual itself shouldn't lead the reader to believe the region isn't needed for functionality. I wasted $20 thinking I was going to have an airport to use because of the way the manual was written.
  10. @Richard Lincoln Happy new year! I don't want to be a pain, but any word back yet?
  11. Any word from Jarrad yet or any suggestions at this point?
  12. I tried reinstalling, moving order around in scenery library, and manually installing the orbx libraries with no success. Still have the same problems with the terrain
  13. Alright I'll take a look when I get home this evening thanks.
  14. Also, I would not have mind picking up NorCal if i did not fly into Payware SFO so much. There are many reports or fps and vas problems mixing the two though. Furthermore the manual made KMRY out to be usable without NorCal and thats why I paid money for it.
  15. Hi yes I saw that but in the manual it said it would only lose some functionality. I would not have picked KMRY up if it would have said it wouldn't work without norcal as i have no intention of paying more money for norcal just to run MRY. I have an i7 3770k and gtx 780 though.
  16. I purchased KMRY today because of the sale. The manual states that without NorCal installed I would lose some functionality such as photoreal blending, moving traffic, lights, and houses. None of those really bothered me so I went and got it anyway thinking I would still be able to use the airport. I do not have Orbx NorCal because of fps and vas problems around SFO. After loading into the scenery for the first time I noticed a huge cliff between 28L and 28R and some floating grass. I do not have vector installed anymore so I don't have the AEC tool. I do have all the recommended settings set
  17. Hi would you guys consider updating the PNW Demo so that I could try it out in Prepar3d v3?
  18. Hi would you guys consider updating the PNW Demo so that I could try it out in Prepar3d v3?
  19. Hi if you would have the time could you add KCXY to the list? It's close to KMDT which was already done but CXY is the GA/Private airport for the area. If you could that would be great! Thank you.
  20. There's a problem with the shoreline around KMDT. Was slightly fixed in one of the vector updates, but not completely. If you could take a look that would be great. Thanks.
  21. Would ORBX ever consider doing a global product to add new water class? A lot of the orbx airports around water have custom water class and it looks amazing. Would doing a global product that changed all water to make it similar quality be possible?
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