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  1. Nice shots of this wonderful scenery!
  2. Very nice set, the first shots show the excellent Xplane highways very well.
  3. Hi all, this here I thought looks quite nice even though you cannot see so much of the ground. It's between Einthoven and Rotterdam. Sorry, I've forgotten the pitot heater. Thank you for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  4. Hi Jack, I'm just kidding. Possibly the textures of my FSX/P3d hd scenery are a bit darker and not so very green. I've seen in the TE GB Demo that the TE aerial images for XP11 are extremly colorful.
  5. Thanks a lot for the information!
  6. Didn't see this yet… very nice Jack and well done, for me 77S is one of the best sceneries ever.
  7. Mr. Jack, this is a very nice set again but it's all a bit too bright! You should seriously consider to mod the screen by using the well known tools. Make it a bit scottish, mysteriously or whatever please! I myself always wonder how to do this all!!!
  8. Great shots Iain! Aerofly FS2 has a great potential but for now I don't know where they go.
  9. Very nice John! I need this scenery to further complete my England region in P3d first.
  10. Nice shots Adam, #2 is my favourite. At the end it's very easy, P3d and Xplane are the 2 big sims from now on. And there is no reason to worry about this. I've found some advantages in both sims, and some disadvantages as well. PTA is quite similar to xvision and so on and regarding scenery and aircraft I will never buy the same addon for both sims. I think we can use both sims and get the most out of it...good times!
  11. Thank you very much John. Thanks a lot Jack. Yes, it's a beautiful country and they have made some excellent scenery to show that.
  12. Thank you very much Iain! Thanks a lot EMM, glad you like my shots! And same to me, I really have a lot of addons both aircraft and scenery for P3d, and even a lot of the old FSX stuff works without problems in P3d 4.4. As an example this Catalina here is not officially released for v4 but it works. And the Islander is not even released for P3d but works without issues. Thank you very much for this great comment John! And thank you, glad you like it. Thank you very much! That's really a shame, now it's gone. I've seen a little film years ago about this Catalina. And what will the Collings Foundation in the US do with the aircraft?
  13. Great set EMM, so you can also find a lot of mountains at the other end of the world!
  14. Very nice shots Iain, excellent colors. And this aircraft is a first class model, I like it.
  15. Thanks a lot Carlos! TE Netherlands is fantastic scenery, the texture quality is first class. And it just received the service pack 1, great, so I am really happy with it.
  16. Hi all, after all this XP11 stuff I now did a little flight from Ameland direction Den Helder in the north of Holland. This is Orbx TE Netherlands, P3d v4.4 and the Aerosoft Catalina. This aircraft is still in service in RL, it's somewhere in Holland and you can do a sightseeing flight or so, I've forgotten the details. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  17. Fantastic set Lars, it's one of my favourite sceneries. And very good shots of your 777 as well!
  18. Nice scenery and aircraft shots Jack, Sumburgh is very good in the standard hd version for FSX/P3d as well.
  19. Very nice set Carlos, this great scenery looks very well. And some nice traffic shots around KLAX.
  20. Very nice set again EMM, this time #3 is my favourite, great shot. The scenery received a fantastic service pack.
  21. Nice shots Iain and specially nice weather settings in XP. This is not so easy.
  22. Of course I agree with Adam and bvd, if you use TE scenery for P3d there it will look different.
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