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  1. All the problems are gone! With the new Orbx Central 4.0.36 everything is working again. Thanks you Nick, Doug, Mitchell and Josh for all your help. I think you can close this topic. Regards, F.van Weely
  2. Hello Nick, I could cancel Ireland Verify Files, the F-86 Sabre, but MVAS could not be cancelled. I attach a copy of my Orbx Central log. I think I have to wait till the Orbx Central developpers are awoke in Australia Regards, F.van Weely central.log
  3. Hello Nick, First of all thanks for your quick reaction. I followed your suggestions. I could delete the Orbx files for Orbx central. I uninstalled Orbx Central completely and reinstalled Orbx Central again. But when I logged in the situation was the same, download of MVAS was stuck at 35%. The F-86 Sabre was in queue. When I tried to verify files of Ireland (because I have some texture morphing there) to check if the other functions of Orbx Central did work, it also came in queue.
  4. Hello Nick, I uninstalled Orbx Central and tried to delete C:\Users\fvanweely\AppData\Roaming\Orbx, but that was refused. What to do next? Regards, F.van Weely
  5. I started Orbx Central again, went to Settings-downloader Temporary Location and click clear, no reaction but the is Size 0B, so it seems the Temporary Location is cleared. The stuck download is still stuck on 35%. I tried to find C:Users\FVANWE~\AppData\Temp\Orbx\temp on my computer, but no results. Do you tell me that I have to uninstall Orbx Central completely and reinstall Orbx Central again? transaction ID: 5e15f86a68fb5
  6. I tried settings/downloader and clear the temp folder and tried again, but no result. Some details for my problem: I have the Milviz Otter from Simmarket so I already have Milviz MVAS installed and a shortcut in desktop. I have Orbx Central 4.0.33 installed and recently bought via Orbx the F-86 Sabre. When I started to install the F-86 Sabre via Orbx Central I got two download files: MVAS started first and F-86 Sabre was in queue. After Finalizing and Cleaning up the MVAS files stuck at 35%. From that moment Orbx Central did not function anymore and resumes downlo
  7. I have the same problem. I bought the Milviz Sabre and try to install via Obx Central, but stuck at 35%.
  8. Hello Smudger, I reinstalled FSX recently. I checked the concerning region after installing Vector and everything was correct. But after installing OZx Liguria and OZx Tuscany the default coastline is gone within the OZx scenery, but is visible just near the French border and from Pisa all the way south to Orbetello, Elbe and Sardinia incuded. I checked that OZx is the culprit, but I want to keep this scenery active and look for the default FSX coastlines files in the FSX scenery folder of that part of Italy to manually deactivate them. So my question: where can I find these files?
  9. After installing Global Vector the default coastlines of the westcoast of Italy from the border with France near Monaco till Orbetello (the islands Elba and Sardinia included) are still visible and interfering with the Global Vector coastlines. My question: where can I find the default coastlines of that part of Italy in the FSX scenery to disactvate them. Fred van Weely
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