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    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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    Apart from flight simulation I enjoy cycling, radio controlled helicopters, drones and photography.
    I have a Private Pilot's License (PPL) and own a Van’s RV9-A that is hangared in Brantford (CYFD). I manage to fly about once a week, visiting airports in Southern and Northern Ontario.

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  1. Nice one and another Merry Christmas from Canada!
  2. In this video we fly the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver on a special flight assignment from Forks (S18) Washington to the Elwha River. We use ForeFlight on the iPad to guide us over the Olympic National Park mountains to our destination on the former bed of the Lake Mills reservoir. On this journey, we learn about the restoration of the Elwha River ecosystem. The Elwha River now runs free with the removal of two dams that stood for a century. Discover the revival of the Elwha River and how the salmon population has access to spawning grounds that drives the ecosystem.
  3. Nice! Almost a little dizzy on the big screen! Have you done aerobatics in real life?
  4. I was in the same boat re viewers a year ago. Just keep making the videos that you enjoy doing so. The views will come and gradually the subscribers. It just takes time because we are in a very niche category!
  5. Produced this X-Plane video for the team at Thranda Design. Scenery for the in flight components is Skagit Regional (KBVS) and True Earth US Washington. It is a beautifully detailed airplane with numerous unique features.
  6. No shortage of control response in that aircraft! Super rolls!
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