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  1. Would anyone else like to see an ORBX Faroe Islands and EKVG - Vagar Airport? Heres a video of the approach on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PSvYHWdhBYs
  2. I had my PC ready to install tonight, but better later this weekend than never
  3. @Jarrad Marshall looks great, bring it on! Two quick questions, will LOIS be implemented at a later time or was it completely scratched? Alsoo this is far fetched but would you ever consider adding in one or two emergency scenes on the highways somewhere so that we could use them for medevac missions?
  4. I like the sound of that! Will the scenery work fine in v3.2?
  5. Hi Jarrad, I know it's very late to request this, but would it be possible down the road to add in 1 or 2 vehicle accident scenes on the highways or roads throughout the scenery so that we could do medevac "missions" and take advantage of all the helipads? Really looking forward to this regardless. Thanks.
  6. It looks good, a little too clean like others have mentioned, but like anything that comes from orbx, the surrounding area and airport are modeled great. 2 questions that will be a deal breaker for me, will it be completely FTX Global compatible and will there be moveable jetways?
  7. Hi would you guys consider updating the PNW Demo so that I could try it out in Prepar3d v3?
  8. Hi would you guys consider updating the PNW Demo so that I could try it out in Prepar3d v3?
  9. Would ORBX ever consider doing a global product to add new water class? A lot of the orbx airports around water have custom water class and it looks amazing. Would doing a global product that changed all water to make it similar quality be possible?
  10. Hi, spectacular shots! What do you use for your cloud textures and if its REX what theme do you use?
  11. This is so good looking. Any chance Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA will be on the included-cities list?
  12. What were your frames? And what's you're system?
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