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  1. #2 is a wonderful shot Jack but there is not too much airport at your destination.
  2. Hi Jack, there are some minor problems with the DC8 but the real catastrophe is there is no smoke at all. Now I have to examine that, this is really bad. I'll keep you updated.
  3. Yes Adam, it's a perfect Freeware aircraft. thank you very much. Thanks a lot Ken, I do my very best! I've seen this once in a great RL Video. And at the end it worked. Thank you Gerold, thanks to Milton the gear can do it! It's indeed possible in this kind of aircraft to extend the gear while it's in the water. Perhaps the Pilot will get wet feet I don't know.
  4. Thank you very much Iain! Cheers Andreas
  5. Hi Gerold. The default setting for AEC in the scenery.cfg is "Required=TRUE". You can change this to "Required=FALSE" manually and than you can activate and deactivate the whole thing during flight via scenery library. FTX Central will not overwrite that. Than, as in your flight, take a note of all airports where you've discovered that it doesn't work. After the flight go to Orbx\Vector\AEC\scenery, there are 4100 files, and rename the files of the airports where you don't want it to AEC_xxx.bgl.off. Or use the Vector Configuration Tool to do so. There are a lot of places worldwide where AEC is very useful and a lot of places where it doesn't work at all.
  6. Interesting to hear Adam, I have the Captain Sim 757 in FS9, but when I use it only sporadically I have forgotten it all. I will need 2 hours to get it to fly. Maybe the FS9 version was not as advanced as today versions. And the Aerosoft Airbus could be a future project, it seems to be rather successful. Of course Jack, a lot of smoke. But before I have to practice a bit because I don't like to make screenshots as long as I cannot really fly it. Mal sehen was sie machen, dat Dingen ist teuer. Let's wait and see what they do. Cheers Andreas
  7. Thank you Adam, yes it's nearly € 90, the FSX basepack and the P3d update. I also looked at the Aerosoft Airbus but I think it's rather complex as well. So I've installed the Aerosoft DC8 today, a nice quality aircraft for a resonable price. And I can fly it because I know this aircraft since FS9/HJG. Now I have to refresh the Delco INS stuff and than it works. So it's better to wait in any case? They don't have a native P3d aircraft, so perhaps they must do something. Yes Jack, I've noticed that you prefer PMDG. Hope I can fly some SID and STAR procedures in my old DC8 as well! Cheers Andreas
  8. Nice shots Karl and your story is really entertaining, especially for someone who does not speak native english/american. "Thanks for asking if ole T-Bone is OK. The answer is a question. Wadda think?" 
  9. Milton is really prolific and that since a lot of years. Glad you like my shots Jack! To be honest no, I never did any missions in FSX, missions are not made for me. Yes, I like it, it's really good freeware.
  10. Thank you very much John. It's worth it because the plane is well done, the whole cabin is modeled. Thanks a lot EMM. Yes, there is some first class freeware available. Glad you like it Lars. He's great. Thank you very much. Good to hear Mikee, thanks a lot. Cheers Andreas
  11. Thank you very much Lars but these 2 are not specified for P3dv4. Last hours I've studied different aircraft models i.e. PMDG B737 and so. It's too expensive including the P3d pack. The Aerosoft Airbus may be to complicated because there is really everything modeled. I now decided to install the Aerosoft DC8, I love this old Aircraft since FS9 and I can navigate it with flightplan, INS and VOR. Don't have a FMS there and this is great, and the quality is first class, it's wonderful. So this most important thread may now be closed! Cheers Andreas
  12. Hi all, please help me and make your recommendation regarding an airliner, size similar to 737/A320. What I want is a quality aircraft which offers a realistic simulation of avionics and systems but it should be not too complicated or very well documented. So I don't want an aircraft which is first choice for real world pilots. Of course good framerates are higly appreciated and I want to install it exclusively in P3dv4. The shot shows the default FSX 737-800 at Port Moresby, and this is the one I can fly so far. Thank you very much, Andreas
  13. That's really not nice Jack, I can't drink vine, too much acid.
  14. Hi all, last days I've seen a few great shots of Milton Shupe freeware aircraft here so I searched at flightsim.com and found this here. Didn't know it yet, it's a bigger Goose and is called Grumman Mallard. It's a native FSX aircraft but works 100% in P3d v4. Have indeed watched that in a RL video where the pilot used a Goose somewhere in Alaska. 3 or 4 start-ups, always full throttle and the engines roaring and than it was on the ground. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  15. Wonderful shots Scott, for me specially #10. There I would fall asleep, I need my cup of coffee.
  16. Fantastic set again Adam, very nice colors.
  17. Great shots Scott, the aircraft and the airport both look fantastic.
  18. Yes, and the FTX Global scenery on all these islands works well, so it makes sense.
  19. Nice shots and I like this aircraft, I have it with G600, works excellent.
  20. Thank you Martyn. You're talking about RL I assume so you can hopefully confirm that the aircraft looked like this. I've never seen an Ansett B727 in RL. Thanks a lot Adam!
  21. Great shots Gerold, specially #1,2 and 3. AEC is difficult to handle, creates a lot of problems. On the other side I can report from a flight I did in Peru (all FTX Global stuff) where all the runways where sailing above the ground while AEC was completely off. Activated AEC and it all worked...
  22. Yes, AI never worked in FSX as it did in FS9. But I've just installed a new AI tool, Traffic Global, to P3d which seems to work. A lot of AI, both Airliners and GA and no frame rate hit. Will go a bit deeper into this next days.
  23. Nice shots Tiger, there is no secret, the Jenny is very hard to fly.
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