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  1. You talking about FlightSim 2020? I had assumed they were looking for uniformly good coverage of the whole world, if most of the world is generic that's a bit of a dealbreaker for me.
  2. Just guessing. In the OP JV said Africa needed 3.5 months until a full beta build (which would be by the end of this month), and Asia could be released before the end of the year, two months of beta testing means we could see pics soon.
  3. If there are no further bumps on the road, we should start seeing preview pics this month. Excited
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone
  5. Hey guys, long time no post in this part of the forum. I really liked this takeoff pic so I wanted to share it: As an aside, let me give an endorsement of Buildings HD. Those of us on the older versions of P3D had the issue of short draw distances for autogen, which made flying low a bit ugly at times. But now the autogen buildings blend better with the underlying textures and it looks great.
  6. Is this possible? I'm a bit scared that the Melbourne cityscape in AusV2 might kill my little laptop
  7. Where's this statement? I missed it. Even though I have AusV1, I was still looking forward to OpenLC Oceania because of the Pacific islands.
  8. Now I'm confused (and a bit concerned), if they're made for FSX shouldn't they automatically work in the older versions of P3D as well?.
  9. From the old map, I guess it will cover the countries east of Iran and south of the former USSR.
  10. Something I mentioned a couple of years ago, that I would want to see, is using the HD textures to add more generic skyscrapers to some skylines that miss them:
  11. Even if the new MS Flight Simulator delivers I still think there's a place for landclasses. It will either take improbably large amounts of hard drive space or be subject to the vaguaries of streaming.
  12. I don't think we can assume that, just because most customers are in the USA/Western Europe/Australia, that those are the only regions with interest for sceneries. OTOH, Orbx surely has customer interest data and use it for their development decisions.
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