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  1. Ohhh my!!! That looks just lovely! Beautiful shots Breeze. With those shots you should be called "Breezy"!
  2. Back to True Earth Florida, it's absolutely stunning!! I am just in awe of all of the detail put in this scenery. I literally feel as though I've "gotten one over" on Orbx for offering a product with such great detail for the price that is has. Here in the Tampa Bay area, I am looking at office buildings modeled just as they are in true life. They've also modeled the theme park Busch Gardens. The flight out to the The Keys from Miami is just gorgeous! A job well done to all involved.
  3. Wow just stunning!!! You guys even modeled Tampa General Hospital and it's helipads located near downtown Tampa. Just incredible work!!
  4. Good one Jack!! I honestly didn't see that one coming!!! A-maze-ing!!!!
  5. True Earth Washington is full of so many surprises. I decided to do a touch and go at Harvey Field and was pleasantly surprised while flying the pattern.
  6. That is Peter O' Knight Airport(KTPF) on Davis Islands. It was my home airport I flew out of when I was getting my PPL. Gary
  7. Ohhhhh my!!!! As many times as I've visited Miami, I always dreamed I could land my own private helicopter on South Beach. Now I can!!
  8. Thanks for passing along the topic Jon. Fortunately I have Xvision so I was able to apply the adjustment. That definitely did the trick!! Gary
  9. Can someone tell me why my trees seem to look so washed out? It seems to depend on what direction I pan the camera. Some look fine while the others look completely washed out.
  10. Being a Floridian I want to be the first of many to say thanks! Also referring to the comment regarding Maine or Alaska being better, this is Orbx at work. They’re like King Midas! Everything they touch turns into gold. Many moons ago I said I would never fly X-Plane. Orbx showed up and now I’m salivating at their X-Plane releases eagerly waiting to buy and fly!! ☺️
  11. You are correct!! Squamish it is!! That area is just beautiful on the sim and even more stunning in real life!!!
  12. Scott!! Two out of three ain't bad as the song goes!! I know the second one was a bit tricky but here is an additional hint to #2. This should be the dead giveaway!
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