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  1. Welcome Back old friend. And yes that is quit an award he won at A2A. I am still waiting to see if ORBX comes up with the same kind of thing. So let me think......Who would win it......Bruce. No, not grumpy enough, Sniper31, No, Smiles and laughs to much. Wolfko. No, to sarcastic. Chumley No. Not dastardly enough ......Boetie, HMMMM. No Way to Happy. Goodperson36.....Ok NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A CODE name.....I think we have a winner.......
  2. Their is also this one. Its located in northern Vancouver Island. in British Columbia. The SOH hide-a-way, was built as a place for all aircraft to get into and out of.Their are numerous docks and cabins to park at, and a ramp to enter and exit the lake. and it works with ORBX sceneries. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?linkid=17354&catid=113 Their is also this one settled on a lake in Australia. Laverton and Lake Boga. These are 2 WWII era sceneries that i created to go with my 14ARD (ARD Aircraft Repair Depot) at Gorrie scenery. All 3 of these sceneries were real bases in Australia during WWII. Lake Boga, was a seaplane repair depot. I built the base with 2 ramps from and to the lake. All 3 sceneries were built for FSX and work with ORBX scenery, All 3 bases were reconstructed with the help of other designers, and i had used actual photos of the bases, and maps supplied by the R.A.A.F Museum, at Point Cook (Near Melbourne). http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?linkid=18446&catid=113 Craig.
  3. We all know that ORBX products are the best on the market, and that the ORBX team works extensively from research through development and beta testing to bring us the very best products in the industry, for their field. I would like to say Thank you so much for all your hard work this last year and for all the hard work you will be doing in the next year and years to come. May all of you have a great Holiday season, enjoy being with friends and loved ones, be safe, and keep up the awesome work. Merry Christmas everyone.
  4. Mark. Love the way this scenery is coming along. Looks really fantastic. I fly socal in RL. I do have a question. I make many flights from Yucca Valley, Ca to Chino, Ca. Could you show some shots from these areas. Also is the new SoCal compatible with your Palm Springs scenery. Thank the guys for all the hard work on this span of California. Cant wait to cruise the skies and check out the landmarks i use to judge how much farther i have to fly. Queen Mary for Catalina Island. Disneyland for Long beach, Universal Studios for Santa barbara, Six Flags Magic Mountain for Bakersfield.
  5. In My experience with the 172 the 182 and the comanche realism and immersion factor is right on for each aircraft.
  6. The airfield does get a little air traffic now. But alot of it is from an R/C club. The aerodrome is currently being restored to it's WWI config.
  7. I have received a few emails and skypes about my Stow Maries Aerodrome and weather it will work with ORBX. The answer to this is yes it will. So once Vertigo Studios uploads it to their SPAD VII download you can use it with Global, and Open LC Europe. Anyone wanting to know where Stow Maries is located or want more information on the aerodrome you can read about it here. http://www.stowmaries.org.uk/ A few screenshots
  8. Noel. Once you go Accusim, nothing else will do. >
  9. Ok..... Here is my request. Country: U.S.A. Region/State/Territory: Alaska City name: Ladd Army Airfield Airport ICAO: PAFB And surrounding area's from Wiseman to Lake Louise Country: U.S.A. Region/State/Territory: Alaska City name: Prudhoe Bay Airport ICAO: PASC And surrounding area's from Barrow to Kaktovik and south to Anaktuvuk pass area's Country: U.S.A. Region/State/Territory: Alaska City name: Wainwright Airport ICAO: PAWI And surrounding areas south from Wainwright to Point Hope, to Kobuk Country: U.S.A. Region/State/Territory: Alaska City name: Wales Airport ICAO: PAIW North to Point Hope and south to Nome. And the Northwest territories of Canada.
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