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  1. Innsbruck Scenery In P3D V4

    Totally agree with Neil, the upgrade of Central3 happened almost without noticing and the downloads of all the missing airports happened very quickly. I've flown around all of the ORBX airports I own and couldn't find a problem in any of them. LOWI in all it's glory
  2. Animals

    Don't things like this rely on "object flow", which they're working on?
  3. Percent now on P3D

    Wow calm down Mr Angry! Because we don't all share your view doesn't make us wrong. The question was what percentage are on P3d, not whose Sim is right or wrong. Take a chill pill clam down
  4. Percent now on P3D

    In a flight simulator without Aircraft you have nothing! If I want a box just to look at scenery I'll buy a picture and hang it on the wall thanks
  5. Time & Space: Download and Backup File sizes

    Thanks Tim, that explains it all. My stuff is already installed and so I don't see any of those options. It would be nice to have the option to download backups as a separate entity bt that's one for the future maybe. Other than that loving the new set up.
  6. Time & Space: Download and Backup File sizes

    I think I'm missing something then, I can't find anywhere that gives me the option to set the backup location.
  7. you can install to any internal hard disk you want either standard HDD or preferably an SSD for speed. DO NOT though install to either of the "program files" locations as this will cause you no end of grief. I have a folder on my D driver called "Flight" and everything is installed in thier individual folders off of that.
  8. Forum "Settings"?

    Again.. Account settings is not what we're looking for, it's the ability to change how the forum is displayed Font's/size etc, not signatures and profiles. It may well be that this feature hasn't been or won't be enabled yet as the upgrade is ongoing. I do agree with the OP though I prefered the old display, and before the "oh you just don't like chage" brigade jump on the bandwagon I have no probem with change when it works and therefore makes things easier to achieve....even with a change to workflow.
  9. Bit of a tidy up

    Decided to give my system a bit of a belated spring clean and on running Central v2 and checking my installed products it produced this list. Can the wise one's amongst you have a quick look specifically at the uncategorised part and let me know if I need to uninstall/Reinstall anything. I don't think I have a problem which is why I've posted under general. I'm just a little confused about the "NA freeware Airports" appearing in both "Other" and "Uncategorised" and the OLC entries in "Uncategorised" Thanks Brian Installed Orbx Products GLOBAL FTX Global Base Pack FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.30 September 2014 FTX Global openLC Europe FTX openLC Europe Version 1.20 - September 2015 FTX Global openLC NA Alaska/Canada FTX openLC North America Alaska/Canada Version 1.00 - August 2015 FTX Global Vector FTX GLOBAL VECTOR PACK - Version 1.20 October 2014 REGION Australia FTX AUSTRALIA SP4.003 - NOVEMBER 2013 Central Rockies FTX NA CRM Central Rocky Mountains V1.00 Patch 004 February 2015 England FTX EU ENG England 1.40 - August 2014 Ireland FTX EU IRL Ireland 1.10 - August 2014 New Zealand North Island FTX NZ NZNI New Zealand North Island V1.1 PATCH 001 September 2014 New Zealand South Island FTX NZ NZSI New Zealand South Island V1.3 PATCH 003 July 2014 Northern California FTX NA NCA Northern California V1.10 Patch 001 June 2014 Northern Ireland FTX EU NIR Northern Ireland 1.20 - August 2014 Northern Rockies FTX NA NRM Northern Rocky Mountains V1.00 PATCH 004 April 2014 Norway FTX EU NOR Norway V1.10 Patch 001 April 2015 Pacific Fjords FTX NA PFJ Pacific Fjords V1.1 Patch 004 April 2014 Pacific Northwest FTX NA PNW PACIFIC NORTHWEST V1.0 PATCH 008 February 2014 Scotland FTX EU SCO Scotland 1.20 - August 2014 Southern Alaska FTX NA SAK Southern Alaska and YT/BC V1.00 Patch 004 February 2015 Wales FTX EU WLS Wales 1.30 - August 2014 AIRPORT 2S1 FTX US 2S1 VASHON ISLAND VERSION 1.1 - June 2010 7WA3 FTX NA 7WA3 West Wind Airfield Version 1.00 CEJ4 FTX CAN CEJ4 CLARESHOLM INDUSTRIAL VERSION 2.00 CEN4 FTX CAN CEN4 HIGH RIVER REGIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 2.10 EGFF FTX EU EGFF CARDIFF INTL V1.10 - JUNE 2013 ENJA FTX EU ENJA JAN MAYENSFIELD AIRPORT VERSION 1.00 APRIL 2015 NZQN FTX NZ NZQN Queenstown International Airport Version 1.05 - January 2015 YBBN FTX AU YBBN BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VERSION 1.21 - May 2011 OTHER Europe Freeware Packs FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS EUROPE PACKS 1 to 8 - March 2015 FTX Trees HD FTX TREES HD VERSION 1.00 APRIL 2015 Monument Valley FTX US MONUMENT VALLEY VERSION 1.10 - April 2015 North America Freeware Packs FTX Global Freeware Airports North & South America - September 2015 Orbx Libraries FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150815 15th AUGUST 2015 Portland City FTX NA KPDX CITYSCAPE VERSION 1.10 August 2014 USDT Devils Tower FTX US DEVILS TOWER VERSION 1.00 - April 2015 Yosemite National Park FTX US YOSEMITE VALLEY VERSION 1.00 - September 2014 UNCATEGORISED FTX_GLOBAL_FREEWARE_NA2 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 2 - September 2013 FTX_GLOBAL_FREEWARE_NA3 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 3 - October 2013 FTX_GLOBAL_FREEWARE_NA4 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 4 - November 2013 FTX_GLOBAL_FREEWARE_NA5 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 5 - December 2013 FTX_GLOBAL_FREEWARE_NA6 FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACK 6 (Hawaii) - January 2014 FTX_NA_CBB7 FTX CA CBB7 TIPELLA AIRPORT 1.00 JULY 2013 FTX_OLC_AA FTX openLC Base Region Version 1.10 - September 2013 FTX_OLC_NA1 FTX openLC North America Region 1 Version 1.00 - September 2013
  10. I wonder if the rotating beacon can be switched to just Blue?
  11. ASN on a networked computer ?

    networked for me but did require some patience to get it working.
  12. TrackIRv5 your preferences gentlemen

    If you're using the hat clip (reflectors) then it could be that the reflection from the hat clip is being washed out by ambient lighting in which case the track clip pro which has LED's and therefore possibly brighter may be a solution for you.
  13. TrackIRv5 your preferences gentlemen

    It will disappear from the task bar but it hides in the system tray (bottom right by clock)have a look in the general options (top right of TIR software)there are check boxes in there for minimise to desktop etc
  14. Well done to all 3 all great shots