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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone
  2. Hey guys, long time no post in this part of the forum. I really liked this takeoff pic so I wanted to share it: As an aside, let me give an endorsement of Buildings HD. Those of us on the older versions of P3D had the issue of short draw distances for autogen, which made flying low a bit ugly at times. But now the autogen buildings blend better with the underlying textures and it looks great.
  3. Is this possible? I'm a bit scared that the Melbourne cityscape in AusV2 might kill my little laptop
  4. Where's this statement? I missed it. Even though I have AusV1, I was still looking forward to OpenLC Oceania because of the Pacific islands.
  5. Now I'm confused (and a bit concerned), if they're made for FSX shouldn't they automatically work in the older versions of P3D as well?.
  6. From the old map, I guess it will cover the countries east of Iran and south of the former USSR.
  7. Something I mentioned a couple of years ago, that I would want to see, is using the HD textures to add more generic skyscrapers to some skylines that miss them:
  8. Even if the new MS Flight Simulator delivers I still think there's a place for landclasses. It will either take improbably large amounts of hard drive space or be subject to the vaguaries of streaming.
  9. I don't think we can assume that, just because most customers are in the USA/Western Europe/Australia, that those are the only regions with interest for sceneries. OTOH, Orbx surely has customer interest data and use it for their development decisions.
  10. I just checked and I have 2GB of VRAM. As long as I don't have many graphics-intensive addons besides ORBX stuff, should I be fine?
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