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  1. So, regions like PNW, SCA and etc are full "fat" regions and are essentially Base, Vector and LC. The point of LC NA, Vector and Base is to enhance areas that are not fat regions.
  2. so you want to keep 4.0 and 4.2 separately? That wont work. Any reason you skipped 4.1? If i remember right, you can only have one active P3D not two per system.
  3. if you would want it to be a airport, it would need a bgl and as they are closed, why would they be included? Although i do agree that there should at least be the visual left overs of strips or whatever else is left over.
  4. So we have HD trees, regions, airports and all that nice stuff. HOWEVER, it would be nice to have the roads look a little nicer. Would it be possible for ORBX to tackle roads and give us Roads HD? I love flying into ORBX regions, but then i see these bland roads
  5. First off, KSAN was amazing, seriously. Now, with 64bit architecture, KSEA could use some ORBX love. I know Taxi2Gate has a version, and its okay, but it is what LatinVFR is to KSAN.... Anyways, hope you consider it, Mike
  6. I use it, and have not noticed any issues, I own quite a few orbx products and have zero issues with incorrect info.
  7. while i am not against this, i think this is something that should be incorporated into the fat regions. Granted, it may take longer, but i think that way, the bridges and such get the attention they deserve. HD Buildings is a great idea as was HD trees, but Bridges i dont know. I do have to admit that bridges need more attention, but they dont bother me enough to justify a whole new addon.
  8. Perfect example right there why many are moving away from developing from FSX. A lot of users have the hardware and the system capability and are running some flavor of P3D or XP for example. Developing for FSX or FS9 (do they still develop for that sim?) is now a lot different than for P3Dv3 or XP11. Some may be stuck with FSX forever, but that number is small. I have no clue what the actual number of P3D users are or XP users are, but i would bet its high. And those sims are moving into the future, not only because they are being updated continuously, but also because they are 64bit.
  9. Well, some of the major developers already decided to only develop for P3dv4. Smart move. One can stick to FSX and wait more years, sure. But that too would be foolish. You would be missing whats new now. Also, i dont think there is just one basket. There is XP and P3D. FSW is in beta, and is there even any developing from 3rd parties (nope).
  10. I am sitting at 236GB at the moment (https://gyazo.com/92c7df5d9e477d7b5dba040af1f1ffbd), of course i dont own everything (yet) I am using a PCIe 1.2TB SSD by Intel.
  11. not sure how to attach images, but here is my shot. Chieftrain out of KSAN
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