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  1. Produced this X-Plane video for the team at Thranda Design. Scenery for the in flight components is Skagit Regional (KBVS) and True Earth US Washington. It is a beautifully detailed airplane with numerous unique features.
  2. No shortage of control response in that aircraft! Super rolls!
  3. Great perspective of Sydney!
  4. Who said big isn’t better! Fantastic shot!
  5. Great video! So cool with the GoPro. Just put a new GoPro mount on the upper wing surface of my plane. Just deciding which GoPro to get. I think the Hero 9 is overkill for the application.
  6. Great read guys! Yes John, you have a lot to be proud of and as you state above, times arise when you need to make tough decisions. Looks like it is all for the good as MSFS has injected significant energy into the hobby. All the best in your new adventures! Great pic by the way! Looking very dapper!
  7. Beautiful shots and a great story line. Picture #5 could be used as a desktop for your monitor!
  8. Hi, I back up John’s comment about segments that are not changing. As soon as the idea or point or scene is made, switch to something else. Cheers!
  9. Fantastic! I am hoping, wishing, praying that I can fly the staggerwing in FS2020 some day. One of my all time favourites!
  10. First shot is great!
  11. Sweet bird! Gives me memories of my FSX Acceleration days flying the F14 Tomcat.
  12. Some serious sunset reflections! Very neat!
  13. Some sweet shots. I love the New Zealand Air paint!
  14. Excellent stuff SOG pilot. Can’t wait to sync my GoPro videos in my Vans RV9A to the new FS2020. So many options lie ahead of us!
  15. Beautiful video! 4K really makes a difference!
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