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  1. @Orbx Admins It may be that nobody's business concerns what is going on with Friedhelm, but then at least it makes his traces invisible. Your traces are too. We are all totally confused and worried
  2. Ok, I know it looks impatient but the patience of the users of the German-speaking forum is slowly reaching its limits. See post #9 to #12 and this is just the beginning................................................................. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/195720-patch-lowi-co-for-p3dv5/?tab=comments#comment-1679856 You can of course say that they should post their problems in the international forum. However, there is also a reason why many of them post in the German-speaking forum, they just don't speak English or only very little, just like I do. (I just help myself with Google Translater and hope that it fits to some extent) It would certainly interest all users of the German-speaking forum why Friedi Gulder is registered in the forum almost every hour, but simply does not comment on any post. Many of us have become fond of Friedi Gulder and his great explanations and instructions. We all hope to hear from Friedi as soon as possible. @Nick Cooper ich setze meine Hoffnung auf dich. Regards, Detlef
  3. It looks like we won't get an answer anymore. It's a shame.......................
  4. Hello Orbx folks, I'm not sure I'm right here, but I'll give it a try. Why is the German-speaking forum no longer supported? Friedi is apparently no longer able to help. We all hope in the German-speaking forum that Friedi is doing well. Nevertheless, it would be nice if Orbx for its German-speaking customers ensures that there is someone here, too, who helps us users. Thanks a lot
  5. Its better to use FS Global 2010 FTX compatibel Version.
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