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  1. Hi, I have been trying to connect for 2 days in order to continue installing the scenarios but I have this problem. My internet works well and I have always connected Central without problems and now I cannot connect. Can you explain to me what happens? Thank you Paolo
  2. Thanks for the reply. Too bad because it is an excellent product
  3. Hello, The roads and coasts in Prear3Dv5 are not done well. Is there any hope in the next future to have Vector also in Prepar3Dv5? Thanks Paolo
  4. News update I updated Active Sky and ASCA with the new Update and tried again on the Norway Region and everything went well. I didn't even get the KERNELBASE.dll error when I closed the simulator. I can finally fly back to this beautiful region Ecasalduero please do the Active Sky and ASCA update and try again your flight Paolo
  5. Today I made a screenshot report in Australia and everything works. I installed Norway and I have CTD 3 consecutive times. Paolo
  6. Finally, after several problems, or I went back to simulation with Prepar3Dv5. After updating ObjectFlow.dll I tried an Avalon to Lanceston with Australia v2; everything worked fine though, when I close the simulator from a scenario with ObjectFlow.dll I always get a KERNELBASE.dll error. Here are some few pictures of the flight in which I have ASP4 (Beta) + ASCA and HD Content - and ENVTEXT.
  7. Hello, It is strongly recommended to install Orbx scenarios in the Orbx Library and not inside the simulator. I think, however, ObjectFlow.dll should still be revised because there are still problems. I have tried to disable ObjectFlow and I have no error just as I have no errors on other scenarios where there is no ObjectFlow.dll Paolo
  8. Hello, I have the same problem and the nature is KERNELBASE.dll. I have a fresh windows 10, fresh Prepare3Dv5 and fresh Orbx scenry outside the simulator in Orbx Library. Paolo
  9. Thank you I have the last ObjectFlow
  10. Hellò I have do a new download (reinstall windows 10 and all the simulator) - Where I found the update of objectflow becoure I have always the KERNELBASE error when close the simulator from an Orbx scenery with Objectflow. Yhanks Paolo
  11. Nobody makes conspiracies. I'm just trying to fix a problem
  12. I'm sorry but this non solve the problem. The Windows is a new installation.
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