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  1. Hi John, There is of course a huge interest for ORBX payware products in XP11 which is an amazing base platform and just need the type of products you are developping to bewome the best sim on the planet ! such a smooth expererience :-)
  2. You're right indeed.. was actually expecting a message telling me that it copying from V3..
  3. iT detects all the products that I have purchased but does not offer me to install by copying from P3D v3... only from a . zip or redownload...
  4. Sorry if that has been asked before, but will we have to redownload all of the sceneries or the FTX Central tool will allow any transfer from P3Dv3 to the new directory created by P3D v4 with a patch update system ? thank you
  5. Well can't say I experienced the same. Am actually very frustrated with FTX Central purchase module..... Whenever I try to install a purchased product, downloads starts fine at a good speed (selecting multi core download and no firewall/anti-virus ) at 3 or 4MB/sec.... but every 5/10 minutes, FTX Central crashes and I have to restart the programe to re-launch and (hopefully) resume my download... Am still downloading LOWI since last night....... Really miss the old download at FSS... Greg. PS : Just noticed that it always crash at 2.6/2.7GB and always resume at 2.29 GB.... What can I do' ? I paid for a product I can't download... same for KSAN....
  6. Hi FTX team, I just started to download the FTX Global Vector 1.20 update.... it says 1.15 is needed since 1.20 is incremental... great. BUT how come i end up with a 5GB download for 1.20 as incremental how an increnetal update be worth 5GB ? thank you Greg
  7. I have upgraded from a 2700K OC at 4.4 to the 4790K with Asus Z97 Deluxe OC using the Asus Automatic mode at 46x..... I now have better performance and overall a smoother experience. A good cooler is compulsory though since the 4790K runs a bit hoter (max 71 degres in my case where my ambiant temperature is around 27 degres) Using a Corsair H110i.
  8. Thanks bill. I think you're right.. didn't I wrote "thank you" in my firt post that people can't fully read before replying... ? Now we're talking ! thanks.
  9. Did you read my initial question ? "for customers who only own the standard packs (FTX Global, Vector and LC) ?" .. let's wait for the developpers answer...
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