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  1. Nick, I think you are spot-on! Just turned it off, re-started, and Concrete looks fantastic!
  2. Hi, since upgrading to Windows 10, I have noticed a lot of black stars or squares that I'm guessing is a tree missing? Seems to be an issue all over Aus as well as in Pacific North West (only places I have tried so far). I recently purchased FTX Trees, but switching them off made no difference. I tried to load a screenshot only 2.6 mb but it won't load. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  3. John, that would be fantastic! And I have no regrets buying the scenery and fields I already have - they were a very fair price and they are worth every cent!
  4. Are you SURE that's not a real photo? Fantastic!
  5. Stirling! No. 4 with that cloud - beautiful - but I'd be heading home i think! Noticed the tail rego too!
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