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  1. The computer age hasn't rejected me, it seems to be just my computer that keeps rejecting me!
  2. Great blend of Trans Canada Airlines, RCAF/RAF roundel with D-Day stripes and Buffalo Air. Some Canadian aviation history at a glance.
  3. Have a great trip Landon. Mountains and white water............two of my passions. Rick
  4. The quickest updates, FTXC and libraries, then download, uninstall V1 and install of V2 I have ever experienced. Amazing experience with no issues at all and now so looking forward to Central 4. Great work Orbx Team!
  5. Just completed a similar flight and equally impressed with the scenery and performance. Well done to the team, great product.
  6. Enjoy this special day Misha, you deserve it in so many ways!
  7. When you are big - you are big! Not to be messed with!
  8. Ben, Best of luck with the new system. Have a blast!
  9. I laughed so hard the tears streamed down my cheeks!
  10. Absolutely stunning detail. It speaks of a high level of pride in your beautiful city and professionalism in everyone's work.
  11. Doug, Well it does sound like some very exciting news for we flightsim flyers. I like the way that Linus explained things in a manner that non geeks like me could understand. Now it is a wait and see mode to separate hype from performance impact for us. Competition can only benefit us all. Thanks for sharing this.
  12. Only at low tide! What a great scenery, It has been one of my favorite locations sense it was released.
  13. Wow! That was simply amazing flying that with you. However, only on flightsim! Terrific flying, though the two blackouts did get my attention. Thank you for sharing this.
  14. Very nice exploration of a wonderful airport. Thanks for sharing it.
  15. I enjoyed this video very much. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Excellent video Rabbit. A wonderful tour of the area.
  17. Hi Ben, Thanks this clarifies a great deal. For symbolic links I have done the following. All standard FTX products are on drive (I) in an Orbx folder. All TE products are on a separate drive (F). Each of the individual files files for each TE product (8 in all) have an individual symbolic link into the Orbx FTX EU folder on drive (I). The Orbx folder on drive (I) has a symbolic linked into the LM root on drive (G). From what you have said when I migrate all my files they will be uninstalled and reinstalled automatically deleting the symbolic links (as they will not be needed). I also understand then that all of my old backup files will be useless and will be replaced by the new backup files. So, is it best to delete my old backup files before migrating? I would use this drive for the new backups. On my current (F) drive for TE products I currently have 8 unzipped files plus 1 that with a whole bunch of letters and numbers that I can't identify what it is for. I also then have a lot of zipped files (identified similar to the unknown unzipped file. Do I also then delete these zipped files before migrating? I really look forward to the possibility of being part of the beta trial, though I know that the focus on it is the single click purchase and install. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of the great questions in this thread. Central will be amazing! Rick
  18. Will my files also show products in a category that you don't own as the grayed thumbnails in FTXC 3 does?
  19. I already use separate disk libraries, one for TE and another for all other Orbx files. I then use symbolic links to these libraries. Will the migrate to library button delete the symbolic links in the migration process or will I have to delete each manually? I have used backup files religiously. I was told that updates were not added to these original backup files so when I updated products the backups were still outdated saving some download only. Will this change? When I move to the new Central will these original backup files be updated or do I just delete them?
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