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  1. Nice ones indeed!! Looking at your screenies made me realize it's time to dust off some of my planes and take them out of the virtual hangar
  2. Good stuff Matthew!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I just got back from Ukraine, and as opposed to having to hire a cabby to go everywhere I was able to drive myself all around their country, using only Google Maps and Waze because they along with USA, follow as you just pointed out, the French Rule. It was an enjoyable experience for me and I was able to save tons of money by driving myself in a foreign country that abides by the majority rule!!
  3. This is good stuff Ian! I'm drooling over here at those shots!
  4. I can't seem to get the weather to look clear. There is always a haze to it
  5. Ripcord, are you fluent in Russian??? I visited Ukraine last summer because I was always intrigued by Russia as a kid. They obviously speak Russian in Ukraine and I was able to pick up on a few words.
  6. Well for me, FSX takes a very long time to load however, P3DV4 loads in normal time. The scenery itself is absolutely stunning! Being from Tampa it is so nice to fly over scenery that is in my backyard. Kudos to all of the effort that was put into it. Orlando does have tons of things to see. I guess the best way to put it is, this scenery deserves cursing and kissing all at the same time. The lipstick on the pig to me, seems quite attractive at the moment!!
  7. Looks like you've got plenty of options to make your swath runs. Nice pic!! Btw, what plane is that?? Gary
  8. Well hopefully you guys won't do what I did. Each and every year there is a sale, JV and the rest of the Orbx folks say "when it's over it's over". I know that but I'm kinda like Ripcord, I buy when the titles are released if it's something I really, really want. Well KGPI went on sale, I tossed it around in my head. Do I want it, do I not want it, do I want it, do I not want it? I know exactly what you guys are saying, " Gary, it's an Orbx product for crying out loud, of course you want it", right??? Well yup, I wanted it. But when that voice in my head finally made up my mind for me, it was the day AFTER the sale, so I paid the full price for it anyway!! This time that voice is telling me, "If it goes on sale and I don't have it, get it anyway!"
  9. I know I'm a little late to make the change but I just ordered a GeForce GTX 1070 SC graphics card to be delivered tomorrow as an upgrade to my GTX 970. Will I only see improvements in performance or will I also be able to see an improvement in graphics as well?? Just curious to know. Gary
  10. I am also curious to know if XP has cracked any type of champagne because I never even gave XP a second thought until you guys started to develop scenery for it. I've purchased XP-11 as well as other payware products for the sim. So the XP developers out there have to be giving thanks to you guys for a bump in their sales as well
  11. Welcome back!! I would definitely have to agree with Ken. 4.3 is the way to go!! Gary
  12. Hello Gary, I will take your suggestion as well! Thanks Gary
  13. Just curious if anyone here knows how to contact anyone at PC Aviator? I've sent them several emails regarding purchases I've made in the past. The downloads I have in my history are not compatible with P3DV4 and it's been weeks since I've contacted them to see how I can get my files updated. There has been no replies. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered any issues. Gary
  14. Hmmm, Sounds like you have DX10 mode checked without having Steve's DX10 Fixer. Un-ticking that box should solve the issue.
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