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  1. Great shot and thanks a lot for the information. Will have a look for the plane.
  2. Very nice again Iain, your collection is growing. I am not the biggest jet flyer but I like the 3 stock jets in XP11.
  3. Nice ending of your flight Jack and really cool weather! Where did you get the TMB?
  4. Fantastic set Iain! You clearly have more pixels on the screen than me...
  5. Very nice Iain, how did you make that? The height of the pic is larger than the standard width... This must have to do with 4k...
  6. Very nice shots Carlos, love the scenery. Reminds me to do some flights in AU again.
  7. Thanks a lot John! Thank you, yes, the quality of the aerial images is excellent! Thank you John, glade you like it. And thank you very much again Adam! Thanks a lot, I am just on tour in Northern Wales, this is wonderful. I'll buy a little cottage somewhere in this area. Thank you very much Iain. Yes Jack, it's possible to tweak both sims to an impressive TE-screen using Xvision, PTA and some special settings. Thank you very much! Thank you and glad you like it Mark! My special thanks go to Orbx for the scenery because this is really fantastic. It runs like hell, there are only very little issues with missing autogen or so and it's only the first patch. The quality is incredible and all the HD-airports for the landclass regions work perfect. It's really worth it, great! Cheers Andreas
  8. Thanks a lot Mark, the scenery runs very well. It even runs a bit better than the landclass region in my P3d. But to be honest, flying into London I've seen some stutters at low frames as well. It's too much to load.
  9. Hi again, now I did some more little flights and screenshots of the wonderful scenery. I switched autogen from "very dense" to "extremly dense" in between, so could be there are some less houses somewhere. It doesn't make much difference in performance. This kind of scenery really is much more realistic than the landclass. But of course it's a lot more data. There are a lot of nice ships at Portsmouth. Popham airfield is really melted into the scenery. Here you can see Hurst Castle and Hurst Point Lighthouse, the entire castle is modeled. Compton Abbas Field is also a part of the surrounding scenery. I love this airport, it's good to practice because there is a lot of space next to the strip. Very nice colors here. Later I will do some more shots of Cardiff. Next shots are north of Cardiff. Much more realistic than in the region scenery. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  10. Thank you very much! Thanks a lot Iain! Thank you John, glad you like it! Thank you Jack, I installed v4.5 last weekend and the frames were down to below 20 everywhere. I did not like that at all so I reverted it all back to v4.4. Don't know what's going on there with v4.5. Thank you John and I think you are right!
  11. Beautiful set, I love the Den Helder scenery in TE Netherlands, it's well done.
  12. Nice pics, it's really a fantastic model of this wonderful aircraft, look at the second shot...
  13. Little joke as always Karl ! It's a nice paint of the DC3.
  14. Very nice set and aircraft Magic!
  15. Nice set Adam, the C152 looks perfect. I also think the presets are easier to create in P3d using only PTA.
  16. Great shots Jack, the last one is my favourite. And I'm waiting for GBNorth for P3d, because Inverness is a fantastic area.
  17. Very good shots Iain, the aircraft looks excellent.
  18. Great set, I have Shoreham airport in P3d, it's a first class scenery.
  19. Hi all, scenery works absolutely great, no problems at all. I am totally happy with it. Next I will use a more complex aircraft and try a little car traffic and check my hd airports. There are really a lot of POIs modelled, you can see the Canterbury Cathedral here, or the Battle Ship HMS Belfast near the Tower of London, it's all there. A lot of shots again, but I really like it. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  20. So v4.5 doesn't work at all for me. Didn't try GES or GEN but the England Region including HD airports and had very bad framerates and stutters and so on. This was first using the new client and than the content as well. Didn't see faster loading times as well and the 6% bug was still active. Now I am back to v4.4 and it's all perfect, framerates minimum 30 and no stutters and high settings. This all happened using a new WIN10 1809 patch which they recently installed on my system. Cheers Andreas
  21. Thank you very much Iain. Glad that you like it EMM and thank you for your always great comments. Thanks a lot Taph!
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