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  1. Nobody is saying that subscriptions have to be the only method for buying Orbx products - the regular pricing could continue alongside a subscription service for those who want it. Personally, I spent quite a lot on Orbx products a few years ago when I was initially building my sim setup, but now that I have all the regions that I want, I've hardly spent anything on Orbx in the past couple of years. Now I'm looking at branching out into new sim platforms but am being put off by having to essentially pay again for the same products (not just from Orbx BTW) - in this new era of multi
  2. Amazing news! I've been waiting for so long for decent photoreal coverage of the UK, and the fact that it's coming from Orbx means this really will set a benchmark for scenery quality. 64-bit sims really have opened up the possibilities for scenery development - I dream of a future of increased LOD radii, higher-resolution VR, and photoreal scenery - it'll be breathtaking! I second the idea of releasing just a summer season for P3D initially - I do 90% of my flying in the summer anyway (who wants to fly in a British winter)? A question - will customers have to pay full
  3. OMG, that UK photoreal is amazing! I'd happily pay a three-figure sum for a UK photoreal region from Orbx (which I hope will eventually be available across all sim platforms).
  4. I'm most interested in this one - designed for VR, meaning there's no need to mount heavy screens to the platform, it has a much wider range of motion than most platforms, which is good for flight sims. http://www.feelthree.com/
  5. Can't even remember mine. It was a hand-me-down from my Dad, and old Windows 95 machine that I used to run FS98 on as a kid. Had a big old CRT monitor, made of that horrible yellowy plastic! I then "progressed" to a Compaq Presario laptop, with Windows ME and FS98. Then it was onto a Dell Dimension Windows XP machine with FS2004.
  6. Jesus, is that a sim or a real photo?!
  7. A very interesting new feature is coming to Windows 10 via the "Creators Update" in April: Game Mode. You can Google it for more info, but basically it will automatically move background tasks onto separate CPU cores than the game itself, without having to manually adjust affinity settings. Here's a quote from TechRadar (link here): I think this is very interesting for us simmers, because anything that can shift tasks off of Core 1 should have benefits for FPS in-sim, especially in typically CPU-bound scenarios such as den
  8. Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing what Orbx could do with X-Plane. The biggest things that have stopped me moving to X-Plane in the past are the lack of decent, consistent, worldwide scenery, and the lack of add-on aircraft compared to FSX/P3D. I was hoping that XP11, combined with Orbx scenery, would be the catalyst for other developers to start jumping onto the platform. Aerofly looks good, but I fear it will forever be a game - good for a quick 30 mins of nice views, but no good for actual simulation. However, it's early days. I'm hoping that P3D4 will include
  9. Hi Spud, I had kept back-ups of all my Orbx FSS installers, which of course were useless once I had transferred my licenses, so I deleted them. But I wanted a new set of back-ups, which meant re-downloading the installers. And since I don't have many Orbx products (Global BASE, VECTOR, OLC EU, plus EU ENG SCO, WLS), I thought I might as well just do a re-install since I was doing a download anyway, if for no other reason than to test the new system.
  10. Transferred all my licenses from FSS yesterday, and today I re-installed all my Orbx products via FTX Central 3 - what can I say, a very nice, efficient, smooth process!
  11. Since updating to EU ENG SP5, RAF Cranwell (EGYD) has all it's taxiways missing. I suspect this is the well known taxi link draw flag issue in P3D. Image attached.
  12. I will be intrigued as to what DTG can come up with, but I won't hold my breath for this being a replacement for P3D. I have DCS, X-Plane and Outerra all installed on my PC, but I still spend 99% of my time in P3D, for one simple reason: Versatility. I love the new graphics engine in DCS 2, but I can only fly combat missions in very limited locations. I love many of the native features of X-Plane (such as "real" lights at night) but it has a very limited library of aircraft compared to FSX/P3D, and the scenery is nowhere near as good as Orbx, nor is the OpenGL rendering
  13. In all honesty, within the next 50 years I can see the role of professional pilot (both military and commercial) being completely eliminated - replaced instead with "flying IT managers", who may in very rare circumstances (i.e. extreme emergencies) get to actually do some flying. I think today's young kids are certainly going to be the last generation of fighter pilots. Maybe in future we'll see engineers being the ones who are in the cockpits - since they will have to understand the aircraft enough to service it, then with some extra training (recoveries/landings etc.), perhaps th
  14. I can certainly see combat aircraft becoming exclusively unmanned in future (I think the F-35 will be the last manned fighter jet ever developed by Western NATO nations), since the reasons to risk the life of a human being over a warzone are diminishing by the day (not to mention the cost savings of not having to design an aircraft to support a human being). But I don't think transportation aircraft will ever become unmanned - for the simple reason that, If you're going to risk the lives of hundreds of passengers in an aircraft, then what does removing two pilots really gain you in
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