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  1. Thank you for the information and tip!
  2. Excellent Screenshots! I'm curious, in pictures 3, 4, & 5 the mountains look very good...which mesh you're using?
  3. Actually, it's been out since this morning...
  4. Excellent news! I also was holding back purchasing anymore until P3DV4...no need now! Thanks!
  5. I'm very disappointed too... I purchased PAVD during the sale and run it in Prepar3dV3. Every time I go to PAVD in Prepar3DV3, I stop the sim and go back to XP11. The PAVD textures in Prepar3D are just too blurry...it's not Orbx, it's Prepar3D...it just does not do Orbx PAVD justice. The same area in XP11 is so much clearer. No blurries, no popping of textures, just really good scenery (but not as good as Orbx PAVD). It's too bad JV won't reconsider possibly adding just a couple of addon's for XP11 such as Global Base Pack or HD trees. While I think XP11 textures are pretty good, there is no doubt that Orbx Global Base Pack would really add to XP11. I would think that most XP11 owners, who are also Orbx owners, would at the very least, buy this. Perhaps just a test market to see how well Orbx products would sell into XP11... Anyway, back to XP11
  6. I have no idea how easy it is, I only know that if it is offered, I will purchase...
  7. Yep, some obvious opportunities to improve...it would be great if Orbx takes this on... Obviously, we all know the answer to this...having said that, if Orbx offers XPlane products, I will be purchasing (again)...for me, it's about the LOD. While I cannot know until it's available, I believe XPlane LOD will display Orbx products further into the distance. I believe this will be particular noticeable in mountainous regions...
  8. I'm happy to. It might be a couple of days thought. The wife has the computer now and work is tomorrow. I will do it though...
  9. For me, it's not so much the OOM's, but the LOD. With XPLANE the mountains are SO MUCH BETTER. I love Prepar3d, but the mountains really kill the immersion for me...especially after using XPLANE for a while. And the trees...I can't wait for the HD orbx trees...
  10. Looking forward to an X-Plane Orbx too!! While I have many Orbx packages for Prepr3d (and love them), I probably will not purchase much more as I have what I want so far...but for XPlane, definitely purchase more Orbx....
  11. Beautiful shots! Which sim and cloud set/weather generator are you using? The clouds look great!
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