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  1. Taxy-ing in my Mustang to RWY 05 at LSGS (Sion, Switserland) I came across this Pylon practically in the middle of the taxi way. Is it mend to be there? See photo.2017-12-2_11-22-23-956.BMP
  2. Hi all, I need to uninstall all my ORBX scenery before re-installing it again. I can uninstall Global base with the uninstaller provided, but how do I go about uninstalling everything else? I want to do a "clean" install. Also in what sequence should I install? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hi all, Can somebody tell me where the correct placement is for ORBX!VECTOR_AEC in the FSX scenery library in relation to other FTX products and FSX default scenery? After installing vector I notice it is placed right at the bottom of the library below the default scenery. All the other FTX scenery packages are placed above the default scenery, i.e. Europe open LC + England, Scotland etc. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. This probably sounds absolutely stupid, but what are these triple installers, for instance Scotland and Wales being announced. I have both installed, are they updates? Thanks, Jaap.
  5. Hi all, having downloaded and installed Iceland demo I now find that FTX global has replaced the default button. My question is, how much earth surface is covered by this particular FTX global. Is it just Iceland, or is it indeed global. I am new to Orbx and still finding out the hows and why's of the product. I am quite impressed with "Europe" Wales and will shortly invest in England and Scotland. I use them with GEX and UTX. Are there any plans to spread the product to continental country's? Cheers, Jaap.
  6. Hi Ian, the file fx_1.bmp was indeed missing. After downloading Gauges Recovery for FSX and running the program fx_1.bmp is now back in the effects folder and all is o.k. Thanks for the help from you and Vlad. Jaap.
  7. Thanks Vlad, Hope this link works for the screen shot I tried this link and it works. I've found that the problem has something to do with the weather programs in Orbx. After removal of Orbx and the weather choices the problem is no longer there. I also have a weather addon---FSrealWXlite and the smoke shows when using the real weather set up. Also when I program the weather myself in FSX. If however I use the default weather settings from FSX then there is no smoke.
  8. I have just installed Orbx Wales. I have been using the GEX and UTX Europe scenery, both of which are still installed and being used. When flying from Cardiff airport (UK2000) and taxi-ing a lot of black smoke is shown plus lumps of black matter from the wheels as though the wheels are digging in to the tarmac of the taxi way. Does anybody know what is going on here and is there a rectification for it? Thanks Jaap. P.S. I was going to include a picture for clarification, but can't find out how it is done.
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