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  1. We are following a long established Orbx trend here. Things just continue to get better and better! Bravo Zulu Orbx!
  2. Looking forward Frank to seeing more. Enjoy your adventure. Rick
  3. Benny, I wish you well. I quit cold turkey back in 1977 and haven't had one since. It probably took seven years before I really could say that the urge to smoke ceased to be a constant threat. Take it one day at a time, and overcome each desire to smoke one at a time. As a heavy smoker it takes a complete new mindset to win. You have to set in your mind that your really want to stop. Good luck, you can do it. You have already seen a benefit worth achieving, more disposable income!
  4. Some lovely shots of great planes there. Glad it was such a successful day for everyone.
  5. Just spent two days there before returning to frigid Ottawa. I love the colors of the flora and ocean. Very realistic.
  6. Benny, You are so wrong. You are not alone, you have the caring hearts of countless with you, never forget that. Merry Christmas! Rick
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