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  1. P3Dv4.5 Orbx TE Netherlands HD
  2. P3DV4.5 ORBX LEBB ORBX EU Landclass ORBX Global Textures ORBX Vector ORBX HD Trees FreeMeshX-Europe
  3. P3DV4.5.13 OLC_NA Global Textures EF SF AS Carenado
  4. Its the Flysimware Lear 35A. They just updated the textures and sounds. Very nice plane.
  5. Nice set of shots! Your posts like these always makes me want to fly those same routes!
  6. Thanks Jack! I've always enjoyed your screenshots! I hear ya! Thanks for the feedback! Thanks! Really appreciate the feedback!
  7. On my way from ENBO to ENSH On my way down to ENSH P3DV4.5 Orbx Norway Environment Force Sky Force Active Sky Duke B60 Piston
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