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  1. Fantastic shots again EMM, looks all perfect.
  2. Thank you very much for this remark Nathan. And it's here now, really great: Thank you very much Frank.
  3. Hi all, thanks to forum member Nathan I know checked the HJG webside for the DC10 which I didn't do for years. And the panel was updated December 2018, great. A big number of fantastic liveries is available also for DC10-30. It's a Northwest Airlines DC10-40, model and livery Erick Cantu, panel Mark Cranston and Georg Carty. Orbx Jacksons International/Papua Neuguinea scenery and sim is FSX. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  4. Don't worry about this, we all have a lot of aircraft.
  5. Yes, the engines are painted specially for each livery very often. This is native FS9 aircraft and has only 2d panels but the exterior models, the liveries, the 2d panels and the fde are absolutely great. I'm a bit disappointed that nobody seems to realize the last aircraft in the Trans Global livery. This was the aircraft in the motion picture "Airport" which was sitting deep in the snow and no way out. And than George Kennedy with his right hand on the throttle, a cigar in his mouth and "now we get this thing out of here". And of course he did so, he was the man... Cheers Andreas
  6. Wonderful set and a lot of information Rodger! And #12 is a great shot, well done and thanks a lot!
  7. Yes Rodger, good old days, thanks a lot. Thank you very much Jean Marc. And if I look at some of these old designs for me the modern version is not always the winner. Glad you like it Jack. These HJG freeware planes have tons of nice liveries. It's alone worth it to keep FSX. Thank you very much Adam.
  8. Great shots and light Adam, I love the Yakutat scenery. So this wonderful aircraft is the Captain Sim 757 as you said. Do you have free views now all around the VC? In FS9 they did a lot with sideviews and masking the VC and so.
  9. Very nice shots Adam and the aircraft has a wonderful paint.
  10. Yes, I agree that the use of a CPU which is on 4.5 MHz or more from factory side is a good thing. It must be designed for this and than there should be no disadvantage. Very true, it will always be a compromise.
  11. Thank you very much Iain! Cheers Andreas
  12. Hi all, now I'm playing around with HJG freeware again, here it's the B707-320C and some wonderful colors. Orbx NSTU Pago Pago and sim is FSX. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  13. Great shots, looks all very realistic!
  14. Yes Jack, experience is what nobody can learn in school. So you were lucky to do have a satisfactory job all the time. So I like it, just practicing to fly it and works better and better. Found some minor bugs but not yet so sure about it. This Delco Civa Ins is more described than documented how to use it in this simulation, so I have to study it a bit more.
  15. Yes, I definitely like the plane. But they should add a cabin, it's not modeled so far, don't like that. Wow, specialized in cockpit avionics, that requires a lot of qualification. Than you really need a 100 % simulated aircraft, where they can tell me a lot. Cheers Andreas
  16. Great shots from Hawaii Jack. These islands are a highlight in FTX Global, wonderful.
  17. Nice shots of the aircraft Adam!
  18. It's a DC8-50 equipped with Pratt & Whitney JT3D engines. Are you a jet pilot Jack, possibly retired?
  19. Wonderful winter shots again Gerold and an aircraft which I like to fly very much. But always flying in the snow you will now need some holidays at Pago Pago, just to thaw!
  20. Great shots Martin! First class Xplane Setup and it really shows the 4k difference, it's sharper on the ground.
  21. Thank you very much Iain! Good to hear, thanks a lot Jack!
  22. Yes indeed Lars, I'm quite happy with the old bird. There is great scenery all the 570 nm from KPSP to KEGE. Thank you very much John!
  23. Hi all, so now I have this bird and this was my first longer flight. There is still a lot to learn. It's the Aerosoft DC8 for P3dv4, FTX Global Base, Vector, Trees And OpenLC NA, KPSP and KEGE scenery. Sorry, 17 Images but I liked this little trip. Some smoke for Jack! Here I made a mistake with the old autopilot, only had a localizer but no glidepath so I adjusted the sinkrate manually. Of course the autopilot can do an ILS glidepath , was my mistake. Next time better. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
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