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  1. Hi all, these days I've been flying a lot in FTX Global and the Vector beaches are activated. I don't like this yellow and very bright texture which always fills the outline drawn for the beach. Does someone know the designation of the texture and where it sits? Perhaps it's possible to overwrite it with something light grey or so. Cheers Andreas
  2. Thank you all very much gentlemen, glad you like!
  3. Hi Jon, thank you, the overlay works, the functionality is not the problem. I can create it either from Xplane stock sources or from the Alpilot mesh, but in both cases the quality is poor, it does not always represent what I can see on the imagery. A lot of missplaced trees is the biggest problem. If the Orbx Xplane team decides to create an official "miniregion" for Vancouver I would spend the same money to buy it as for one entire state. This miniregion should include Vancouver to Abbotsford/Chiliwack, Squamish in the North and Southeast Vancouver Island around Nainamo in the West. If you can buy expensive areal imagery it's only a question of pricing, everybody would understand this. By the way, just installed the Anacortes airport scenery which is great and runs very well. I also have it for FSX/P3d and it's really very good. The only issue are some anomalies in the water around the islands there, it's not evenly and I have animated water somewhere and somewhere not. Looks as if the watermasks are not correct but there are also big differences in the color. Cheers Andreas
  4. Hi all, now I also have the KEYW airport on top of the TE scenery Florida. And it's fantastic scenery and it runs fantastic. I will do a set of shots later, now I want to show this here, I really like it. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  5. Hi all, have a lot of fun flying in my TE SD for Northamerica which now covers all available states. But for Washington it's mandatory for me to have a scenery for Vancouver because I always fly over to Orcas and so since PNW for FSX. So I did some PR scenery on my own using the famous freeware tool. The imagery is far below TE scenery but it works, I can use it. What I cannot use is the overlay which is not acceptable either using the one or the other method. I've read something that the Orbx Xplane team did not create scenery for Vancouver because the aerial imagery you can get is too expensive. So my question is the following: Can the Orbx Xplane team create only overlay for Vancouver to Bellingham and the area around Nainamo to help? I would pay a little fee for it of course. Could be in a file which I can install manually. Cheers Andreas
  6. Thanks a lot Adam! And thank you very much John. Didn't see that but I don't think so. Much appreciated Jack! And thank you Iain.
  7. Nice set Jack, must be the new LC Africa. Just installed it as well, there's a lot to fly!
  8. Nice set Adam, I like the cockpit shot. Don't forget to fasten seat belts!
  9. Nice shot, what TE scenery do you have for Africa? I only know about the new Global LC for P3d.
  10. Hi all, sorry, had no time available to post anything during last months but I'm still going on with flight simulation. This is from a short hop in TE SD at the Florida Keys. Nice water scenery there. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers Andreas
  11. Oh oh, I am a poor old man with my head on my knees, this is really it. Works 100 % now, thank you very much guys!
  12. @Holger Sandmann, hi Holger, will you please give me some hint to get rid of the black textures? It must have something to do with landclass classification. Cheers Andreas
  13. Hi all, now I have all the available TE SD installed there and it's great but I have some bad mesh issues. There are no other files active in this area such as HD mesh or so, also no overlays. This is at 74S, have a similar one at Lopez Island close to the airport. This is at KBVS, very nice, it's the Orbx airport as it was installed by Orbx Central. This here is in the water close to KTIW. And finally this here is at KMRY after installation of TE Northcal. Didn't see anything similar there. I'm sure that this is not the Orbx design but I cannot find the reason for it. What's going on there? The base scenery has been reinstalled completely, it's originally downloaded from the XP Server. And all scenery was installed by Orbx Central and verified, no error messages. Cheers Andreas
  14. Hi all, have some black water textures near S93 Cle Elum in CRM and near Sandpoint (Lake Pent Oreille) in NRM Region. Now I did a "verify files" in Orbx Central and started the Migration Troubleshooter. The tool reports that everything is migrated correctly but my lclookup.bgl has invalid hashes. The file is dated 06.09.2017. Any idea? Cheers Andreas
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