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  1. Hans do you have NZWR Whangarei Airport? That is what I discovered was triggering the error and others have confirmed too. If its installed into the Prepar3D folder instead of the library Vector works fine. Regards Chris
  2. Thats the exact same scenery which is triggering a failure for me too. Prior to a few days ago all my scenery was installed within P3D and not in a Library so this was never an issue. Chris
  3. Ok Ive done further testing on my partially reinstalled sim after a system format. The only sceneries I currently have installed are from Orbx and they were all installed after migrating them to a library prior to formatting my pc. The Vector tool worked fine before but after reading this thread I've found it is linked to the Add-ons.cfg in the ProgramData folder. There is no other in my users folder. I deleted only it (after making a copy), I did not delete the scenery.cfg but did run the sim so that it would be updated. The elevation tool ran fine. I manually added the first 10 entries
  4. I am in the process of formatting my system and reinstalling the sim. Prior to this I migrated all my Orbx scenery to a library as I hoped this would have been for the best though did notice a massive reduction in available space on my sim SSD (backups not enabled so wasnt for that reason). Reinstalled Windows 10, reinstalled P3Dv4.5 hf3 and installed Central. I have verified all the sceneries, sync'd to. Ran the sim and accepted all the Add-on notifications. I too am getting this Vector error. I have tried manually running the config, I also see older posts from last year asking users t
  5. I have yet to upgrade central and literally just asked about Vector on another post as I had previously noticed AEC appeared to fail to find airports installed by Add-on.xml This is very troublesome to read. Why should we be forced into some long and tedious method or workaround using third party utilities? I thought the whole selling point for this new method was ease and expediency? I can understand a little why developers use the Add-on method, as it allows them to have custom folders, effects etc within the airports folder structure rather than install within the main sim fol
  6. I too use a similar approach, not necessarily multiple scenery.cfg files but I do use SceneryConfigEditor v1.1.9 to help organise scenery. It allows you to add batches of scenery into groups like Europe, UK, Australia, the various regions of NA etc, can have regions and associated airports within a group and one click can disable or enable dozens of items from the scenery config. It of course does not read this new Add-on.xml method which personally I do not like. It removes so much control from the user with so much scripted and automatically placed with no ability to re-order. Like you I
  7. I use TrackIR 4, and have done since it first came out 10-15 years ago and cannot sim without it. Monitor size is important, I used to use it on a 24" Dell Ultrasharp and agree it can give you sore eyes looking a little to the side. You can however increase the percentage you move your move your head and how it compares to the movement in the virtual cockpit. I have since changed to a 40" 4K monitor which sits less than 2 feet in front of me. I can look left and right without actually having to move my eyes. I do use it alongside Chaseplane which I simply use to swap camera positions like
  8. Ive just checked my own bank account and despite receiving 2 email confirmations on Sunday I have only been charged once. I sent ORBX screen grabs via Facebook after Ben asked me to do so after I commented about it in a Facebook group. There was obviously some sort of glitches going on that day. Hope you get sorted Chris
  9. Thanks Doug, Ill keep an eye on my debits tomorrow though there is clearly an issue today if we both have experienced this. My purchase was made at 13:13 (GMT) Chris
  10. I am now wondering about my own purchase for Global Buildings today as I received two email confirmations. My bank has yet to debit the payment and its not pending yet so I do not know if I've been charged twice though the email receipts are suspicious that I may receive two debits. Chris Ibbotson
  11. I too have come on to check if we uninstall v1, I assume we do Chris
  12. I did wonder if you had Eiresim scenery. I've a couple of old ones of theirs (I'm from N. Ireland) and had to disable the LC scenery entries. I know a Dublin LC interfered with weird textures up near Belfast. Chris
  13. Can you help with co-ordinates and I will check my FTX Ireland tonight? Do you have any other local scenery / landclass installed? Chris
  14. Chris I'm getting the same issue too. I wasn't aware of an issue previously but I am currently rebuilding my sim after removing a dual boot on my pc. I originally had my main non sim OS on a 250GB SSD and P3D 4.4 on its own 1TB Samsung SSD. When using the sim Id boot into an OS on a WD Velocirapter drive. PC was set up like this last year as testing multiple OS's and configurations etc diagnosing a fix for DXGI errors. I have reformatted and have a single boot drive now on SSD and reinstalled P3D on the 1TB SSD, TE Netherlands is now the latest version but I found I am getting freezes at
  15. Jordan you wouldn't have happened to have manually added TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 to your config file? Reason Im asking is mine was always set at 9 but the other day I changed it to 10 to get the highest quality textures. Load times in True Earth Netherlands were huge on an SSD (Im aware they are a lot longer anyhow), my system ran out of memory very quickly. I have 16 GB but the sim crashed out with the memory warning when its process reached just over 9 GB, there was still a few GB available according to the Tast Manager. I knew Texture_Size_EXP affects VRAM usage but didnt know it also has a
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