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  1. Great blend of Trans Canada Airlines, RCAF/RAF roundel with D-Day stripes and Buffalo Air. Some Canadian aviation history at a glance.
  2. Have a great trip Landon. Mountains and white water............two of my passions. Rick
  3. The quickest updates, FTXC and libraries, then download, uninstall V1 and install of V2 I have ever experienced. Amazing experience with no issues at all and now so looking forward to Central 4. Great work Orbx Team!
  4. Just completed a similar flight and equally impressed with the scenery and performance. Well done to the team, great product.
  5. Enjoy this special day Misha, you deserve it in so many ways!
  6. When you are big - you are big! Not to be messed with!
  7. Ben, Best of luck with the new system. Have a blast!
  8. I laughed so hard the tears streamed down my cheeks!
  9. Absolutely stunning detail. It speaks of a high level of pride in your beautiful city and professionalism in everyone's work.
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