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  1. Hello Could you please confirm that Newcastle will only work with EU England or True Earth products? It will not work with Global Base and OpenLC Europe? Thanks.
  2. Hi Nick Just to confirm, installed into Prepar3D v4 folder with ORBX Central, Verified files with FTX central and everything is good in the world!! You're a star! Cheers, Clive.
  3. Thanks again Nick for the update. Will try the Quick Fix later on and let you know the outcome - good to know they are on to it. Clive.
  4. Hi Nick I know you're a very busy man and I don't want to take up any more of your time! Now that I know there is a recognisable problem, maybe it is best for me to just wait for the developers to find a permanent solution - I'm sure I can put up with the patches for a while, knowing a solution will come. Obviously, if you need me to do anything to help pinpoint the problem further please just ask. Thanks again for your help! Best regards Clive.
  5. Hello Copied them again, still no joy I'm afraid. Is your working version installed inside or outside of the P3D v4 folder? Clive.
  6. Hi Nick 6170 Files and 11 folders, seems to be 3 files short! Could you possibly send me a zipped copy of all four folders then I know I have exactly the same as you. I take it this fix worked for you? Cheers, Clive.
  7. Hi Nick I had actually moved all my Orbx stuff outside of the simulator again as it didn't seem to make any difference to the problem and I wanted to move to the new system to ease the simulator update process! Anyway, I tried copying the files you supplied to EU Scotland in the Library and the problem was still there unfortunately. After I installed them I checked the file count in the EU Scotland folder and it showed 6,382 Files in 34 folders which is quite different to the numbers shown in your screenshots above. Do you want me to try anything else? Cheers, Clive.
  8. Hey Nick Fantastic, now I know I am not going mad!!! I guess the developers will now look at finding a solution? Thanks very much for your help !! I wonder if this problem exists with other regions? Also, just curious why nobody else has had this problem? Anyway, i'm off for a cup of tea and a doughnut. Best regards Clive.
  9. Hello Nick I have tried uninstalling and putting Scotland inside the Prepar3D v4 folder but it was exactly the same. I'm sure it is EU Scotland I am seeing because, I live up here and recognise all the local features - no question. In my opinion it is definitely EU Scotland with patches of desert showing through. Also, my shots look the same as those taken by Carlos apart from the Desert patches. For instance, I also see the ugly grey patch pointed out by Carlos in his second post. Maybe what you are seeing is not EU Scotland? If it is any help, the coordinates of that photo are LAT N57 degrees 35.72' LON W3 degrees 40.49'. Maybe I should go back to FTX Central? Is it still available to download? Do I wait for the developers, or have they drawn a blank hence your recommendation? - I really don't know what to do anymore. Thanks and regards Clive.
  10. Hi Ben Thanks for your reply, It only just popped up so didn't see it before my last post. Please see my current findings and picture of yellow areas which turn out to be Desert. Hopefully may help you to pinpoint the problem! Thanks very much Clive.
  11. Hi Carlos I tried re-installing trees but unfortunately it made no difference. So, I decided to land in one of the yellow patches to get a closer look and it turns out that it is actually patches of Desert or Arid Land Class with trees relevant to that sort of area! (see photo below). Hopefully this will help the developers to find a solution. I even tried deleting the entire Orbx software including Orbx Central, Formatting the drive and then re-installing everything but it was still exactly the same! Thank you so much for your help with the grey patch - I will try that fix this afternoon. I presume that if the developers find a solution, they will post here to let me know? I'm not quite sure how these forums work as I have never needed them before for Orbx scenery. Anyway, Thanks a million for your time!! Best regards Clive.
  12. Hey Carlos Sorry to keep posting, but I just noticed it looks like you also have the grey patch above Loch Ness, see your 4th photo, far left behind the 737 tail. Maybe this is a separate issue to the yellow patches as you also have it! I'll shut-up now! Clive.
  13. Hi Carlos I just looked more closely at the photos you took in the 737 and the yellow patches I have seem to correlate exactly with areas showing Very dark green trees on your photos. For instance in your 3rd Photo the area directly under the tail of the plane, which you can see as a yellow patch in the 1st photo I posted above the windscreen wiper! I don't know if this is of any relevance or could point to a problem? Cheers Clive
  14. Hi Carlos Yes, sorry I forgot to mention Inverness Extreme Airport. However I have set the correct option for FTX Scotland in the options and I have also tried disabling the add-on, but still have the problem. I have since found other problems such as black patches and a large Concrete coloured square over the centre of Loch Ness, so I am hoping this is all a symptom of Orbx Central that the development team will eventually sort out. Thanks very much for your continued efforts to try and sort this out for me, it is much appreciated! Best regards Clive.
  15. Sorry, I wasn't aware that the Developers were involved - no one had said that. I certainly wouldn't expect them to address it over the weekend. If it is in their hands I will wait for a reply in due course. Thank you.
  16. No you are right, Just tried disabling it and it made no difference. Any thoughts on opting out of Fastlane?
  17. UK2000 Inverness Extreme Airport, not much else as I have just started a fresh install of the flight sim on a new computer. Would that cause problems as far down as Dundee though?
  18. Good Morning Nick I have done some more flying around and found that this problem only exists between Inverness and approximately Dundee on the East coast. I also found some black patches in that area. The rest of Scotland is absolutely fine. If this was a Land Class or layering problem, wouldn't it affect the whole of the Scotland area? Would opting out of Fastlane, for a more stable Orbx Central during installation, help? Regards Clive.
  19. Scotland now inside the Prepar3D v4 folder and the problem is still there, so I presume this means it is nothing to do with the new Installation method. Where do I go from here?
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