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  1. I made two test flights, one without chaseplane and one with chaseplane. It seems like the problem is in the outside view Without Chaseplane: From the VC: With Chaseplane: From the VC:
  2. Thank you for the fast answer! Yes, I am using chaseplane. What setting do I need to change? I just did a second test flight and the cubes are still there, although they sink into the ground the closer you get. I think this is a fault of p3d v5 I cannot see the cubes on the ground. They seem to appear quite soon after heading away from the airport though. In this picture I was at around 5000ft Overflying the airport, cubes are there Yes its for the Flysimware Learjet and you can get the livery
  3. I noticed some red cubes around ESSA while overflying it. Are these supposed to be there?
  4. Thats a really nice airport, looking forward to see some more airports/fields in switzerland!
  5. Looking really nice! Hoping to see some other swedish airports after this.. Gothenburg.. Umea.. Lulea.. Kiruna?
  6. Calm down dude, I asked if somebody got it working and is using it, not if its compatible
  7. What files did you remove for Aerosoft Heathrow to work together with FTX england? This combination almost never worked for me although I removed a lot of files.. groundpoly was always gone
  8. I'd love to see some updates to the finnish airports.. especially the smaller ones as we have the bigger ones already for FSX These are the airports in question: EFAA Aavahelukka EFKS Kuusamo EFLA Lahti EFHV Hyvinkää
  9. BGJN - Illussat or Jakobshaven, western Greenland BGKK - Kulusuk, eastern Greenland ENAS - Ny-Ã…lesund, Svalbard, Norway
  10. Yep, Im just wondering if anyone is getting better FPS in FSX with only PMDG planes installed (+ORBX stuff and payware sceneries).. Atleast it doesnt seem like I have better FPS, which is a little disappointment as I thought that I could get better FPS with installing only the PMDG aircrafts into FSX
  11. Im also running both at the same time. On FSX I just have all the PMDG planes.. Im waiting until they get compatible so I can fully move to P3D.
  12. Have you seen the screenshot I posted? You can clearly see that the scenery was already installed, its called "FaroeIslands" in the library.
  13. Hmm.. well.. seems like this won't work without trees (yet, hopefully)
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