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  1. I had to activate P3d v5 after rebooting, then try again. Jay
  2. Is Open LC South America compatible. I don't see it in the list. All the others are. Thanks, Jay
  3. I'm just trying to find the version 4 library files. I go to the user file and see a p3dv4 library, but it has only object flow in it.
  4. Fantastic news! I thought the project got ditched. I'll be waiting for the minute it is released! Asia as well!!!!!
  5. I bought a 52 inch LG 4k monitor for $550 US on Amazon. Have prices gone up that much? Yes it is very nice! But, I seem to play in my Oculus more often.
  6. I may have answered my own question. I had weird morphing problems around Houston and Dallas. Flying around the Florida Keys, I had more and was completely missing Key West. Went to FTX Central -new one- and verified the North America area...It downloaded and reinstalled something. Now have no problems.
  7. Missing textures seem to have cropped up. I notice them when flying around Dallas TX and Houston TX. This shot is from just east of Houston (an industrial area. I also found similar problems just west of downtown Dallas and where OSM is showing mines between Dallas and Houston. I assume they are related and due to something missing. Funny thing is, I don't remember this problem when flying in the area a month or so ago.
  8. The only customer complaint I have is that ORBX can't develop the entire world at high resolution for very low cost by tomorrow! Thanks ORBX team for your great work! Jay
  9. I just bought a 43 inch LG monitor for 550 US dollars. A great purchase. At 4K the picture is incredible. P3d is also incredible (though I usually use my Oculus Rift). I do have a GFX 1080ti, so I have the horsepower to play. I waited until the price was right. I bought the PC online from HP and got a great deal on a build that I was able to bring up to my standards. Only paid 1700 dollars for a PC that had 16GB of memory and upgraded the power supply and to the Nvidia GTX 1080ti. I took my SSD hard drive out of my old PC and ghosted the hard drive supplied by HP. I figure that over the past several months that I have invested 2700 dollars. A lot of money. But after looking at what I paid for a laptop a few years ago (and even my early PCs that could not really do anything), it was a steal. Also, I wanted to upgrade everything before I finally retire in the next couple of years. I am happy with my purchases. The firepower and large monitor will also help me with some development work and hobby projects. So overall, very pleased.
  10. The frozen water option clicked off gets rid of black squares, but still getting some white ones at times. I'll post a picture next time I see it.
  11. Hi, I'm sure this was answered somewhere, but I couldn't easily find it. I'm buying a more powerful computer, and it will be arriving in a few weeks. An OMEN I-7 8700 with GTX 1080ti and 16 GB ram! I'd like to transfer my licenses when it arrives and I get it set up. I saw the reinstall option, but am wondering if (since it will be a new computer) I will run into any problems with licenses. Do I need to uninstall via FTX Central 3 first? Or is it as simple as copy and install on new machine? I will be ultimately using the same SSD hard drive, since I'll be cloning the new PC drive to my old SSD, but I believe I'll lose everything in the cloning process. Thanks for any info! Jay
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