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  1. Is anybody going to respond to this other than Jon?
  2. This has been a issue since May! Just putting in generic buildings is not the answer
  3. Hello, Is the issue with the buildings in downtown San Diego ever going to be fixed? I'm using 11.50 and the problem was also in 11.40.
  4. If I’m not mistaken the buildings tony added to Captchris version were temporary. At least I hope so. You can clearly see the difference between the Orbx buildings and the ones he added. Yes. The buildings are dark at night correct
  5. Is the issue with the city being addressed in a future patch? Its been a little quiet regarding the downtown San Diego cityscape.
  6. Hi Jon, Will Tony see this post? He responded to another so I’m not sure.
  7. It works except half of the buildings do not light up at nighttime.
  8. Hello Here is a shot of the city. This is after CaptChris update with a patch for the city. The dark buildings are the ones Tony was kind enough to fill in. Is it possible to have the rest of the buildings match?
  9. Hello I noticed the after the new update from CaptChris today the added buildings from tony do not seem to light up at night. Am i possibly missing something since there were some elevation issues after release? Or is possibly a new patch needed? jeff
  10. So it sounds like the only way we will see Orbx San Diego is the default airport.
  11. Are some buildings still missing or is that true to life at the moment?
  12. The runway at the new San Diego is uneven. Which version are you using?
  13. I don’t think he responds to anybody. I do have a payware airport for SNA and I do not have any bumps on the runway
  14. Since more and more people are using CaptChris’s version of San Diego will the Orbx patch allow us to use his airport and Orbx downtown together? While Misterx6 airport was great most folks have moved on over last six months. Edit So I just looked back at Tony’s previous reply. This fix is for default San Diego airport.
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