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  1. Issue resolved Nick. I am running FSAerodata. Little did I know, the program includes BGL files. Those files need to be placed UNDER ALL Orbx products. Thank you for helping me explore. Now, could we get the Orbx team to update airports PLEASE. Thanks again, cheers.
  2. Hi Nick: Well PNW is installed in my sim. Not sure what other steps need to be done.
  3. Thank you Nick. What is your suggestion? If it's to disable KHIO in PNW, how do I do that?
  4. Thank you Nick. Did as you suggested but I'm having same issues at KHIO. KSBA is no factor.
  5. Nick: Below are the Orbx Global And Regions packages I own. Each of these has an order in which they are to be installed. Beyond that, each has multiple "layers". Can you please direct me to a location where I can view not only the order of which each is to be installed, but the order of the layers for each package.
  6. Thank you. How do I correct Insertion Points? All my add-on sceneries are above Orbx. It's possible some of the Orbx points are in the wrong order perhaps.
  7. So what should I look for or attempt to address to fix these issues?
  8. Hello: My issue may not be vector. However it might be another Orbx product since I have no other add-on scenery at HIO or SBA. In your picture of HIO Nick, HIO is out dated. HIO has parallel RWYs 31L/R which are updated in vanilla P3Dv5. I do not have P3Dv4 installed on my computer. As such, I can only assume the Orbx installer automatically - and properly - installed the current and correct versions of my Orbx products. When installed P3Dv5, I did it from a fresh Windows 10 install so there was no trace of v4 on the computer. T
  9. Ed: Regarding KSTS. My issue is that the product has not been in updated in a number of years and does not include the RWY extension which was completed in 2014. Maybe giving some of your older products a little "face lift" is in order. Here are at least examples of issues after installing vector - openLC S./N. America - N./S. California - Pacific N into P3Dv5.1 w/ HF: Please be advised that I have NO other payware for these airports installed. Issue does not exist without Orbx products. KSBA/KHIO:
  10. Since the topic, for no explained reason, was locked considering the issue(s) with airport elevations remains unresolved, I'll ask here. How truly compatible are your products with v5 if you have to make all these modifications? Shouldn't these modifications be addressed before calling and releasing a product compatible for a sim?
  11. Orbx version of KHIO is outdated. I've tried turning off the BGL files and used the default in v5 since they are updated but I can not get it to work. What am I missing? I have no other add-on scenery for the airport or area. Only Global Base, Vector, openLC NA, Pacific NW. Middle pic is with 3 BGL files off but I'm not getting any airport buildings just houses and trees on TWYs and RWYs with some odd elevation issue. Not sure what else needs to be modified to return to default. Aaron Ortega
  12. Thanks for nothing Orbx. One of the reasons I was excited about P3Dv5 was the updated airports. I installed some of your scenery and now some airports are outdated. How about keeping your stuff up-to-date instead of always releasing new stuff? Aaron Ortega
  13. Yep. That's why I asked. Hey Orbx, instead of releasing stuff every other day, how about updating some of your older products?
  14. Hi: When I opened Orbx Central today, I received an update for KSTS and KMRY. What was updated? Thank you.
  15. Yes, yes...sorry I did mean the scenery DEV. So you were able to contact them via facebook? Thanks.
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