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  1. That would be great! Thank you for looking into this!
  2. Thank you Mitchell, it does happen as I approach Orbx airports. I do realize that when loading the different objects the sim can stutter. But for me, when OF 3.0.3 was released, I did not have stutters as I approached many of the same Orbx airports. When OF 3.0.4 was released to solve the windsock problem, the stutters started to reappear.
  3. @Mitchell WilliamsonThis looks good, but I'm getting a lot more stuttering now with the new OF.
  4. Thank you Gerard, I just double checked and saw that I had unchecked several items, including Misc in the configuration of 1S2. After placing a checkmark and reactivating, the 'pile of boards' now display. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks Mitchell! Looks good! I checked several of the other sceneries for multiple windsocks and they all appear to work correctly. One thing I still notice at 1S2, is that a bench or table appears to be missing. Not sure if this is a OF issue or not...
  6. Thank you Gary, I also have noticed many airports with the double windsocks. I thought, just as you are, to start documenting them so hopefully they can be resolved. Otherwise, I am very pleased with the new OF 3.0.3 and updated airports in P3DV5. Very good job Orbx!
  7. You may already be aware, but there are (2) two windsocks at S43 (Harvey).
  8. The new OF 3.0.3 is a great improvement! Along with the updates to many of the PNW airports, most of the stutters are gone and is very smooth. I do see a problem at 1S2, Darrington Muni. There are two windsocks and also a bench or table is missing:
  9. I just wanted to drop a line and thank Orbx for their great scenery. I finally have 0S9 working well in P3Dv5 via the Orbx Library. I just took a short flight from 0S9 to CYVR, using AS+ASCA in the A2A V35, using EA (TrueSky). What a great flight! Thanks again Orbx!
  10. Thanks Sniper31. Yes, I also have SimStarter, but stopped using it. Good program, nothing wrong with it. I tried adding one set of Orbx scenery at a time (and deactivating the others), but the problem did not return. However, as I added additional Orbx areas and keeping the others ON, I finally had the problem return. Here's with (3) three more Orbx Sceneries activated: NOTE: I'm also clearing the Scenery Index as I add them (I can't remember if SimStarter has this option). You'll also see P3DV5 displaying something to the effect of creating new scenery indexes. I still have the scenery as designed: However, when I turn on one-more Orbx scenery (total of 4 more), the issue returns: When I go back to 3, the issue goes away: For me, this is repeatable... So, I wonder if this is a P3DV5 issue, where the number of ADDON xml files lead to this issue.
  11. Well, I'm on to something... I got 0S9 to finally show up in P3DV5. I used Lorbi to create GROUPS, which I've turned off. These groups include Orbx regions and sceneries. The groups marked in RED below are NOT active in P3DV5. So, it appears something in one or more of these groups lead to 0S9 not displaying correctly: I hope this helps to narrow down the issue. I'll try to narrow this down to find the scenery that might be leading to this issue with 0S9.
  12. It's more than the buildings that are missing at 0S9, most of the Autogen (trees, other buildings) are missing on half of the area. I did not capture a screen shot of it, but it is missing. I also tried installing PNW and 0S9 both inside of P3DV5, but the issue did not change. I've tested in P3DV4.5 hf2, using the same OF (3.0.3), with PNW and 0S9 in an Orbx Library. OS9 works fine there...so, it appears to be a P3DV5 issue...
  13. I'm sorry, I did not explain well...I did install 0S9 inside the P3D v5 folder, but it did not change. The issue still remained. You also mentioned: " Hello, here it is with P3Dv5HF1, PNW and everything else except objectflow in the P3D folder." When you say "...and everything else..." do you mean all Orbx installed inside the P3D v5 folder (not the Orbx Library)?
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