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    I design and make trophies and tee prizes for golf tournaments. Really into "Disc Golf", Computers and Flight sims.
  1. The only way I was to use all the "scenery" I spent WAY to much money on was to go and buy the disc version of FSX, Delete EVERYTHING, Wipe it all with cleaner and start over. This whole Steam thing was Bull S. I might be mistaken but the vast majority of people who buy this scenery think that its fairly easy to install and enjoy. I want to fly my sim. Thats taken a back seat because all I do now is tweak this and fix that. The Steam edition was great all the way up to the point where all the extra addons that people made a ton of money on wasnt compatible. Maybe it is maybe it isnt.
  2. In registry folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\microsoft games\Flight Simulator\10.0 add a new string value entry, called SetupPath, containing the path to inside the FSX folder, like: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\... I hate to sound like a dum ass. But can someone explain how to do this? My FSX Discs are shot. Thats the only reason I got Steam. Now its more adjusting and fixing and tweaking and researching how to run software. Oh ya, Its for a flight sim. Seems like I havnt flown in months. I cant be the only one frustrated.
  3. When I started purchasing and installing this software myself I knew I was taking a risk because I know the basics with computers. Ive learned alot and have had pretty good luck on most addons. Even frikkin EZDOC. Ive reinstalled windows once because of a screw up. Not going to do it again. Im not going to start changing things in the registry or anywhere else. I cannot get any Orbx products to install on FSX Steam. Cannot create Effects folder.
  4. Is there a solution to this "Effects" Issue? I see people all over the place asking about it. Maybe I need to spend more time hunting down fixes for all this frikkin software.
  5. Man, Just when I thought I had this all figured out. Ive spent a ton of money and spent WAY to much time tweaking all this shit. I cant get any scenery to load. I dont think this is worth it. I dont fly anymore, I just adjust this and adjust that. F IT.
  6. I am having a prob installing global on fresh install of fsx. . It says it cant find my effects folder. Ive uninstalled installed and same problem. I dont want to start rernameing things till I know what im doing. Did search and could not find effects issue with anyone else. Im sure im just missing something. My steam folder is in E drive. Would that be an issue? Never was asked if I wanted to change location of new FSX instal. apologize if stupid question. Have a ton of add ons with no issues as of yet with steam. Just the most important one. Global! Any help would be greatly apprec
  7. I sympathize with ya Bug, But like everyone says, The world is a big place. My favorite area is a little, "off" also. One question, On approach do those differences throw you off any?
  8. Hey Chris, Not a computer expert but in my book SSD's are worth every penny. It made a huge difference on my system. And I know that I fly more and stare at the screen less. There pricey but the price is dropping on these all the time.
  9. Does anyone $36.95 I can borrow? How good can this get? My wife took my credit card because I made the mistake of telling her ALL about the release of openLC Europe. She wont give it back until I give her double the $36.95 (US) Cash.
  10. I probably should know this but, How do you disable the two files? 3D_Light_NEW_DDN_1_%.BGL Then what? I have the same problem. Not happy that this cant be fixed. Nevermind, I just moved em out of there
  11. Hey, This is my first post! Should of listened to all of this in the first place. This fix worked for me. Helpful hint, Dont forget to cycle FTX Central in between options. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
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