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  1. The evidence from other similar cases seems to indicate that this is a problem which occurs whenever one uses sceneries which are registered via the add-on.xml method in the sim. So this doesn't seem to be specific to Orbx scenery, but rather seems to be a bug in P3D v4. So I guess you can mark this as resolved. The more general discussion on the topic can continue in the above mentioned post on AVSIM.
  2. Quick update: I followed BT318's advice and de-activated all add-on.xml files. Now Orbx CRM and NRM work just fine together with Pacsim KSLC. So this seems to really boil down to a problem with the add-on.xml functionality of P3D.
  3. Thanks for this first helpful comment! Could you please also report your finding in this topic on AVSIM: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/514459-scenary-add-ons-crash/ I think it is important to gather as much evidence on this as possible. Which tool did you use to build the scenery.cfg?
  4. I know you guys don't like to hear that, but I still think that something is seriously wrong with the NRM and CRM region. I installed Pacsim KSLC into Prepar3d v4 today and I get that instant CTD after the scenario screen again whenever NRM and CRM are active. As soon as I de-activate the regions, everything works perfectly and I don't get crashes.
  5. Quick update: I further nailed down the problem and it has to do with an incompatibility with another add-on. I have the old Earthsim Isle of Man scenery installed as an add-on (so with add-on.xml). As soon as I turn off this add-on, the CRM region works fine. On the other hand, when uninstalling CRM, the Isle of Man scenery works fine, too. So the two add-ons don't seem to work together. For whatever reason. This is unfortunate, but at least I found a fix to my problem. Unfortunately, the NRM region is still not working...
  6. Just to translate: This means you are telling me to sort out the problem myself, right? So how come the regions worked without any problems before the update and now they don't? So this has nothing to do with the update?
  7. Certainly good to hear that some have no problems, but I'm not the only one with these problems as can be seen in the other thread where I posted before. My system works absolutely flawlessly and everything incl. Prepar3D is updated. And I had no problems running the NRM and CRM region prior to the last update. So there must be something wrong with the recent update. I would highly appreciate a word from Orbx staff during the next week. Thank you!
  8. Quick update: I did forget to install NRM. Same problem as with CRM there. If I install it, then I get a CTD. All other regions work just fine.
  9. Hi, I already posted in another thread, but nobody seems to take notice there. I have the following problem: Since I updated the NA regions with the recent update, P3Dv4 crashes to desktop after pressing "ok" in the scenerio setup. I uninstalled all NA regions and then P3Dv4 starts up just fine. I then installed each NA region one by one and have nailed the problem down to the Central Rocky Mountains region. P3Dv4 works just fine with all other NA regions installed (I own all of them) but as soon as I install the Central Rocky Mountains area, the sim crashes to desktop after the sc
  10. Quick update: I uninstalled all the NA regions and now P3D starts up normally. I really can't believe that you guys roll out stuff that breaks the sim...
  11. I'm having the exact same problem. Updated all NA regions and now P3D crashes after the scenerio selection window. I don't even get the load bar anymore. What can I do? I certainly don't want to reinstall everything!
  12. Wow! As all your sceneries this just looks wonderful and so immersive! First day purchase!
  13. Jarrad, thanks for this nice scenery!
  14. Hi John, great video! And Jarrad: What a nice scenery! I'm so much looking forward to getting my hands on this one! I absolutely love all your sceneries! One question to John: Which clouds do you use and what are your cloud settings? I'm having a really hard time getting nice looking clouds in P3Dv3.2. Any advice would be highly appreciated! Kind regards Carlo
  15. Looks great. Really looking forward to it. Hopefully it will not take another week to release it...
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