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  1. This great hobby of ours has helped me through a really tough time and as a celebration I have made a little video showing my set up and also demonstrate how i make videos . For those keen spotters yes i am stil using FTX Central 2. After being out of the loop for so long I never updated and now don't know where to start as my downloads were from before ORBX direct. Hope you enjoy the video kind regards Daz
  2. Hi Guys After a period of time away from the hobby due to a car accident I am happy to say that I am once again back on the flightdeck. Please take your seats for leg 10 of my Uk tour, today we are taking the short hop from Belfast to the Isle of Man using ORBX Global. After 4 years of discovering flight sim i still have so much to learn about this wonderful hobby, I am also learning about video editing too. I hope you enjoy the flight and please do feel free to comment, like and maybe even subscribe to my little channel to help it grow. Happy flying Daz
  3. Hi Guys After a little break due to a car accident am back in the cockpit once again. A very warm welcome aboard Tappers Airways latest flight from Newcastle to Belfast. Showcasing ORBX England and ORBX Global ** Spolier alert** If you don't have 55 mins to spare you may just want to check out the last 15mins. All I will say is crazy ATC antics. kind regards Daz
  4. Am slowly being able to make more videos after going through a difficult time. So a very warm welcome aboard this Tappers Airways Flight from Edinburgh to Newcastle, leg 8 of our UK tour. For once the weather is being kind to us and we get some lovely views care of ORBX Scotland and England. I hope you enjoy the flight.
  5. After some time away I have decided to resume my video series showcasing ORBX Scotland. Today we are flying Leg 7 of a UK tour from Islay to Edinburgh. It would be lovely to have you onboard
  6. Hi After a year of being on the ground I have finally been able to get back into the air and continue my tour of the Uk using ORBX scenery. Today we are flying from Glasgow to the Isle of Islay. We have some lovely weather so a perfect chance to see some of ORBX Scotland. So if you have a bit of free time please take a seat, it would be great to have you onboard kind regards Daz ( Captain Tappers)
  7. Welcome onboard leg 5 of my UK tour, this time we are flying from Aberdeen to Glasgow at a lower altitude so hope to see some of the lovely ORBX Scotland scenery. A flight not for the faint hearted as we experience traffic alerts, bad weather and a scare on approach. Hope you enjoy
  8. Welcome aboard this short hop from Inverness to Aberdeen, passengers requested an upgrade to their service and I am more than happy to oblige. Let's hope for a smooth flight and a better landing than the last episode. We are still in lovely ORBX Scotland
  9. Thank you for the comments guys, I will check out the Scotflight Inverness too
  10. Welcome onboard this third leg of the Uk tour using the B1900D showcasing ORBX scenery, Those of you of a nervous disposition might not want to watch the last few minutes.
  11. Thankyou for watching, I love the aircraft too as it great for short hops. Next episode is online
  12. Thank you for the lovely feedback, will be doing the next leg this coming week .
  13. Finally back in the cockpit, we continue our UK tour with a flight from Kirkwall to Stornoway showcasing ORBX Scotland. WIll I get the passengers to their destination or use the runway as a taxiway. Come onboard for the ride, Hope you enjoy
  14. Hello After a bit of a delay ( explained in the video) we start off our regional tour of the UK properly with a flight from Sumburgh to Kirkwall. Sumburgh is one of my favourite airports and is of course provided by ORBX. Am also using ORBX Scotland.I had a bit of panic on approach! Hope you enjoy the video
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