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  1. Your grandfather is right of course...but what I think is that some panning around and so would work better if it would hold all the files in the memory instead of reloading it.
  2. Hi all, so I made some progress and can now run a TE scenery also on Xplane. Still a lot to improve but it works. The SD-version works very well as they say and it's only 58 gig for the whole big state. Lucky to have it because I am afraid I cannot run the HD-version in Xplane on my old computer. Cheers Andreas
  3. Very nice set again Adam, I like it.
  4. As you said Jack, pretty cool little trip. And you have your nice TMB again.
  5. Very nice and colorful Jack, one of my favourite sceneries of course. And I agree, just installed the TE SD for Washington because I like the idea to reduce file- and downloadsize and so. Now I have a nice big area to fly in and make some progress using Xplane...I am not that advanced yet.
  6. You are right, but this is due to the fact that it's not build on buttress similar to Venice. This is the big advantage of Manhattan...
  7. Thank you but this suggestion won't work because I did this very soon after installing v4.5, it didn't work. But for me it's not a problem, my v4.4 runs very well. I'll keep it as it is now and no more updates...
  8. Yes Rodger, but they will spend all the rest of their money in the city afterwards! Thank you very much for your kind note. And yes, almost everybody here in the forums prefers to behave like a gentleman, and that is really pleasant.
  9. Thanks a lot Rodger, would be nice if these shots could do a little advertising for this fantastic scenery package. Sim is P3d 4.4 and the BN-2 works without issues. Did you copy the files over from FSX? I did a full setup using the installer which was somewhere in a folder on my drives. And when it asked for the FSX folder i pointed it to the P3d folder. Don't remember exactly what I did but it was easy. The only thing which doesn't work is the GPS, but I don't need it.
  10. Hi all, of course I always want to improve things and so I wonder about the following: My simulator runs 16 gb memory and it's all 64bit of course but my P3d 4.4 and my Xplane 11.36 never use more than approx. 3,2 gb ram. There is always 50% of the memory not in usage while flying. And I think regarding panning around and so could be better if the sims use more memory. But this is controlled by WIN10 and I don't find any tweaks to adjust it. To change the priority in the taskmanager does nothing. So what I have is the opposite of the famous OOM-issue, even with heavy addons and settings. Does somebody know how to handle this? Cheers Andreas
  11. Yes, I agree. my system specs are even below and I don't have these blurries and my level of detail radius is only set to high. But my P3d.cfg is totally tweaked and probably this is not needed using a very strong machine. As the tweaks depend on the system and hardware I suggest that you browse the net for all the available tweaks and than try it all out. The big problem is that there are thousands of combinations of settings and tweaks of course. Also important is the graphics driver and the shaders as well. I found that I cannot use P3d 4.5 at all, don't know why, and reverted it all back to 4.4 and this is it now. My performance drops significantly in v4.5, terrible. Cheers Andreas
  12. Hi, I am still learning how to use Xplane because I normally use P3d and FSX. And my computer is a little weak for Xplane 11, I also use the GTX 1060 6G card. Recommended is at least a GTX 1070 which is a lot stronger. What I found now is that I get better results and performance without the hdr lighting, looks and runs very well. And doing so I have good results using only a simple 4x AA setting, no flickering screen at all.
  13. This dirt indicates that the case is not tight against dust. I have the same problem with my simulator and also have to clean the radiator. In my other computer there are dust filtering foils installed in the case and it's never dirty inside but have to clean the foils instead. So whatever you use, the dust is a problem.
  14. Hello, so this is the Arizona Memorial. The hull of the Arizona is underneath on the ground and looks in the direction of my glider.
  15. Hi Jack, as far as I know it seems to be that the 2 terrible crashes of the B737 where caused by a failure of an automated computer device. Because of this the pilots couldn't control the aircraft anymore. Such things may happen using autonomous driving cars as well.
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