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  1. I was replying earlier and it dissapeared. Hope this is not a duplicate. With all due respect, it might not be a "fault" but it is, in my opinion, a poor design. Just the opinion of this consumer. I buy through Orbx direct because I want the discounts as I have bought dozens of these airports 2 times now over various platforms (FSX/P3D/MS2020) and want my discount and it looks like the discount is not considered at MS end in the Market. I get that it is not Orbx's issue specifically. Just voicing that I wish they could implement awareness as they are partnered and hoped they would
  2. So I have bought and downloaded airports for MS 2020. Did it all through Orbx Central. A few problems... In the MARKETPLACE in the sim it does not show I own, or have installed, the airports. Although they are there. On the Globe they are not shown. Is that going to be fixed? Is this a known issue? C.
  3. Yes please! I own 5 Orbx Airports now and none of them are markers on the MSFS Globe. Please add that. C.
  4. Ok so I fixed it by fluke? But only for a few days. Don't know what I did but all of a sudden it stopped happening after loading up P3D. But a few days later again? overnight after a reboot of the PC it is back. If I need to, I will make a video. I am sure this is MESH related. Not necessarily ORBX problem but hoping someone here has some expertise. It feels like the sim is fighting a mesh resolution issue of some kind when the problem happens. Areas around me as I fly are changing mesh resolutions randomly making it look like they are morphing and when it happens, the
  5. I have recently returned to Flight Sim. Running P3Dv4 as of few weeks ago. Fresh install. Added ASN and ORBX NA Regions and a few A2A planes so very clean. All seemed well flying around KORS. Recently started to try flying in the mountains in NA regions and I see little blue tears on the sides of the hills/mountains and the ground/mesh morphs/pops a little as I fly by. This is all well within 1 mile of me. I see it happen randomly and constantly all around my aircraft. While subtle, it's very distracting. Worse, there are tears scattered about until I get closer and then they smoo
  6. This is Crystal Clear and now I understand the setting in P3D. I have disabled Dynamic Veggies in P3D and installed ORBX Global Trees. I also have quickly skimmed SPEED TREES in the forums and seems there is some performance hit with SPEED TREES anway so this was likely the best thing to do. Perhaps to best preserve ORBX's original Region look and feel while saving perhaps a few FPS here and there on higher density settings. Thanks for the info. Charles.
  7. Hi all! In the product Description "Global Trees HD is a complete overhaul of your sim's autogen tree textures". I have all the NA regions installed in P3Dv4. Will these trees show up in there? Or are they only for GLobal? I wonder that because they are listed under Global in ORBX Central. Charles.
  8. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows. I have all of the NA regions installed perfect in P3Dv4 with 25 payware airports collected throughout the years. Everything is peachy keen. I own Global Base and Vector and my finger is hovering over the isntall button. But before I do.... I love my regions and I would not want ANYTHING to change one way or the other inside of said regions. Will Global installs at this point impact my NA regions in any way? Charles.
  9. Thanks for the reply! Basically I was looking for - What's the latest "recommended" list of P3Dv4 and add ons now in 2019 and perhaps was there anything introduced in the last 4 years I have been absent that will blow my mind. In hind sight, I probably should have started with.. Hey I'm a lazy bugger! Without doing any research myself LOL ... What's new at the zoo? Or is it still same old ORBX Regions (which were awesome) and airports and nothing new other additional airports and a few more regions since I left. But you pointed me to ... They have introduced TrueEarth s
  10. Posted on AVSIM but I know not everyone uses both so thought I would ask my old pals here at FTX as well. I was a long time student pilot/FSX/P3D guy until early 2016. I guess I took a really really long break. Suprised my account here still works! Logged in and see all my purchases still there! That's service boy! In terms of ORBX I have all the NA Regions except Southern Cali and about 20 airports. Looks like I have 20+ planes over at Carenado waiting for a download. Been thinking of getting back in the seat! In the old days... we used to tell people or newbies. Oh t
  11. I own no meshes. Base P3Dv3 install. Added all of the NA regions and a few planes. Everything was perfect. Added Global 1.3 a while back. All good. Added Vector 1.3 at release. - Switched to NA and back to Global a few times. - I have been downloading and installing the libraries as they come out. - Flew around once in Vector+global mode and have since switched back to NA. - Only JUST tried KSEA for the first time in a long time and noticed it was whack. - Checked Vector Config realizing this was AEC related and took those screenshots and posted.
  12. Yup I was aware but thought that only applied to when you have Central set to GLOBAL (regions not loaded). I did not actually think it mattered when I was set to NA and flying the regions like PNW. Back when I was P3Dv2.4 and had Global and Vector 1.2 and all the regions installed, I don't recall elevation issues at KSEA when in NA mode. When I first installed Vector 1.2 and set to Global mode I set all the airports to AEC disabled as I have no mesh installed. When switching back to North America, I do not recall having to jig around in Vector configurator to disable any additional airports. F
  13. I have P3Dv2.5 and Installed all the Regions first. Everything has been fine. Recently added Global and then Vector 1.3 and now even airports in ORBX regions have issues. Example. KSEA. Sitting in a hole. Yet I am set to NA in the FTX Central. Opened Vector Configurator and a large number of airports display as AEC is enabled. What am I doing wrong? I thought Regions override everything including elevations?
  14. I am in P3D v2.5 I have Global and Vector 1.3 up to date as well as OpenLC I am in North America Mode however and I have NRM installed and patched. FTX Central 2.05753.35429 Running Windows 10 I have switched to Global and back to North America in FTX central a number of times.
  15. I'm typing this in Edge now. Seems fine. So far I have no problem with it. Looks exactly same to me as other formats. C.
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