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  1. Hello Noel, I don't know what you are referring to? I haven't done a London video yet. But I will make one when Orbx fixes the landmarks pack and the world is alright again @wain71 Thanks
  2. Will the landmark packs only contain certain cities or are whole region like the existing (TE)regions planned aswell? I think it would be cool if Orbx would take all of the landmarks, POI's, vfr navigation points, powerlines etc. of the previous regions and bring them to MSFS and of course many more. I would be really happy to see the castle of my small hometown again which was part of the "germany south" region.
  3. Sorry, didn't know it was already asked. Sounds great. Looking forward to it.
  4. Hello, in the last days I'm getting alot of updates via Orbx central for various products. But I can't find what was updated. I guess there are only minor things that changed. But I'm still curious what was updated. So, I think it would be cool to have a changelog section in Orbx central.
  5. I experienced the same. It's only the car traffic at the airport that is driving backwards. The cars in the surroundings drive normal.
  6. Or you make an option in ftx central where you are able to choose your prefered season. Then it downloads and installs it in your sim. If you want to change the season, you download a new one via ftx central which will replace the current one. I know this isn't an optimal solution for people with slow internet connections but acctually you only have to change the season 4-5 times a year.
  7. Thanks guys and thanks HiFlyer for posting. I'm also very excited about PNW
  8. In that case I would have painted a big "H" in my garden This is how the "Schloss Biedenkopf" looks like out of my kitchen window PS: I would never throw rocks at a tiger moth
  9. thanks guys @Captain Lars: It wasn't even my first attempt..
  10. thanks everyone, really appreciate it
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