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  1. Excellent video Rabbit. A wonderful tour of the area.
  2. Hi Ben, Thanks this clarifies a great deal. For symbolic links I have done the following. All standard FTX products are on drive (I) in an Orbx folder. All TE products are on a separate drive (F). Each of the individual files files for each TE product (8 in all) have an individual symbolic link into the Orbx FTX EU folder on drive (I). The Orbx folder on drive (I) has a symbolic linked into the LM root on drive (G). From what you have said when I migrate all my files they will be uninstalled and reinstalled automatically deleting the symbolic links (as they will not be needed). I also understand then that all of my old backup files will be useless and will be replaced by the new backup files. So, is it best to delete my old backup files before migrating? I would use this drive for the new backups. On my current (F) drive for TE products I currently have 8 unzipped files plus 1 that with a whole bunch of letters and numbers that I can't identify what it is for. I also then have a lot of zipped files (identified similar to the unknown unzipped file. Do I also then delete these zipped files before migrating? I really look forward to the possibility of being part of the beta trial, though I know that the focus on it is the single click purchase and install. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of the great questions in this thread. Central will be amazing! Rick
  3. Will my files also show products in a category that you don't own as the grayed thumbnails in FTXC 3 does?
  4. I already use separate disk libraries, one for TE and another for all other Orbx files. I then use symbolic links to these libraries. Will the migrate to library button delete the symbolic links in the migration process or will I have to delete each manually? I have used backup files religiously. I was told that updates were not added to these original backup files so when I updated products the backups were still outdated saving some download only. Will this change? When I move to the new Central will these original backup files be updated or do I just delete them?
  5. Cheers everyone. Totally unexpected, but gratefully received. Had a very good day indeed. Don't feel a day older. Rick
  6. Sorry Jack, I can't agree with this definition by you. I turn 70 tomorrow and Christmas is too late! It has to be released in May!
  7. Great to hear that you are home Renault. Take it easy and complete that recovery. Rick
  8. Nice paint. Very well done set of shots.
  9. Filou, Those are really stunning shots!
  10. Outstanding. My TE flights in P3D have allowed me to find a few small strips as I traveled from Orbx airport to airport. Boy some are really difficult to spot from the air when you haven't been to them before as they blend in well. Great fun. Appreciate your passing this map along.
  11. I can't make it to Cosford. Just tell me and I won't tell anyone else!
  12. Not sure why you are holding off on a curved screen. I had a set up of three 24 " screens and recently one failed on me. I replaced that one with a 34" curved Dell Alienware as my center monitor. It works like a charm on a Nvidia 980 Ti. If I could afford it I would have three of these monitors ( with an upgraded card). I would encourage you to consider a 34" curved monitor. Good luck in your upgrade, happy flying!
  13. I am P3D Orbx addict, only missing Orlando which will come soon.
  14. Brilliant. Can't wait until the P3D version becomes available.
  15. M110A2, I just realized that CAG8 Pender Harbour and CAX6 Ganges are freeware. Such a wonderful area to explore.
  16. M110A2, If you like this then I highly recommend the purchase of CAG8.
  17. Wonderful video and great showcase for this scenery.
  18. Family and good friends - the best of times! Enjoy.
  19. Just a quick note to say a heartfelt thank you to the entire development and implementation team for TE GB S and update to v1.1. I have been a loyal Orbx fan for many years, but have been skeptical of TE regions. I am a dedicated GA flyer who likes to stay very low, 2 K AGL, and never found the photo real scenery as clear as I would like in P3D v4.4. Orbx technical advances have changed all of that for me to such a degree that I now very much look forward to all future releases for P3D. I will still have some tweaking to do on my system but I am now sure that the effort will yield spectacular results for me. Will TE Netherlands be getting an update in the future? I am also very excited about the collaboration between JustSim LFMM and EU Orbx CityScape Cote d'Azur and hope that this is a solid indication of a trend by Orbx to collaborate with other high end companies. Such action confirms once again Orbx leadership in the flight sim world. Well done to all, you should be proud of all you have accomplished. Now please, get back to work and keep on innovating and producing for your loyal fans.
  20. What a dream, P3D flight simming with Orbx at 8 K. I don't think that my heart is ready for that. My bank account isn't for sure.
  21. Hmmm! When you look at it after all is said and done, every response has in reality been a positive. Funny how that can be when you have look at things in a positive state of mind.
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