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  1. FSX is still my main SIM and fly all over the UK and Europe using Orbx scenery, still continues to impress me. I also have P3D 4.5 though for some reason keep on coming back to FSX
  2. Hi Guys Have really got into my flying again and now addicted to AirHauler 2. I mainly fly in the UK and sometimes venture down into Europe, I fly with Orbx England,Scotland,Wales and Europe LC/Global. I am now finding i fly to Northern Ireland/ Ireland quite a bit, can anyone give me an opinion if these two sceneries are worth getting? I gather they don't have mesh included ? Europe LC looks pretty good for these areas and wondering if its worth the purchase. kind regards Daz
  3. Hi Guys Thank you for the update, i thought i was going mad . Look forward to a resolution kind regards Daz
  4. Hope you manage to find an answer for this one. I was thinking that maybe it's a limitation of the sim but it seems strange that the effect is the same in both FSX and P3D v5
  5. Pretty dissapointing not to get an answer to be honest. If it's a limitation of the sim then fair enough., It looks like the "blotches" on the roads are the light reflections and for some reason these appear before the lights come on. Maybe it's supposed to happen that not all lights appear. I would be great to have answer regards Daz
  6. Hi Guys A very warm welcome aboard leg 13 of the Tappers Airways Uk tour. Today we are flying from London City to Leeds Bradford. Flying and making videos has really helped me during this tough time and it would be awesome to have you onboard. take care and stay safe Daz
  7. Hi Guys I have just had this pop up when loading Orbx central. I have not moved any files to the virus chest. Is this a false positive? and do i just need to create an exception for this? Never had the message before until today kind regards Daz
  8. Hi Everyone As a long time FSX user I have recently purchased P3D 4.5 and would like to install my Orbx products. It is giving me the option where to install them, either directly into the simulator or into a library. Which one should i be choosing and is there any advantage of one over the other? kind regards Daz
  9. Thank you guys am really glad that you enjoyed the video, means alot to me and have discovered my joy of flying again so will definitely keep them coming
  10. After battling some serious depression and anxiety during the enclosed lockdown I have managed to make a new video for my tour of the UK. This really helped me and i thought I would share it with you. Please take a seat for this short flight from Birmingham (EGBB) to London City (EGLC) and showcases Orbx Global and Open LC Europe. Take care and stay safe Daz
  11. Thanks for the input guys, i went for Aus V2, NZ north and south and PNW
  12. Anyone??? From what i have worked out this issue happens about an hour before Orbx lights come on. In the daytime the roads are fine. Would just like confirmation that this is normal?
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