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  1. With P3d v 4 I noticed a significantly clearer view when using VR after upgrading my GPU from a GTX 980 to a 1080Ti i.e. textures were less often blurred although the average framerate was only slightly better.
  2. I have AF 2, X-plane and P3D v4.2 so I am in a position to compare them. I also have Orbx Meigs Field for each of these sims and have done some experiments flying a C172 around each one. In my opinion AF2 looks much better than the others and runs at a consistently higher frame rate. P3D runs very well and on my computer is very smooth. The scenery looks good in X-plane but looks like it is rendered at a lower resolution. The later may be due to my x-plane settings. I should point out that I fly using VR so the situation with a normal monitor may be different. in terms of flight realism I find P3D to be the most realistic (using the A2A C172). I deliberately chose to use a C172 as I have several hundred hours experience flying the real thing and know how they feel and handle. I did not find the x-plane version to be convincing at all (using the default 172 that comes with x-plane 11). The default AF2 172 in my opinion falls somewhere between the 2. Remember - my flights were all in a VR environment and that the visual experience with a monitor may be different.
  3. I would definitely buy it for AF2 and most likely for Prepar3dv4. Not sure about XP11
  4. Hi Michael, I have flown the route in a Eurofighter supersonic all the way. I used live weather which at the time was low visibility, heavy clouds and thunderstorms most of the way. I am using P3D v3.3 and had no problem with OOM. I did have 4 brief pauses over Germany which I assume was for P3D to free up memory and/or for my weather engine to update live weather. My settings are reasonably high but not at maximum. Frame rates were excellent all the way without any micro-stutters. Shaun
  5. Never happened to me so maybe it's something that needs to be set on your computer?
  6. I thought I would experiment with Windows 10 today so after making an image of my Windows 7 installation I deleted the TODO file and upgraded to Windows 10 without any issues. However, when I started Prepar3d I was informed that it is not licensed - I know I could get Lockheed Martin to reset the key but I can't be bothered at the moment so I am reverting back to Windows 7! I did try running a RC simulation that I use and although it ran the performance was not as good as with Windows 7. I have also upgraded another PC to W10 and was then unable to access one of the hard drives - had to reformat it and restore the files from a backup.
  7. I've flown a Tiger Moth a few times - certainly different from piloting a modern aircraft!
  8. Just did a short flight from kokoda in the A2A C182 and averaged 52 FPS with Prepar3d v2.5. I did have some performance issues when I first upgraded to v2.5 but these are sorted. I had to lower the settings I used for v2.4 a bit to overcome OOM errors after installing the latest patched version of Prepar3d. My graphics setting are FXAA = OFF, MSAA = 8 samples, Anisotropic = 16, VSync = ON, Triple Buffering = ON, screen res = 3440 x 1440 and my scenery settings are level of detail = max, tessellation factor = ultra, mesh res = 5m, texture res = 15cm, scenery complexity = extremely dense, auto gen vegetation and building = dense, water detail = medium, reflection on for clouds and user vehicle and finally both special effects sliders set to HIGH. I am not experiencing noticeably more micro stutters than I did with Prepar3d v2.4.
  9. I will try out some of the strips with my A2A C182 tomorrow and see what happens
  10. I generally get excellent performance in this area, for example, a few minutes ago I averaged about 60 FPS at Jacksons International Airport, Isurava Helipad and Kagi Airstrip - all with quite heavy cloud cover. It does depend on what aircraft you are using as some do have a detrimental impact on FPS. My CPU and clock speed is similar to yours. I have a GTX970 and run at 3440 x 1440 resolution. My scenery settings are also set quite high within Prepar3D. As for getting stuck - I have found this is usually due to the slope and the best remedy is to maintain momentum with plenty of power! Some aircraft just don't have sufficient power to operate on some of the strips.
  11. I fly every day, sometimes more than once. I have a full size Cessna panel equipped with Simkits instruments. This used to have 3 monitors giving me forward and side views running on 3 networked computers. However, I now 'fly' using a single pc with a 34 inch widescreen and Trackir - this gives a better impression of flying for real than the expensive Cessna simulator which I rarely use anymore and has the advantage of simulating whatever I like. The only time I use my Cessna simulator is when I want to practice instrument flying where it is much better than flying with a virtual cockpit view.
  12. Drumsonly2002, I guess it depends on personal preferences. For what its worth when I became seriously interested in flight sim I purchased a Simkits TRC472 flightdeck for instrumentation and controls and ran 3 monitors using 3 networked computers linked with WideFS. This setup gave me forward and side views and the effect was a reasonable simulation of the actual aircraft I was flying at that time. I still have this setup but hardly use it as I find 3D on a single monitor plus TrackIR more immersive and to my eyes a better simulation of reality. Some of my friends have tried both of my setups and it is a 50/50 split over which they prefer.
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