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  1. Hi all, after all this XP11 stuff I now did a little flight from Ameland direction Den Helder in the north of Holland. This is Orbx TE Netherlands, P3d v4.4 and the Aerosoft Catalina. This aircraft is still in service in RL, it's somewhere in Holland and you can do a sightseeing flight or so, I've forgotten the details. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  2. Fantastic set Lars, it's one of my favourite sceneries. And very good shots of your 777 as well!
  3. Nice scenery and aircraft shots Jack, Sumburgh is very good in the standard hd version for FSX/P3d as well.
  4. Very nice set Carlos, this great scenery looks very well. And some nice traffic shots around KLAX.
  5. Very nice set again EMM, this time #3 is my favourite, great shot. The scenery received a fantastic service pack.
  6. Nice shots Iain and specially nice weather settings in XP. This is not so easy.
  7. Of course I agree with Adam and bvd, if you use TE scenery for P3d there it will look different.
  8. Very nice EMM. The light really looks as cold as it is there…
  9. Very nice set John. 2 perfect sceneries and the Phenom again. It needs a lot of study to fly it.. And 3 weeks later I have forgotten it all...
  10. Thank you very much Iain. And thank you Traveller, there is really a lot of color in these aerial images. Thank you very much John. Yes, I switched to real weather in the settings. And this was really very English… Thank you EMM, glad you like it. Thanks a lot Wain. I also have all the LC regions and it's good to fly in. Would be nice to have TE scenery for a region where no Orbx scenery exists. Cheers Andreas
  11. Thank you very much John, glad you like it! And thank you very much as well John! Yes, or I'll wait for the little joke that Aimee Sanjari presented for April. They will bring every product to FS 2004 this year and they even investigate in FS 2002, FS 2000 and FS 98. So I think I really want True Earth Scenery for FS 98. Glad you like it Jack, it's great scenery but for a whole country it's also a lot of data. My regions for GB and Ireland including 8 airports are 22 GB and I think the 3 TE must be around 350 GB on the disk. Without Ireland as far as I know. The whole US in 1m aerial imagery is nearly 1000 GB. At this moment I only have TE Netherlands installed in P3d. But to be honest, I am flying a lot in my regions and in FTX Global just to watch the scenery and to answer the question if I want to go on with this or not. But at the end I most likely will because it's more realistic scenery. Cheers Andreas
  12. Hi all, today I found the new demo and it's really great, works and looks excellent. I'll be a customer for True Earth in the future but haven't finally decided which platform yet. But this here is really fun in any case…so thank you very much Orbx! Sorry, 15 images but I like the scenery. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  13. Nice shots Jack! I've seen exactly this Easy Jet Airbus in the news today because of the present situation.
  14. Jack, you are supposed to read all the manuals before flying, follow all the rules and do everything as it should be done! Specially if you are dealing with these sophisticated simulations we have today! Where should that lead to otherwise?
  15. Very nice set EMM, but as far as I can see it's better to get the vector roads out of this kind of scenery, except the highways. Looks much better to have the photo streets which are underneath.
  16. So now you are in the XP11 club Jack, I'm afraid you don't take this very serious! But the stock C172 is a good aircraft, so you can do such things there upside down....
  17. This is mine for March, Nantucket in XP11 and the wonderful Aerobask Robin DR401. Good luck to all!
  18. Hi all, this is one older shot which I really like, so I am happy to place it here. It's at Goheen in PNW. Cheers Andreas
  19. This is of course the reason why my rather old FX 8350 runs well in P3dv4. In FSX it runs best with an affinity mask set to 5 cores, in P3d I don't use this tweak. If I ever upgrade my pc it will of course be a new Ryzen 8 core cpu. Regarding P3dv4.4 I can say that for me it's a huge development since FSX, it runs fantastic. They did a great job at LM and flightsimulation enthusiasts are of course not the only target group for them. But it seems that they keep an eye on it. And the way they do it all is for me a proof that they will go on with the development of P3d.
  20. Thank you very much Rodger. Yes, to be honest I didn't fly this one yet. There is an extensive manual on the HJG webside. But I also have the HJG DC8 and compared it with my Aerosoft DC8 in P3d and that's pretty much the same. Also the B727-200, which I use since a lot of years, flies very well. And has a first class 2d Panel.
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