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  1. Taxy-ing in my Mustang to RWY 05 at LSGS (Sion, Switserland) I came across this Pylon practically in the middle of the taxi way. Is it mend to be there? See photo.2017-12-2_11-22-23-956.BMP
  2. In the meantime I've found out that this problem has nothing to do with ORBX. My appologies.
  3. I have the funniest exprience. Recently I installed the F1 Cessna Mustang. Everytime I fly from LOWI (Innsbruck) runway 08, my computer crashes on a CTD. I've checked and flown from various other airports (EGGP,EHAM etc. and the flights proceed normally without crashing. Go back to LOWI and it promptly crashes again before I reach the SID. I have added the UIAutomationCore file to FSX (Boxed) Any ideas please?
  4. Problem solved. Ran the AEC in Vector config. and that corrected everything. (phew!!)
  5. I installed FTX Iceland ON demo. Because I found that any aircraft positioned at a gate, finished up being placed half way in a building I un-installed Iceland again. I now find the same happening at every add on airport I have. I use UK2000 extreme and one or two Aerosoft airports. If I place an aircraft say at Liverpool gate 10 it is actually inside a building. The same happens to A.I. aircraft. Can anybody explain please? Thanks Jaap
  6. Thank you all for the replies, Downloaded and installed.
  7. I want to download the Vector update 1.30. Can someone please tell me how to get on to the support page, I can't find it. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I need to uninstall all my ORBX scenery before re-installing it again. I can uninstall Global base with the uninstaller provided, but how do I go about uninstalling everything else? I want to do a "clean" install. Also in what sequence should I install? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Hi all, Can somebody tell me where the correct placement is for ORBX!VECTOR_AEC in the FSX scenery library in relation to other FTX products and FSX default scenery? After installing vector I notice it is placed right at the bottom of the library below the default scenery. All the other FTX scenery packages are placed above the default scenery, i.e. Europe open LC + England, Scotland etc. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. And I've got the same problem as well. I too run FTX Global, Vector, open LC Europe, plus England, Wales, Scotland, N.Ireland and Ireland. The funny thing is it only happens when I fly over open LC Europe scenery, with other words, I've left the British isles. I have FTX Central set to Global in Hybrid mode. When flying anywhere over the British isles the scenery is perfect leaving the FTX Central settings as described above. Any suggestions please? Sorry for butting in on your post newby. Cheers, Jaap.
  11. This probably sounds absolutely stupid, but what are these triple installers, for instance Scotland and Wales being announced. I have both installed, are they updates? Thanks, Jaap.
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