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  1. I'm not seeing them either and I have verified the Library and TE files. All I see are a few generic autogen building.
  2. I have tried a few of the x-plane Vulcan betas and most recently beta 6. Beta 6 will not run using the Vulcan API on my computer which is not many months old, has plenty of RAM and a GTX2080Ti graphics card. That's not a problem at the moment as I am getting good results with the non-beta version. I'm sure whatever the Vulcan issue is will be sorted out in due course. Its odd that some people can run it and others cant (I'm not the only one who has experienced this).
  3. Hi Nick - thanks for the tip I'm happy to say its fixed the problem Regards, Shaun
  4. I have installed some of my scenery for P3D v5 in a library. When I start P3D I am asked whether to enable newly installed products. However, for some of them I am prompted 4 to enable them each time I start P3D – these are: · openLC Afrira · openLC Africa mesh and Photoreal · Lilydale airport · Hervey Bay airport. I have other products in my library and after the initial activation I have not been prompted again. Is there anything I can do to prevent the above mentioned products from requiring repeated activations?
  5. With P3d v 4 I noticed a significantly clearer view when using VR after upgrading my GPU from a GTX 980 to a 1080Ti i.e. textures were less often blurred although the average framerate was only slightly better.
  6. I have AF 2, X-plane and P3D v4.2 so I am in a position to compare them. I also have Orbx Meigs Field for each of these sims and have done some experiments flying a C172 around each one. In my opinion AF2 looks much better than the others and runs at a consistently higher frame rate. P3D runs very well and on my computer is very smooth. The scenery looks good in X-plane but looks like it is rendered at a lower resolution. The later may be due to my x-plane settings. I should point out that I fly using VR so the situation with a normal monitor may be different. in terms of flight realism I find P3D to be the most realistic (using the A2A C172). I deliberately chose to use a C172 as I have several hundred hours experience flying the real thing and know how they feel and handle. I did not find the x-plane version to be convincing at all (using the default 172 that comes with x-plane 11). The default AF2 172 in my opinion falls somewhere between the 2. Remember - my flights were all in a VR environment and that the visual experience with a monitor may be different.
  7. I would definitely buy it for AF2 and most likely for Prepar3dv4. Not sure about XP11
  8. I tend to agree and its just as well I did a FULL backup before the Windows update and was able to do a FULL restore to undo the problem that occurred after the Windows update. Naturally I contacted LM and was advised that their software was not the cause of the problem which may or may not be true.
  9. Hi Polymerman - it certainly isn’t fixed. I installed the fall update and this weeks patches yesterday and as I found previously it completely killed performance in P3D v4.1 and in P3D v3. I restored my computer to what it was before the update and performance was restored. shaun
  10. The Windows Fall update killed performance for P3Dv4.1 particularly when using VR. Whereas I was getting 57/90 FPS with the default scenario using FlyInside before updating, afterwards performance dropped to a measly 1-2 FPS. The performance was just as bad in the LM native VR mode. There may have been other issues but my simulator was unusable and I had to uninstall the update - performance was then back to normal.
  11. Just checked in P3D versions 3 and 4 and they look identical - the detail is there in both. I'm using the Object Flow 2 beta for P3D v4 - not sure if that makes any difference.
  12. Hi Michael, I have flown the route in a Eurofighter supersonic all the way. I used live weather which at the time was low visibility, heavy clouds and thunderstorms most of the way. I am using P3D v3.3 and had no problem with OOM. I did have 4 brief pauses over Germany which I assume was for P3D to free up memory and/or for my weather engine to update live weather. My settings are reasonably high but not at maximum. Frame rates were excellent all the way without any micro-stutters. Shaun
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