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  1. Meanwhile... testing the last version of San Diego Lindberg KSAN with the SODE gateways. AI Traffics are from Ultimate Traffic Live + models and textures from FLAi.
  2. vbazillio

    Dark and dry

    Thanks ! If needed, enjoy the highrez : https://flic.kr/p/2dnMeYY
  3. vbazillio

    Dark and dry

    Unfortunately, I can't help you and I can see my image uploaded on noelshack.com
  4. vbazillio

    Dark and dry

    Thanks BradB, it make sense !
  5. vbazillio

    Dark and dry

    Thanks for your message ! One of the production of Eberhard Haberkorn and it's a Cessna I was lucky to fly in real (at Palm Springs among other Californian's places) :
  6. vbazillio

    Dark and dry

    Shot in the east of Palm Springs with real weather yesterday evening (europe time). "You know where people live". South of KPSP, Jarrad scenery. Over Bermuda Onions Dunes (KUDD), just east of Palm Springs. Still looking for the building at Atlantic FBO (KPSP) ;( Plane is A2A C172 Trainer with the real N734NK texture. Weather is real weather injected in Prepar3D v4.4 by Active Sky.
  7. vbazillio

    Snow other Netherlands

    I'm really not an addict of flying under snow as I use Prepar3D to simulate my real-life experience and I'm only PPL VFR. But I had to set a winter theme for a screenshot comp. And voilà. Surprisingly a very spectacular light shoted over Orbx Netherlands.
  8. As soon as available, will jump on it. Can't wait to recreate this flight on my Prepard3D :
  9. vbazillio

    The fine places around the Kern Valley

    Whaouuu ! What cool angle of shots !
  10. vbazillio

    Cloverdale to Santa Rosa, Cal

    Very nice graphic settings. Immersive ambiance.
  11. vbazillio

    Norcal autogen

    Flying in the San Francisco bay and enjoying the autogen
  12. vbazillio

    Approaching San Diego

    Thanks to all ! I'm currenlty testing URP 1.1 but I'm not at all convince of my setup. URL is installed without Reshade and a total different setup than the one suggested by the author in term of HDR (saturation, brightness, bloom). Colors are to much yellow or blue depending of the position. And I will continue to experiment my own PTA profil. But caution : the displayed screen hots are post-edited with Snapseed and a slight touch of drama filter. Still a lot of work to do !
  13. vbazillio

    Approaching San Diego

    Still in love with Orbx SOCAL. Soon I will turn left toward San Diego International.
  14. vbazillio

    KHAF My first shots.

    Count me as an earlier customer ! No big deal : I can’t see the 3 Zero Cafe sign visible from the live side. Can’t wait for a B52 Burger
  15. vbazillio

    Cherokee SoCal

    This is the real GA spirit I love. Thanks.