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  1. Hi all, What is the status of the Australian airports when it comes to their compatibility with Australia v2? I am aware of this thread but I'm still a little worried I may have missed something since July and I'm wondering if FTX Central is already capable of installing the airports in AU v2
  2. Wow. We're in the middle of a new era! Amazing what this team has accomplished so far.
  3. Imagine True Earth in this! I wonder how much Orbx already knew about this announcement.
  4. LOWI already has a very large coverage area (see the product page). You would notice the added effects of Open LC when you fly outside that area.
  5. Great shots Iain! May I be a nitpick and suggest you also mention the simulator in the title of the thread? Now you had me looking at XP11 screenshots!
  6. That may very well be system related. On my system , running Prepar3D v4, TE Netherlands looks very good. Unlike you I do not suffer from stutters and blurries. Still I have fairly high settings. I can't compare the performance with XP, as I don't use this sim (yet).
  7. How very sad. RIP Neil, thanks for all the work. My condolences to his family, friends and Orbx colleagues.
  8. Only if you use Global with EU Landclass and or Vector. If you own the Germany region packs the airports are already improved and the airport pack you mention will not improve them.
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