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  1. Voted on this earlier, but I thought it would be worth mentioning that I have been playing DCS almost exclusively lately.
  2. Haven't loaded FSX since installing MSFS. It's got a lot of issues, but overall, I absolutely love it. I never went down the p3d path as I wanted to invest in a new rig before buying any new sims. It was by chance that I finished building my new setup about a month before MSFS was announced. FSX was far from prefect till, well actually, it's still not perfect....
  3. I’m paraphrasing, but over at the PMDG forums, Robert “warned” everyone about the giant leap ahead. Essentially saying that you probably won’t be able to simply load a plane and fire wall the thrust leavers. You’ll have to spend time getting to know it and learn to love it. I think he was spot on, I was one of those who thought “let me just fly now!”, but I quickly learnt that I had a lot to learn. I had absolutely no issues with the installation, and I’ve had no performance issues so far... I seem to be one of the lucky ones. But there is a massive learning curve to using this ne
  4. Hi Mitchell, Attached is my Central.log Thanks, central.log
  5. G'Day all, I opened Orbx Central today to find that YBAS wanted to update to v1.1.1. When I tried, I was presented with a dialogue box stating that "2 file(s) failed to extract...". A few notes: 1. I clicked "Verify Files" and I'm presented with the same error. 2. I cleared the temp download folder. 3. I deleted the YBAS Folder in the Back-up folder too. 4. I uninstalled YBAS and tried a new install. All ended with the same error. Thank you,
  6. That's one reason I never listen to the ATIS. I just get the WX from Active Sky. I believe the reasoning for this was to do with the amount of Traffic? More runways (albeit, very close) allowed for higher density traffic. I could/probably be wrong though...
  7. G’Day all, I recently built a new computer which included W10 Pro (I was very reluctant to upgrade from W7). During the initial software installation, I let Windows update to 1903. Admittedly, I’ve got no experience in W10 pre 1903, but I’ve had no obvious issues as of yet. This was about three weeks ago.
  8. G’Day all, Ive been using a Logitech 3D Pro Joystick for yrs, and a MS Force Feedback Pro before that... been swimming for a long time, it’s time to get a real yoke and pedals setup. Been searching all day for various options for Yoke/Pedal combinations. Before finding this post, I’d never heard of the MFG Or TM offerings (seems I’ve lived a sheltered life). As far as Yokes go, I keep ending up back on the Logitech/Saitek Yoke Flight Sim page... I can’t find anything else that has as many buttons etc, not to mention it comes with a quadrant. Anyone have any
  9. Just re-installed Windows on my machine and came across this problem with FSX. Fixed using the Airport Elevation Corrections in Vector. Thanks to all!
  10. G'Day, I'm having the same unexpected issue. I've setup my C Drive much the same as sidfadc. I couldn't see an option to change where the files are downloaded to.
  11. If they fly anything like the original Sportcub, they'll be absolutely awesome!
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