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  1. Wow Iain, it's nice to see you taking a break from work( teasing us with all of those excellent preview shots) and actually having fun! Excellent shots indeed!!
  2. So here's what's interesting. If you take a look at the MSFS photo and the Orbx TE photo they are exactly the same. With that being said, it's nice to know that Orbx was actually "ahead of the game"??? We have been able to enjoy scenery like in the new MSFS, months ahead of the time of its release. It's pretty nice when you look at it that way. What's also great is that we have choices. I spent a lot of time on MSFS when it was just released. However I have put it on the shelf and now I'm back to my P3D. I have so much invested in P3D and for me it feels more real than MSF
  3. I think it all boils down to choices. As long as there are choices available, different people will make different choices. Orbx certainly has to realize that and I think they have. Had they not, they certainly wouldn't still be here. At this present moment, do I have a sim preference? I do. For now it is P3D. However I was one of the ones that pre-ordered MSFS 2020 and I am happy to see that Orbx created scenery for it. I also have X-Plane 11 and I've made many Orbx purchases for it as well. I think it would be ill advised for Orbx to dump any of the other platforms for th
  4. I'm a FireFox user as well and I really like the new look. Everything looks really alive now.
  5. In the world of Orbx and Flight Sim, anything is possible
  6. Sometimes the joy and excitement of waking up to get on the flight sim is same feeling like a kid waiting on Santa Claus to show up. We just can't sleep. Excellent photos Carlos. I hope you eventually got some rest.
  7. Outstanding Richard!! It was disappointing to get to the final one because they were all excellent!
  8. Wow Holger, I should have come straight here as opposed to going to their forums. I wasted the last 48 hours doing complete reinstalls when the problem was as simple as that. Thank you so much!
  9. I'm not sure where to begin but here is how my Orcas Island looks. I'm not sure of exactly how to verify all of my MSFS 2020 files but it looks nothing like the advertised pics.
  10. Wow! That's a superb video. As soon as my MSFS 2020 finishes downloading I will check out the scenery.
  11. Absolutely stunning shots!! What are you settings?
  12. Wow, are we to judge a person by the 99 things they do right or the 1 thing they do wrong??? They've made an announcement to correct the issue. John V even liked the post. We've all messed up a thing or two in our lifetime and had all hoped were given the opportunity to be seen for who we truly were as opposed to the mistake we made. I've been an Orbx user for a long time and I've never NOT seen them do the right thing for their customers. I think it's time for anyone that is new or even old here to give them a little time to see just how they respond. I was always told and try to live b
  13. Exactly! Graphics cards are like cell phones. Just when you think you've got the latest and greatest and best thing that is on the market, they release a newer model. Think about it. If they got that far ahead of the technology they would go out of business because you would be set for the next 10+ years or so. They would eventually have to close their doors due to a lack of sales.
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