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  1. This is going to be wonderful. What would make a great Christmas present is Southern Cali.
  2. Looking forward to it. Curious how Misterx SFO will blend with this.
  3. This will turn to gold just like everything else John touches! Can’t wait
  4. I’m more curious if ORBX is still planning to develop TrueEarth Northern California since Microsoft is going to cover the entire earth. I do know that just about everyone involved is under NDA. For me personally I hope they continue to develop it.
  5. Just curious what the status is with TE Washington HD? Wasn’t that supposed to be out back in June? kind regards
  6. Good lord. Looks absolutely stunning. Can someone please tell me what light mod is being used in the first picture? kind regards
  7. Any update on the HD version of TE Washington? Will we be able to toggle back and forth between SD and HD? kind regards
  8. Hello all. Anymore updates on the release of the HD version of TE? kind regards
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