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  1. Gentlemen, in a former message posted yesterday, I told you that I will not buy ORBX products anymore, unless the payment through PPal is restored. Finally I think that I found a smarter solution to buy again great products from your company. Therefore I asked my bank to set up for me a prepaid credit card with Master Card. I deposited a certain amount of cash which represents for me a very limited risk. Thus, I have decided to use this card exclusively for my transactions with FTX, so that no one but FTX or myself will/could have access to the confidential information contained therein. This solution seems to me fair and safe for both parties and very convenient. By the way, for the authorities hunting terrorists and criminals, I do not see a big difference between a bank account and a PPal account in term of control... Most important : I just bought two new sceneries from ORBX about 15 minutes ago. Transaction was very "fluid": fast and efficient!
  2. I understand your problem with PayPal, but all your explanation is not suitable as far as I am concerned. Let me put it straight: whatever good reason you can give me for not accepting PP anymore is not my problem. You are now a multi millions $ business company and not a bunch of hobbyist sharing some almost free add-ons anymore. We all spent and spend a lot of money on your (great!) products and I do not have the feeling that you are a nonprofit organization. You are in business, and business is business! Thus, it is your duty to solve this kind of payment problem quickly, and for me all your justifications will not change my mind. I will never ever communicate my credit cards numbers on the internet. No way! Thus, as long as PP payments are unavailable, I will certainly not buy anything anymore from your company. Sorry! By the way, you can maybe find an agreement with the Flight Sim Store. During all the year of business with this former company, I never had a problem with PP. Anyway, I hope that you can solve this PP problem quickly. Kind regards Yoland, St. Paul Airline virtual CEO
  3. Maybe this is not the right place to post my question. I get sometimes mixed up with all the specific requirements needed to find help. As my need for help concern FTX Central 3 as well as ORBX Vector I figured out that I could find information in this later forum, But if I am not in the right place, please tell me where I shouls post my question. Thanks !
  4. Everything works fine, except when I wish to use the Orbx Vector airport elevation correction. The drop down menu for selecting the Flight simulator type (in this case FSX-SE) shows no flight simulator. (I have FSX-SE and P3D V 3.4 installed on different partitions) Otherwise all my ORBX and FTX programs work perfectly. Maybe you can help...
  5. I was first directed to FSS thanks to the emergence of the ORBX scenery addons. Living in Switzerland, at first it was not an evidence to deal with a company operating from the other side of the earth. But thanks to our modern communication's tools (internet) from the beginning evertything went smooth and was very professional. I really appreciated the opportunity to keep all my downloads available on my FSS account and for everything that can be obtained fromm FSS I will absolutely continue to buy and keep thes flightsim's addons in my favourite Australian store ! Thanks Adrian for your art of offering me what I would call "very fair trade" Cheers Yoland, CEO of St Paul Airlines VA
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