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  1. Hi Skymatrix, Keep in mind that with P3D you can add airports from V4 into V5. I absolutely cannot fly into Skagit Regional without being able to see Anacortes. I've manually added Anacortes, Diamond Point, Walter Sutton's and a few others and they all work just fine. A couple of things though you will have to keep in mind. Firstly, you may not get any support for those products until they are specifically V5 compatible. The second thing to keep in mind is that any time you add another Orbx product through Orbx Central after manually adding scenery, you will have to move the manually added product up in priority through your scenery library or it won't show up properly. I've attached a couple of screenshots over Anacortes in V5. Gary
  2. Hi darem, Yes you do have to re-purchase the downloads because X-Plane is a totally different platform. I was in the same boat as you are, but what I decided to do was to be a bit more strategic with the move and waited until Orbx ran their sales. Initially I will admit though, it became very tempting to add more and more sceneries as I did move over to X-Plane, so I focused more on one specific region and made those purchases at full price and was then able to capitalize on adding more during their sales. Gary
  3. Hello, Bowerman has been on the compatibility list for some time now. Enjoy! Gary
  4. Hello Flyblueskies, You literally beat me to it by 5 minutes. I've spent the time searching the forums and couldn't find anyone else with the issue. Now I see that you are having the issue as well. It seems to be at multiple airports. I've noticed the issue at Skagit Regional, Pearson Airfield, and Tacoma Narrows, just to name a few of the other airports. Gary
  5. Hello, I have been experiencing this as well. I have tried several different settings and they still show up from time to time. This is out near Squamish. I'm also getting additional texture anomalies on mountains as well.
  6. I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the latest Object Flow update. It certainly was completed in a timely fashion and I can now complete my flights from take off to landing in Orbx land. No more CTDs and the sim shuts down just as it should upon exit. Job will done!! Gary
  7. Hello Nick, I can concur that the issue Skipy is experiencing has been happening to me as well. I just wanted to pass that information along to you. Gary
  8. Hello, I can confirm that it happens on my system as well. I posted on the P3D forums that I wasn't able to fly for more than 20 minutes without the sim crashing, and even if I flew for 10 minutes I was not getting a "clean" exit of the sim. They asked what areas I was flying in so it prompted me to perform tests. I noticed it was only happening in my Orbx areas but didn't really notice anyone else experiencing the issue until I ran upon your post. I disabled object flow just as you suggested and now I am able to fly with no issues of the sim crashing and I get clean exits. Thanks for sharing your find and I'm sure the fine folks here at Orbx with come up with a solution. Gary
  9. I was doing a verify for files in my Northern California area because I was getting texture anomalies and this error message popped up. I have never had this happen before. I'm not sure what it means. Gary
  10. Hello, Remember that with P3D and FSX for that matter, you can manually add sceneries. You can manually add Angwin from where ever it is currently downloaded on your computer. I have mine installed in P3DV4.5. I'm using it now in P3DV5. Just keep in mind it may not show up perfectly until Orbx or the developer makes it compatible for P3DV5. Also another thing you will have to remember is that every time you add scenery you will have to move it up in your scenery library above whatever region you are flying in or it won't show up. I've been able to enjoy Anacortes and a few of Orbx's other sceneries by doing this until Orbx makes them official for P3DV5. Gary
  11. Wow your post helped me as well. I had lost all of my windsocks in P3dV5 and couldn't understand why. When I hit the SYNC SIMULATOR button it remedied the issue. I never realized that feature was actually there. Thanks!! Gary
  12. Sniper!! Thanks a bunch! Success!! I'm able to enjoy P3Dv5 the way it was meant to be now. Flying without TrackIR is like showing up to happy hour and all they have to offer is Coke to drink. Is it something wet? Sure, but forget about the satisfaction of having a really good time. Thanks again my friend! Gary
  13. As I have been fiddling around and testing out the new P3DV5 , I haven't been able to get Track IR working. I have gotten so used to it for years that I just can't fly without it. Anyone able to get it running in P3DV5?? Gary
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