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  1. Hello, I have noticed that SAM is appearing in the XP11 plugin menu (which is normal as I have installed it from Orbx Central). Now, when I launch it, it comes with options such "Orbx TrueEarth", "Orbx TerraFlora"... but also SFD Global, Ortho4XP... Plus the 4 seasons on the right side of the window.... beside which a label shows "ENABLE"... actually all labels show "ENABLE"... My question is what is SAM use for, and do I have to press the "ENABLE' button to activate Orbx sceneries ? thank you
  2. As Terra Flora is advertised (also) as a tree replacement, still can't understand how it can be "compatible" with Trees HD.... or in other words, what 's the point of having Trees HD if you install Terra Flora ? Thanks edit : found out that some custom trees brought by Orbx Trees HD will remain active with TF installed.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if the "high resolution textures" should be ticked in P3D when using Orbx Global base pack ? Thank you, Greg
  4. Thanks Nick. The issue is that I had install all the Global add-ons in a library folder outside P3D.... Have uninstall everything (now all the folders from the library are gone) and will reinstall. However, is there a way to keep these files so I don't have to redownload everything everytime I uninstall and reinstall P3D ? Thank you
  5. Thanks Nick. Just found the answer in Ed's post actually : "Once the compatible products are in your p3dv5 directory, you can start Central again. For each product you copied, click on them, then press "verify files". This is to ensure you have all of the latest updates and product dependencies installed." So Verify files was the way to go. By the way, Where the Sync Simulator option is ? and what is it for ? thanks edit : have verified all files but does not show in the sim :-( plus I got this message within P3D saying "Prepar3d had detected non-sequential layer ordering within the Scenery Library list. Would you like Prepar3d to attempt to repair this issue"... whereas there are only default scenery in the list... and if I press "Yes", the same message appear whenever I get back into the settings...
  6. Hi, Sorry if that has been asked before but I have recently moved my Orbx add-ons (except FTX Global as it has to be installed directly inside P3D) to an external library. I did that before uninstalling P3D V5 and updating to the latest version. As I have completely deleted all files for P3D inclusding the add-ons folder etc., what is the right way to install the add-ons again (like Open LC Europe) ? When I launch Orbx Central, all the add-ons (except Global of course) show as "installed" but that is because they are in the external Library... so don't really know how to get them now in P3D v5.... Do I just have to click on "verify files" ? Thank you Greg
  7. Thank you for your replies. I installed Global inside P3D v5 like all other Orbx add-ons..
  8. Nobody can confirm if these textures are indeed Orbx Global or if I did something wrong ?
  9. This is around the default airport... looks blurry imho. I am at 60 fps with almost all maxed out... strange no ? THANK YOU
  10. Open LC should be inserted ideally just below your first scenery.I have put mine just above bathymetry so that any scenery installed will "lay" on the Orbx landclass... if I am not mistaken.
  11. Hello, I have installed Orbx Global BASE Pack textures via Orbox Central in P3D v5. Everything looks OK in Orbox Central but I have the feeling something is wrong in the sim... like textures are not so great and blurry.. despite having all set to high/max and having a 2080Ti.. is there a couple of texture files I could check in the P3D folder to make sure these are installed in replacement of the original ones ? thank you, Greg
  12. Actually you must be right as only 50% of the trees were flashy green. Now that I have disabled enhanced atmosphere, things look better ! Thank you all.
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