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  1. Hi all, have some black water textures near S93 Cle Elum in CRM and near Sandpoint (Lake Pent Oreille) in NRM Region. Now I did a "verify files" in Orbx Central and started the Migration Troubleshooter. The tool reports that everything is migrated correctly but my lclookup.bgl has invalid hashes. The file is dated 06.09.2017. Any idea? Cheers Andreas
  2. Sorry, I'm a bit late replying but no time available during week. I always use autogen on "very dense" in TE GB, to me this is a good compromise. Autogen draw distance on medium. Water settings high, wind 8 kts and some cirrus clouds. Little AI traffic and no car traffic, this only creates problems, works better in Xplane. If so the big JV should start some extra effort to improve the framerates there! This is also true because of the most excellent EGHI HD airport. I need 8 SSAA to get perfect graphics without any flickering in the vc and on the ground. Using these settings I can fly over London using a "not demanding" GA aircraft at 15 frames, works well. Fantastic scenery. But I can fly over crowded areas like Liverpool in Central or North even using more complex GA aircraft and have over 30 frames. Jet flying using NGX or so does not interest me much, I don't even have a NGX payware model. To change settings for a certain area to fly in is not what I do. I never change anything except my scenery.cfg and sometimes autogen to extremly dense. Interesting to see you have the Ryzen 3700X installed, I have some plans to upgrade to this cpu later. Do you both see any benefits from the 32 GB memory? Cheers Andreas
  3. Hi all, meanwhile I have TrueEarth GB the complete set and I very much enjoy to fly there, it's great. With the new updates for GB South some faulty autogen areas (buildings) have been corrected, very good. This is only to report that I experience a big difference in performance of GB South and the newer GB Central and North. I have fantastic framerates for example at Edinburgh around 35-40 frames. Same for other urban areas in Central and North. But I only have 20-25 frames at Southhampton area and 16-20 around Heathrow airport. No, it's not the traffic... Don't really understand that, something is different. And there are a lot of the HD-Airports around London. Cheers Andreas
  4. And this is what I think as well. The plugin facilities offer a possibility to create and use system addons or so called "plugins". The most famous is the "Fly with Lua" which has endless capabilities. Plugins may be freeware or payware, professional software or a bit more simple. But it's up to the developers to check for all these incompatibilities also regarding Xplane itself. Laminar won't do this. So it may happen that a plugin is not really compatibel with Xplane or with other plugins. It may also happen that a special combination of plugins creates problems. If this all doesn't happen the sim is as stable as P3d. Your scenery looks good anyway Jack and to me it's a big and complete 64-bit sim and runs well just as P3d. So throw it all out and start again from scratch, possibly with a complete new download. And make a copy of the very first XP installation. One of the biggest advantages of Xplane is that everything sits in one folder and you can copy it anywhere and start it.
  5. Wellcome back lauriebe and thank you very much!
  6. Wow, these shots are really amazing, perfect setup Iain!
  7. Very nice shot Renault, good looking clouds!
  8. Glad you like it Adam! Thank you very much Iain! Good to hear...lifelike is what we prefer in the sim I suppose. Thank's a lot! Thank you Jack, sim tuning is fun! my future project is to improve the water in my Xplane….
  9. Hi all, this was a nice little trip to look at the new scenery. They have a lot of space over there, for a european this is really unbelievable. Sorry, 26 images but I like them all, the scenery is really impressive. Thank you very much for viewing! Cheers, Andreas
  10. Thank you very much JJJ! Yes, Orbx can really do good textures. Thanks a lot, this Cup can fly on it's own without autopilot and I can watch it from outside... Yes, low and slow...and we can really watch the scenery. Glad you like it!
  11. Very nice set Carlos! Yes, to adjust the seasons is really an advantage of landclass scenery.
  12. I am just fighting against my clouds in XP. Great shots Mikee, especially #1 and #2 show top clouds! The plane in #1 is that the Carenado ATR? Looks good.
  13. Wonderful shots Jack! And of course you can adjust the season in this scenery...
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